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Mansion Bel Aire

May 29th, 2008 | By | Category: TV Locations

A few weeks ago, while searching for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air house, fellow stalker Kerry told me about a mansion in Glendale that she calls the “Tara House” that she thought might be the home used in Fresh Prince. So, of course I had to run right out to stalk it. It wasn’t the FP home, but I was so happy to have stalked it anyway as it is an absolutely ginormous mansion that I never would have found otherwise. Thanks, Kerry!

According to one of my fave tour books, Bel Aire, as the mansion is called, was built in 1922 by Mattison Boyd Jones, a highly successful Glendale area businessman and politician. It was since named a historic landmark and is frequently used as a filming location, most prominently as the main home in the Aaron Spelling produced TV Series Flamingo Road. Legend has it that the mansion was also used a filming location back in 1938 during the filming of Gone With the Wind, but that claim has never been substantiated.

The house is truly amazing as it looks like it belongs on a large Southern plantation, not on a normal street in Glendale among normal sized homes. The mansion sits far back from the road on what has to be at least 3 acres of sprawling lawns and gardens. I highly recommend stalking this location as it is truly one of a kind! And, it is very stalker friendly as it is not hidden behind tall gates or trees.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: “Bel Aire” is located at 727 Kenneth Road in Glendale. After stalking Bel Aire, head over to the new Americana at Brand shopping center located on Brand Boulevard. Just opened this month, it was built by Rick Caruso (no relation to David), the same man who built LA’s celebrated The Grove shopping center.



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  1. Alexis Colby says:

    Mansion Bel Aire was also used in the soap “Emerald Point N.A.S.” (you can see the house in the opening credits).

  2. Alexis Colby says:

    Actually, Flamingo Road is a Lorimar Production (“Dallas”, “Knots Landing”…) not a Spelling production. But thank you for the name of the mansion, I was desperetaly looking for it!! There is a location from “Beverly Hills” that you seems to miss, it’s the Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. It was featured in the episode of season 3 where Brenda catched Dylan in the pool with Kelly (it’s “Back in the High Life Again” I think). Bel Age hotel is also featured in the sixth season of Dynasty (episode “the homecoming”) and the movie “Prizzi’s Honor”.

  3. Jenn says:

    Just wanted to let you know that when I was in LA 3 years ago, i took one of those tours of the hollywood homes or whatever and the driver took us by Bob Newharts house and also told us that it was the house used to film the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Having seen the show a gazillion times, i totally recognized it. So maybe if you ask around for Bob Newharts house, you may have a better chance finding it… Good Luck!

    P.S. If you find the address, feel free to send it to me..I’m going to LA next week and would love to pass my BF by the house.


    • Hilary says:

      The Fresh Prince house is located at 251 N. Bristol Avenue, at the corner of Bristol Avenue and Parkyns Street, in Brentwood.
      Look this one up, it is the real one. Not sure it this is also the Bob Newharts house Jenn is talking about or not.

  4. Sue says:

    I thought that the Gone With the Wind house was at Paramount. I remember reading something about how Lucille Ball was excited when her and Desi bought the studio because she got to own the house.

  5. E.J. says:

    According to MGM archives Bel Aire was the inspiration for the final design of the “Tara” set used in Gone With the Wind. The front of one of MGM’s administration buildings was actually used for some of the filming but Bel Aire was the basis for the design.

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