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Michael Scott’s Condo from “The Office”

Jul 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations


I am very sad to report that early last week I finally watched the Season 6 finale of The Office and am at this time all caught up on new episodes of the show.  I am not quite sure what to do with myself now and am seriously considering watching the entire series over again, even though it’s only been about three weeks since I began watching it the first time.  What can I say – I am absolutely obsessed!  Unlike me, though, my fiancé was extremely happy when I finished watching the series because as he said, “Yes, it’s a great show, but not when you are playing it on a 24-hour loop in our apartment.”  He was on so much Office-overload, in fact, that he had actually taken to watching random movies on his laptop computer every night while I commandeered our TV.  Poor guy.  Anyway, because there are no new episodes for me to watch, in order to satisfy my Office fix I spent this past weekend dragging my fiancé all over the Valley to stalk a bunch of locations from the show, the first one being the supposed Scranton, Pennsylvania- area condominium where Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) lives.  I found Michael’s residence thanks, once again, to fellow stalker Owen who was able to track the place down via a lucky Google search.  Thank you, Owen!

Laura Lane Sign

While watching the Season 5 episode of The Office titled “Dream Team”, Owen noticed the above-pictured “Exit on Laura Lane” sign displayed on a fence near the front of Michael’s house and figured it might just be an actual sign posted near the actual property.  He then simply used Google to search for a Laura Lane in Los Angeles and it wasn’t long before he stumbled upon one located in Reseda and, sure enough, just around the corner from it was Michael’s condo.  YAY!


Before stalking the place, Owen had warned me that Michael Scott’s condo was located inside of a gated community and that it was most likely not visible to the public.  I am very happy to report, though, that Michael’s particular unit is the second house in from Wyandotte Street, which is a public road, and that it actually can be seen from the street!  YAY! 


Sadly, Michael’s front door, which appears quite often on the series, is not visible, though.

ScreenShot5084 IMG_0801 

But, I was able to spy the front door of a different unit while I was there and I am very happy to report that it looks JUST LIKE Michael’s front door.  🙂

ScreenShot5074  ScreenShot5076

Michael first purchased the condo in the Season 2 episode of The Office titled “Office Olympics”.  It is while he is buying the residence that he gives this sage piece of advice to the audience: “There’s a basic principle in real estate that you should never be the best-looking person in the development.  It’s just sort of common sense because, if you are, then you’ve got no place to go but down.”  LOL 


In that same episode, when Michael first points out his new condo to Dwight Schrute (aka Rainn Wilson) he mistakenly shows him the wrong unit, which is located directly across the street from the one which he has actually purchased.   

 ScreenShot5101 ScreenShot5080

The condo has been featured in several episodes of The Office over the course of the series’ six-year run, including the Season 4 episode titled “Dinner Party”, in which Michael invites all of the office couples over to his house for dinner. 

ScreenShot5089 ScreenShot5090

ScreenShot5092 ScreenShot5093

And, as you can see from these photographs of another residence in the same development, the real-life interior of the home was actually used in the filming of that episode.

ScreenShot5083  ScreenShot5086

Michael’s condo was also featured in the Season 5 episode titled “Dream Team”, as well.

The Office filming The Office filming 2

My favorite part about this location is that if you look at it via Bing Maps, you can see several production trucks, star trailers, and craft services tents set up, which means that they were actually filming an episode of The Office when the aerial images were taken!!  SO DARN COOL!


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Big THANK YOU to Owen for finding this location!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Michael Scott’s condo from The Office is located at 7303 Bonnie Place in Reseda.  The condo which Michael mistakenly thinks is his in the “Office Olympics” episode is located at 7302 Bonnie Place.  Both residences are located within a gated community, so please be respectful and do not trespass.



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  1. Nanna says:

    Love love love your website. Great office locations. Just a question: Would you, by any chance know the coffee place that Angela invites Pam to go to in Traveling Salesmen?

  2. Alex O'Brien says:

    I believe that this satellite image was taken sometime while filming “Dinner Party” since you can see the silver Porsche Boxster spyder (which Jan and Michael trade Jan’s Volvo and Michael’s Chrysler for) two doors down the street. That car appears in the garage in that episode, when Michael is making a sales pitch to Jim and Andy for him to invest in “Serenity by Jan”.

  3. Nick says:

    did they change the address of it for the show, as they did for Jim’s house? It says 126 in the photos from the show, but 7300 in the real photos. I would assume they did, because that’s DEFINITELY the place! great find, love this site!

  4. Ashley says:

    So cool! I can’t believe all the interior shots were filmed there too! I love the episode where Michael buys the condo – SO hilarious.

    Your hair looks amazing!

    Also, I have a stalking project I think your pal Owen can solve quickly, can you get me in touch with him via email?

  5. Brittany says:

    I’ve been wondering where his condo was! I, too, am a recent Office fan, and I finished watching all of the episodes in about less than 2 weeks last year LOL. Didn’t you just LOVE Jim and Pam’s wedding episode?! Aww it gets me teary-eyed every time. Two things: 1) I’ve been wondering what all the fuss was about Brazilian Blowouts, but I can now see how awesome they are! 2) I have the same picture frame that you have by your head LOL 🙂

  6. Lavonna says:

    Love the Dinner Party Episode and the Dream Team when Pam came in and Michael was in his robe and sat down oops! I’m so jealous you are stalking these site…LOL Try to save a few for Oct 🙂 Also your hair looks GREAT!

  7. Michelle says:

    Why do all the funniest episodes of the Office take place in or around Michael’s condo?? Also your hair looks FANTASTIC!!!

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