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Charmed, I’m Sure!

Dec 4th, 2007 | By | Category: Charmed Filming Locations

Charmed House

Just got a challenge to find the Charmed house – but that is an easy one!  :)  The Charmed house is located on Carroll Avenue, a historic block of Victorian homes near Echo Park that is used constantly for filming.  The Charmed house is the purple one located at 1329 Carroll Avenue – and the same home was also used in Sweet Dreams, Of Mice and Men, and Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo.

Thriller House

My favorite filming location on Carroll Avenue is located at 1345 – the haunted house from Thriller.  It still looks as spooky and run down as it did back when MJ filmed there and is a great place to visit around Halloween.  I always make it a part of my Haunted Hollywood tour in October.  :)

Thriller House 1

It should look familiar from this angle. These locations were easy to find – they were identified in my favorite Hollywood tour book – Hollywood: The Movie Lover’s Guide by Richard Alleman.  I highly recommend purchasing this book before doing any Hollywood touring.

Doing the Thriller dance.

I just can’t seem to resist doing the Thriller dance!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!

Stalk It:Carroll Avenue is located right off the 2 Freeway.  Take the Glendale Blvd. exit and make a left on Bellevue Avenue.  Finally make a left on East Edgeware Road which will lead you to Carroll.  I would recommend parking your car and walking the length of the street.  There are some amazing homes to look at – even if they aren’t all filming locations.  Be sure to notice the old time street ties where people would tie up their horses back in the day.



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  1. Christina says:

    AS previous posters asked, what IS hanging from the top window of the CHarmed House? Was that digitally imposed or was that a prop still left on the house when you took that pic? Weird…

  2. stine says:

    what´s hanging from the charmed house..?

  3. kaleb says:

    Hey isnt this the house they used for the fucure episode, you know “mortality bites”

  4. Anaria says:


    I just found this by google.
    The second house isn’t the one they used in Charmed 4×05 Size Matters? The creepy one where the demon was shrinking women?

  5. LS says:

    There’s someone hanging from the Charmed house…

  6. LuckaS says:

    Well, it seems that one day I’ll have to travel around the world and visit some of these places you write about :-)

    Charmed is one of my favorite TV series. But I must admit that I see the Thriller House for the first time and it looks as if it comes from a fairytale… I wouldn’t mind at all living in a house like this 😉

  7. Kelly says:

    Awsome I would love to see the Charmed house. Could you please upload some inside the house pictures.

  8. jigolo says:

    very nice , great article thank you.

  9. Never Be Charmed Before Just Yeah?

  10. Hi there! My company is creating a virtual Victorian right near the house from Charmed. In fact our office is in Victorian Cottage is owned by Murray Burns who owns the Charmed house as well. I thought some of you would like to decorate a charmed house at It is FREE!

  11. Daria says:

    Thank you! I just stumbled across your blog and thought forever this house was in San Fran, when it’s really 20 minutes from my door! *grabs camera* 😀

  12. nadiia says:

    i can`t believe it i love Charmed very very much i lived in mexico and well is my big big big dram to be in that house so i have a question 4 you ??
    Do you get in the house and does it look very equal as the serie or don`t?
    please answer!!!
    you will make me very happy

  13. jr says:

    hey… do you give tours i would realy like if you can give me a tour inside the chramed house
    whenever you can
    please replay back
    thank you

  14. alvaro says:

    me gusta ria ver la casa hallywell pero vivo en españa y me encantaria ver los planos de la casa

  15. tiffeny says:

    where to the t is this house city state every thing my family and i are die hard charmed fans and would love to go see it please email me and let me know…thank you…

  16. lyyne says:

    Wonderful house :)
    I want to go there but I live in Spain so that’s a little bit far, I thing jajaj
    Nice to meet you.

    Love x x x

  17. Gary,
    Found the touring site! :) They give tours through the Los Angeles Conservancy every first Saturday of the month at 10am. It is a walking tour of Angelino Heights and includes interior tours of two homes – one being the Charmed House! The link to book reservations is here:
    Scroll down to Tour Descriptions and you’ll see it.

    I found this information on the website “LAist” – you can read all about the neighborhood, the house, and there is a bit of information on the tour.

  18. Garry says:

    Hey I would love to visit the victorian house from charmed, and I know you can tour inside it, do you know how or when the owner let’s you do that?

    Reply please (:

    To my email or on here,(email-preferred.)


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