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Miami-Dade-Hawthorne-California Police Department

Dec 5th, 2007 | By | Category: TV Locations

Me Doing My Best Horatio Cane!My favorite CSI is CSI: Miami and I was absolutely obsessed with finding the location used as the Miami-Dade police department.  One of my good friends had an audition for CSI: Miami and, knowing what a stalker I am, he took me with him to the CSI:Miami  studio in Redondo Beach so that I could scout locations.  I was hoping the building was located somewhere inside the studio gates, but alas, I was wrong. 

I ended up finding the location on the website, while stalking filming sites from another show – The O.C – where the same site was used as The Newport Group building. 

Miami-Dade PD is located in Hawthorne, California and is actually the headquarters for the F.A.A. Federal Credit Union.  I highly recommend visiting this unusual building – even if you are not a fan of The O.C. or CSI: Miami – it is an amazing sight to behold.  The curvature of the exterior walls almost gives you the feeling of vertigo.

Me doing my best Horatio Cane!Me doing my best Horatio Caine imitation!

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 

Stalk It: Miami-Dade Police Department is located at 14600 Aviation Blvd. in Hawthorne, California, pretty close to LAX and just off the 405 Freeway.  Drive slowly down Aviation Blvd. as the building is set far back from the road and you might drive right by it without seeing it.  Peek inside and you’ll see that the CSI: Miami sets were modeled after the real interior.  I would try to visit the building on a weekday – you just might see the cast and crew filming an episode!  I would definitely recommend visiting as well – it is a great stalking site!



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  1. G K Locust says:

    I am so glad to see your post. CSI: Miami was one of my favorite shows and was so-o-o disappointed when it was cancelled. I used to work for MDPD when I lived there many years ago and knew the building used in the show wasn’t MDPD’s. For years, I thought it was the Miami Police Department headquarters but my cousin who still lives there kept telling me there was no such building. I am glad to find that it really does exist, even if it is in California. Thanks for solving this mystery!

  2. Lisa McLaren says:

    i am only 11 years old but i love csi:miami and i would love to be a cast member on csi:miami its my dream to be on csi so i would be so excited to be on csi i know im sayin csi and talking about my dream on csi so i will stop but I`m only a kid but I live in Renfrew so i wouldnt think I could be on the show but if the producers could see me act i would be so greatfull so good luck every body xxxxxx

  3. Jesse says:

    A rather late comment, but I work Patrol Security and I’ve been there, or to the building next to it as per my route. I would like to also add that there is a lot there(next to where the trains are parked) that has the CSI vehicles and the Miami Dade patrol vehicles. Check it out when you can.

    • Bob says:

      I work for the MDPD in Miami, FL. You’re telling me that most of the actual MDPD cars are over there? My mind is blown, no one ever told me that…. and I’m a Lt.

  4. D. Mc Grath says:

    Hi, I love the architecture of the above police station on C.S.I Miami. Who is the architect?

  5. Hi Nicole,
    The best way to get an audition for any TV show is to send your headshot and resume to the casting director. Here is the info for CSI: Miami’s casting director:
    Nan Dutton
    1600 Rosecrans Avenue
    Building 7, Suite 110
    Manhattan Beach, California 90266
    Send her your pic and see what happens! 🙂
    Good luck,

  6. nicole brownlow says:

    I would like to audition for the show csi miami im a big fan i have been since it aired in 2002. I would like to audition to be a csi. on the show but im only 16 years old i would like to be the first young csi to actually be on the show. it would mean so much to me if i can audition and make it. but where im located is in houston tx. if you could i would love for the cast and the producers to come see me act. good luck to every body

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