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Drew Barrymore’s Childhood Home

Aug 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes


A few weeks ago, Drew Barrymore aficionado Ashley, from The Drewseum website, asked me and fellow stalker Owen for some help in tracking down the home where the young E.T. star lived from 1984 through 1988.  Over the years, Ashley had accumulated a few clues as to the property’s location, mostly from Drew’s autobiography Little Girl Lost, which was published in 1990.  In the book, co-author Todd Gold describes the house as “a lovely two-bedroom ranch-style home in Sherman Oaks, a comfortable upper-class neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley”.  With that vague bit of information, Ashley tried to track down the residence’s location, but didn’t have much success.  Then a few weeks ago, while looking at the Drew Barrymore Brasil fansite, she happened upon the above photograph of Drew from a 1987 photo shoot in which the then 12-year old actress was photographed while standing in front of her home.   And, lo and behold, an address number (4002) was visible!  YAY!  I just have to say here that I would absolutely die if I ever came across a photograph of my girl Jen A. standing in front of her childhood home.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to stalk that residence!  Anyway, armed with an address number, a city, and a picture of the front of the house, Owen set about tracking down the residence using aerial maps and Google Street View.  And, amazingly enough, about ten minutes later he had an address for us.  As it turns out, Drew’s former dwelling is not actually located in Sherman Oaks as author Todd Gold had described, but in the neighboring suburb of Studio City.  In Todd’s defense though, the house is located right on the border of Sherman Oaks and Studio City and, for whatever reason, city boundary lines quite often get blurred in that area. 


Once Owen told me the address, I immediately dragged the Grim Cheaper – and both of my parents, for that matter – out to stalk the property.  And I am VERY happy to report that it still looks much the same today, over 23 years later!, as it did in the photograph from Drew’s photo shoot.

ScreenShot5214  IMG_0834  

Sadly, though, quite a bit of foliage has grown since the days when Drew called the place home, so I wasn’t able to take a picture that exactly matched Drew’s childhood photograph.  The one pictured above was my best effort.

 IMG_0833 IMG_0827 

 IMG_0828 IMG_0836 

As you can see in the above photographs, though, several aspects of the house match up to Drew’s childhood picture, including the white door located next to the garage, the brick front stairwell, and the popped-out picture window located next to the front door. I was so hoping that the 4002 address post would still be standing at the front of the house, but alas that was not to be.

  Drew barrymore's pool    Drew Barrymore's deck                     

 ScreenShot5215 ScreenShot5216  

You can also see in the above aerial views that both the shape of the home’s pool and the shape of its deck area match the pictures taken during Drew’s 1987 photo shoot perfectly.

IMG_0831 IMG_0832

Drew’s former home is surprisingly normal-looking, especially considering that the E.T. phenomenon was living there during the height of her childhood fame. Of the home, Todd Gold says, “Compared to the West Hollywood bungalow they left behind, the move marked a significant leap up the economic ladder.  Not that the Barrymores were rich.  Not even close.  But they were comfortable, and for the first time they were no longer encumbered by the constant worry of making ends meet each month”.  The home, which was built in 1951, boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,763 square feet of living space.  Drew’s mom, Jaid, sold the house in the summer of 1988 in order to move into a smaller condominium which was easier to maintain being that Drew was spending the majority of her time on location filming movies.

ScreenShot5219 ScreenShot5220

The above photographs were also taken at the star’s former home at what I’m guessing was around the year 1985.


On a side note – I just finished reading Little Girl Lost, Drew’s autobiography which she wrote in the winter of 1988 at the tender age of 14.  For those who have yet to read the memoir, I highly recommend it!  Drew’s story is absolutely heartbreaking at times, but it is also incredibly empowering and uplifting.  I have always liked the actress, but I have such a massive amount of respect for her now after reading her story.  It is absolutely mindboggling to me that she hit rock bottom at such a young age and then was able to somehow pull herself together after experiencing such a tumultuous childhood.  She truly is an amazing person.

Big THANK YOU to fellow stalker Owen for finding this location and to fellow stalker Ashley, from the Drewseum website, for challenging him to do so!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Drew Barrymore’s childhood home is located at 4002 Ethel Avenue in Studio City.



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  1. Jules says:

    Here’s a challenge. Find the condo that they moved into after this house.

  2. Nat says:

    Welcome back. Reading the book now. Can’t put it down.

  3. Ashley says:

    Hooray! Not only is there a new Lindsay post, but it just happens to be the one I’ve been waiting for! 😀 I can’t thank you & Owen enough for your help with this little project. It was a lot of fun & I can’t wait to get out there and stalk the house myself!

    PS – The last pictures in the post are from 1984 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the info! 🙂 I meant to email you to ask what year those pics were taken, but, with all of the wedding stuff I was doing, totally forgot.

  4. Lavonna says:

    Great post! I’ll have to give the book a read!

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