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Pickwick’s Pub from “The Office”

Sep 15th, 2010 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations


This past weekend, I dragged my husband (that is SO weird to say!) out to stalk Pickwick’s Pub – the Woodland Hills watering hole that stands in for the Dunder Mifflin gang’s favorite local hangout, Poor Richard’s Pub, on fave show The Office.  And while there is actually a real life Poor Richard’s Pub located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the series is based, thankfully, both the interiors and exteriors which appear on the show can be found right here in Los Angeles, just about ten miles away from Chandler Valley Studios where the series is taped.  I am ashamed to admit that I spent more than a few hours online trying to track down this locale and came up completely empty-handed.  Thankfully though, fellow stalker Lavonna was also in on the hunt and managed to find this Poor Richard’s page on the Dunderpedia website, which led us to the right place.  And while Poor Richard’s Pub is referred to almost weekly on The Office, Pickwick’s has actually only been used for filming twice. 

IMG_1373 IMG_1375

  IMG_1371  IMG_1374 

Pickwick’s Pub has been a San Fernando Valley staple for over three and a half decades, ever since it first opened way back in 1974.  The watering hole suffered a brief set-back in 2004 when it burned to the ground after a disgruntled customer set fire to the place.  The rebuilding project took a full year to complete, but in 2005 the bar reopened and has been going strong ever since.  And, let me tell you, the place is not your ordinary, everyday pub.  The menu is quite extensive and features everything from traditional British fare such as bangers & mash and Irish beef stew to Indian delicacies like chicken curry and pork korma to such American favorites as chicken pot pie and homemade mac and cheese.  There is also an extensive breakfast menu, which is available all day.  And, let me tell you, the food was excellent!  Our waitress was also extremely nice and answered all of my silly little questions about the filming of The Office.  Unfortunately, she didn’t work at Pickwick’s at the time either of the episodes was filmed, so she didn’t have much insider information to share with me.  🙁  Pickwick’s is a super cute and cozy little place and seems to be mostly inhabited by regulars.  It definitely has a hometown feel to it and is exactly the kind of place I picture Pam and Jim grabbing a drink after work.  🙂  Pickwick’s also features a trivia night every Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. and an 80’s acoustic band which plays live every Saturday night – both of which sound like an absolute blast!  🙂


ScreenShot5437 ScreenShot5430

ScreenShot5431 ScreenShot5432

ScreenShot5433 ScreenShot5434

As I mentioned above, Pickwick’s Pub has appeared twice on The Office – first in the Season 3 episode titled “Cocktails”, in which Pam Beesly (aka Jenna Fischer), Roy Anderson (aka David Denman), Kelly Kapoor (aka Mindy Kaling), and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin crew cut out of work early in order to grab drinks together at their favorite local hangout.  It is at Pickwick’s that Pam admits to Roy that she and Jim once kissed.

ScreenShot5435 ScreenShot5436

The mirror which Roy subsequently breaks in a fit of anger is, of course, not there in real life.


Neither is the Toy Chest game machine where Toby Flenderson (aka Paul Lieberstein) spends the evening trying to win Pam a duck.

 ScreenShot5438 ScreenShot5441 

ScreenShot5443 ScreenShot5444

The bar showed up again in the Season 4 episode titled “Local Ad”, in which the Dunder Mifflin gang gathers together to watch the airing of their recently-filmed local television commercial.


A picture of Steve Carell during the filming of that episode is even on display on the official Pickwick Pub website.  So darn cool!

ScreenShot5429 ScreenShot5439

  IMG_1368 pickwicks-pub-the-office-4   

The exterior that is shown on The Office is actually Pickwick’s back entrance, which looks EXACTLY the same in person as it does on the show, except for the Poor Richard’s signage, of course.  Love it!

IMG_3549 IMG_3550

Fellow stalker and Office aficionado Owen, who I am EXTREMELY jealous of!, recently made a stalking pilgrimage to Scranton, Pennsylvania where he got to visit the real life Poor Richard’s Pub, which in reality is located inside of a bowling alley.  As Owen wrote when he emailed me the above pictures, “Does that carpet not scream bowling alley?!?!”  LOL 


Sadly, the bar was closed when Owen showed up to stalk it, but as you can see in the above photograph, which I got off of the Poor Richard’s website, the place does bear a striking resemblance to Pickwick’s.  Both bars have a very British/Tudor-style look to them and both also appear to display Christmas lights year-round.

Big THANK YOU to fellow stalker Lavonna for finding this location and to fellow stalker Owen for loaning me his photographs of the real Poor Richard’s Pub to display in this post!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Pickwick’s Pub from The Office is located at 21010 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.  You can visit the bar’s official website here.  The real Poor Richard’s Pub is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania at 125 Beech Street, inside of South Side Bowl.  You can visit the official Poor Richard’s website here.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    They actually do have a “Poor Richard’s Pub” mirror sign on their wall near the main entrance! 🙂

  2. Lavonna says:

    FUN FUN FUN why do you get to have so much of it! LOL Glad you got to stalk this sooo hoping I get to stop by there in October. There are so many places on my list:)

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