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Wayne Manor From the “Batman” Television Series

Apr 6th, 2010 | By | Category: TV Locations


Just up the street from the Just Married mansion which I blogged about yesterday is the residence which stood in for Wayne Manor, aka Batman’s abode, in the 1966 television series and movie of the same name.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Batman mansion and the Just Married mansion are quite often mistaken for each other due to a myriad of reasons.  So, to set the record straight – and since we already were in the area a couple of weeks ago doing some Just Married stalking- I decided to drag my fiancé a few hundreds yards up the road to also stalk Bruce Wayne’s pad.  Sadly, though, not very much of it is visible from the street.


According to Zillow, the residence, which was built in 1928, boasts ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, a whopping 16,599 square feet of living space, and sits on over five acres of land!  And if you look at the above photographs, it is very easy to see why the property is often confused with the Just Married mansion that burned down in October of 2005.  Not only are both houses gargantuan, set far back from the road, and Tudor/Gothic Revival in style, but both were constructed almost entirely out of brick by the very same architect, Paul Revere Williams, and bear a striking resemblance to each other.  Further adding to the confusion between the properties is the fact that they are located within blocks of each other on the very same street, San Rafael Avenue, in Pasadena and have both been featured in countless productions over the years.


Because the location rumors about the two mansions have been running rampant for so very long, this weekend I decided to try to get my hands on as many of the productions filmed on the premises as I could to try to set the record straight once and for all.  And I didn’t do too bad – the only movies I wasn’t able to track down were Topper, Three Men and a Little Lady, Executive Action, The Gumball Rally, The Bells of St. Mary’s, Sweet Bird of Youth, and True Confessions.  If anyone has those movies or has seen them in the past, can you let me know which, if either, of the San Rafael mansions was featured in them?


As I mentioned above, the mansion’s most famous appearance was as Wayne Manor in the 1966 television series Batman and the subsequent movie of the same name that was made that very same year.  But its resume hardly ends there.




The residence was also used as both the St. Audrey’s Home for Boys where Grace (aka Emma Thompson) was taken in by a nun . . .




. . . and as Roman Strauss’ (aka Kenneth Branagh’s) home in 1991’s Dead Again.





In the first Rush Hour movie, the mansion stood in for Los Angeles’ Chinese Consulate.



As you can see in the above photograph and screen capture, though, the exterior gate which appears in that movie is not the home’s real life gate.




In 1999’s Bowfinger, the mansion was used as the residence of action star Kit Ramsey (aka Eddie Murphy).





And in that flick the home’s real life gate does actually appear and was the site of one of the movie’s funniest scenes.




In Scary Movie 2, the mansion stood in for Hell House/Kane Manor where most of the film’s action takes place.




In X-Files: Fight The Future, it was used as the Somerset, England home of the Well-Manicured Man (aka John Neville).




According to some reports that I found online, the mansion was also featured in 1986’s Stand By Me, which seemed a bit odd being that I had always heard that Stand By Me was filmed almost in its entirety in the state of Oregon.  After re-watching the flick earlier today, though, I believe that the mansion did appear once at the very end of the movie as the residence of “The Writer” (aka Richard Dreyfuss).  As you can see in the above screen captures, the front driveway area does match that of the Batman  mansion. Why would they come all the way to Pasadena to film this one brief scene, though, when the rest of the movie was filmed hundreds of miles away in Oregon, you ask?  Well, according to IMDB’s Stand By Me trivia page, an actor named David Dukes was originally cast in the role of “The Writer”.  After his scenes were shot, though, and filming had wrapped, they re-cast the role with actor Richard Dreyfuss and re-shot all of his character’s scenes.  So, since the Richard Dreyfuss scenes were filmed at a later date – I am guessing after principal photography in Oregon had already wrapped – it makes sense that they would have been shot somewhere in the L.A. area, closer to where the film was being edited.



And if you’ll notice in the above screen captures, which were taken from the movie Dead Again, the mansion’s front window and the view from it does sort of match that which appeared in Stand By Me, which makes me think that the property was actually used in the movie, although I don’t have any concrete proof to back that up.

Fellow stalker Ivan just sent me the above screen captures from the television series Land of Giants, in which Wayne Manor stood in for the residence belonging to Uncle Trojar in the episode entitled “Collector’s Item”.  And, yes, the mansion was blown up t the end of that episode.  Thank you, Ivan!  🙂


According to fave website OnLocationVacations, the mansion was also the site of some filming from the upcoming Dinner For Schmucks movie starring Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Zach Galifianikis.   Besides being a filming location, the mansion was also the Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 1997.  So, I hope that at least partially puts to rest some of the locations rumors about the two landmark San Rafael Avenue mansions.  If I come across any further information, I will post it here!  And please let me know, dear readers, if you come across any information yourselves! 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Wayne Manor from the Batman television series is located at 380 South San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena.  Unfortunately, the residence is not very visible from the street.  To see the best views of the home, drive just a bit north of where the main gates are located.



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  1. Richard A. Ekstedt says:

    The most was also used in the first ever made-for-television horror movie, “FEAR NO EVIL” (Universal/NBC TV), as the ‘Varney Mansion’. Also, as I recall, for “The Mephisto Waltz’!!

  2. Jason Stewart says:

    It also appeared not long after the Batman series in the horror thriller, “Legacy of Blood” (1971). The film featured the front of the home in all its glory, as well as some interior locations. The film later became popular due to it falling into the “public domain” and it was later featured in an episode of Cinematic Titanic.

  3. Anne Duke says:

    Does anyone know who owned the home during the filming of the 1960s Batman television series? Also, wasn’t there a house in Hawaii that was used for other scenes?

  4. Jen says:

    I recently started watching Quantum Leap and this mansion was on I believe the first or second season!!

  5. JAmes says:

    This is also the Foundation for Law and Government in the 82 Knight Rider TV Series

  6. Lia Op says:

    I’m a Pasadena Local and know everything about the area. : )

  7. Lia Op says:

    Also this was the location where they filmed Topper. And Paul McCartney had owned the home in the early 2000,’s.

  8. Mel says:

    There was a Charles Bronson movie called The Mechanic where he and his trainee pose as food delivery men to get in. There’s a shootout of course. You can see the outside of the home and I assume the inside as well once they’re inside.

    I like your site. I have also been to the outside of this home. My favorite parts are the Charmed and Grosse Pointe Blank sections.

  9. Bill H. says:

    Just saw the house (quick shot) exterior on old Jordan series (netflix) last night. I think it was in season 4, eposide has wealthy daughter killed (apparently) in a horse fall. Great site – thanks for all the other info.

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