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Only in L.A.!

Feb 8th, 2009 | By | Category: This and That


The other day while I was on my way to acting class I experienced one of those “Only in L.A.” moments that I love so much. 🙂 While walking past Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley on Highland Avenue in Hollywood I noticed a vending machine selling Movie Star Maps and I just about died laughing. LOL You gotta love it! I mean in every other city in America there are plenty of street-side vending machines selling newspapers, local publications, and maybe even the occasional apartment locator magazine. But L.A. is unique. L.A. is special. Here, right on the street smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, we have a vending machine which sells maps with the addresses of all of your favorite movie stars for the bargain price of $5. God, I love L.A.! 🙂


Even though the Movie Star Maps vending machine is not a filming location – that I know of! – I still just HAD to blog about it. 🙂


Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The Movie Star Maps vending machine is located on North Highland Avenue, in between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street, just a few feet north of Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley.



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  1. g says:

    It’s cheaper to stock a machine than to have to pay those poor guys to sit by the side of the road on Sunset Blvd.

  2. Virginie says:

    did you end up buying a map? I guess not, as you can probably make a map on your own. Right? 😉

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