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Seinfeld’s Apartment

Nov 18th, 2007 | By | Category: TV Locations

Seinfeld Apartment

Like most filming locations, the site used as Jerry’s apartment building on the hit TV show Seinfeld, can actually be found in Los Angeles, not Manhattan.  It is a nondescript little building that actually does look very reminiscent of New York.  I didn’t recognize the building in person, until I looked at it through the viewfinder of my camera, and I practically heard the be-bop-bop of the theme song in my head!  During Seinfeld’s day, the awning of the building was green, but today it is a drab brown.  In real life, the building is called “The Shelley.”  It is fun to visit, as it will bring you right back to the days of Must See TV!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It: Jerry’s building is located at 757 New Hampshire Ave. in Los Angeles.   Be careful when visiting – Seinfeld didn’t live in the safest neighborhood!



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  1. Rhonda says:

    Very cool to visit this apartment in Los Angeles this past week. And yes, it is located in a not-so-pretty neighbourhood. Jerry and Kramer weren’t home, but it was fun to see it for myself all the same. 🙂

  2. jon boy says:

    Jerry lives on the 5th floor,the building only has 4…that’s Hollywood for ya’. 🙂

  3. Marcus says:

    Thanks for the location information for Jerry’s apartment. I’ve been looking for this info off and on for a while. I did not link to this site until I was able to clearly see the name of the Apartment building on its awning. This awning appears in many shows, but the name written on the side is usually too blurry to read. It is, however, displayed clearly in part 2 of “The Watch” epsisode. That’s the one where Jerry tries to buy back a watch given to him as a gift by his parents. In part 1, of the episode, he tosses it into a street waste basket, and class Unlce Leo recovers it minutes later not knowing that Jerry threw it in there.

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