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Alma Mater to the Stars

Jun 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Celebrity Sightings

This weekend, while stalking in the Valley, my boyfriend and I drove by Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. American Idol fans might remember Notre Dame from Season 5, when Katherine McPhee returned to her hometown of Sherman Oaks for a large pep rally held in the gym of her alma mater. Antonio Villaraigosa even showed up for the celebration and declared the day as “Katharine McPhee Day”! Gag me! I, personally, did NOT have McPhever during Season 5 of Idol and was very happy when she didn’t take home the crown. 🙂

Besides Ms. McPhee, Notre Dame is the alma mater to countless celebs, including Rachel Bilson from The OC, director Nick Cassavetes, Kristin Dunst, Maureen Flannigan (from Out of This World), Devon Gummersall and Devon Odessa from My So-Called Life, Staci Keenan from My Two Dads, Jerry Mathers aka the Beave, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, and Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl, as well as countless professional football and baseball players. There must be something in the water at Notre Dame, I swear!! It definitely seems like a breeding ground for lots of talented celebrities. 🙂

According to Wikipedia, the softcore porn TV series Love Street shot an episode at Notre Dame High School, which is very surprising as schools are usually pretty choosy about what productions can and cannot film on campus.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: Notre Dame High School is located at 13645 Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.


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  1. Mia says:

    Love Devon Odessa!

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