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First Christian Church of North Hollywood – Where Phyllis Got Married on “The Office”

Sep 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations


Brace yourselves, my fellow stalkers, ‘cause today’s post is going to be a long one!  A few months back, I dragged my then-fiancé and my parents out to re-stalk the First Christian Church of North Hollywood – a location which is most commonly known as “the 7th Heaven church”, thanks to its recurring role as the Camden Family’s local parish throughout the Aaron Spelling series’ ten-year run.  Even though I never watched 7th Heaven, I stalked and blogged about the church way back in April of 2008 after receiving a challenge to find it from my Aunt Lea.  So, when the very same location popped up on new favorite show The Office as the spot where Phyllis Lapin (aka Phyllis Smith) married Bob Vance (aka Robert R. Shafer) – of Vance Refrigeration – in the Season 3 episode titled “Phyllis’ Wedding”, I decided I just had to re-stalk it and do a more in-depth write-up of its extensive filming history.


The First Christian Church of North Hollywood was originally built in 1949 on the corner of Moorpark Street and Colfax Avenue in what is, contrary to what the name might suggest, actually Studio City.  Construction on the 19,000-square foot, Colonial-style structure took just under a year to complete and the first mass was said there on March 12, 1950.  Today the church boasts one of the largest Protestant congregations in the entire San Fernando Valley.  Location scouts have long been drawn to the property, which includes a main sanctuary, several offices, a kitchen, a garden, a nursery school, a social hall, and a courtyard, for decades due to its Anytown, U.S.A.-style facade.  Countless upon countless productions have been filmed there over the years – far too many for me to properly catalog here, but I’ll do my best to try.  I must give major props to whoever runs the First Christian Church of North Hollywood website, by the way, because it boasts a very well-organized  Film Shoots” page that chronicles all of the filming that has ever taken place there.  Love it!

ScreenShot5534 ScreenShot5533

IMG_0857 IMG_0860

The “Phyllis’ Wedding” episode of The Office was filmed almost in its entirety on location at First Christian Church of North Hollywood and both the interior and the exterior of the property were used extensively in the production.  The areas which appeared in the episode include the front entrance;

ScreenShot5536 ScreenShot5538

IMG_0847 IMG_0844

the entryway and front stairwell;

ScreenShot5539 ScreenShot5541

IMG_0842 IMG_0837

the main sanctuary;

ScreenShot5542 IMG_0843

the altar;

ScreenShot5544 ScreenShot5553

ScreenShot5546 ScreenShot5547

the social hall (which we unfortunately did not get to see);

ScreenShot5549 ScreenShot5551

Phyllis-Wedding-The-Office-1 Phyllis-Wedding-The-Office-3

the top of the exterior side stairwell, where Pam Beesly (aka Jenna Fischer) and Roy Anderson (aka David Denman) danced;

ScreenShot5550 Phyllis-Wedding-The-Office-5

the north exterior side of the church, where Dwight Schrute (aka Rainn Wilson) danced with Angela Martin (aka Angela Kinsey);

ScreenShot5548 ScreenShot5552

IMG_0850 IMG_0848

and the side courtyard, where Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) “found” Phyllis’ Uncle Al (aka George Ives).


And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention here that it is while in the First Christian Church of North Hollywood that Dwight utters fellow stalker Owen’s very favorite television line of all time.  While filing into the church with the other wedding guests, Dwight turns to Jim Halpert (aka John Krasinski) and says, “Why are all these people here?  There’s too many people on this earth.  We need a new plague.”  LOL LOL LOL  Love it!  So, of course I just had to stand in the exact spot where Dwight was standing during that scene and repeat his famous line.

ScreenShot5526 ScreenShot5529

ScreenShot5530 ScreenShot5532

As I mentioned above, the First Christian Church of North Hollywood is most well-known for its countless appearances on 7th Heaven where it popped up almost weekly during the series’ eleven season run.

wedding wedding2

wedding3 wedding5

It is also at First Christian Church that Indiana Jones (aka Harrison Ford) marries Marion Ravenwood (aka Karen Allen) while Mutt Williams (aka Shia LaBeouf) looks on at the end of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Shia LaBeouf returned to First Christian Church that very same year to film his character’s brother’s funeral scene for the movie Eagle Eye.

ScreenShot5512 ScreenShot5513

ScreenShot5514 ScreenShot5515

The church was also where Barbara Keeley (aka Calista Flockhart) married Val Goldman (aka Dan Futterman) at the end of the 1996 movie The Birdcage.

ScreenShot5518 ScreenShot5517

ScreenShot5519 ScreenShot5520

In What About Bob?, the church was where Bob Wiley (aka Bill Murray) tied the knot with Lily Marvin (aka Fran Brill).

ScreenShot5522 - Copy ScreenShot5523 - Copy

ScreenShot5524 ScreenShot5525

The church was also the wedding location in the music video for Katy Perry’s hit song “Hot & Cold” –

– which you can watch by clicking above.

ScreenShot5510 ScreenShot5511

Most recently, the church appeared in the Season 6 opener of How I Met Your Mother, which was titled “Big Days” and which aired this past Monday evening.


The First Christian Church of North Hollywood was also used in the movies Death Becomes Her, Nothing to Lose, and The Suburbans, and in episodes of United States of Tara, Desperate Housewives, Parks and Recreation, Samantha Who?, Crossing Jordan, Swingtown, Hart to Hart, Ghost Whisperer, Gilmore Girls, and Melrose Place.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It: The First Christian Church of North Hollywood is located at 4390 Colfax Avenue in Studio City.  You can visit the church’s official website here.  The areas of the church used in the “Phyllis’ Wedding” episode of The Office are denoted above.  Pam and Roy danced at the top of the church’s north-side stairwell, which is located on Moorpark Street and is marked with the blue arrow above.  The windows where Dwight and Angela danced are located just below the stairwell and a few feet east, also on Moorpark Street.  Michael’s courtyard is located on Colfax Avenue, in between the main church building and the nursery school, and is denoted with the pink arrow in the above aerial view.  The social hall, where Bob and Phyllis held their wedding reception, is located on the second floor of the nursery school building.



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  1. Sandra says:

    This is beautiful Church. I had my daughters quicenera (Sweet 15) here and it was amazing. beautiful setting.

  2. Mindy says:

    I was married in this church a little over a year ago! We thought the cost was going to be outrageous because of its history, but it was no more than any other church! So if you live in the area and looking for a church, USE this ONE! You’ll never ever forget it! Oh and they have an AMAZING Orgin to play the music when the service is over (I can’t think of the songs name) but ya know what I’m talking about!!

  3. Mindy says:

    I too was married in this church in November 2013. It’s gorgeous and love that HIMYM was also filmed there!! It’s beautiful!

  4. Carly says:

    It was also in Bones Season 2 Episode 21 where Angela and Hodgins almost got married haha

  5. Louise Sloan Goben says:

    I was married there 25 years ago and it was just as beautiful then as now. Of course, I also have a bias… I’m now on the staff at the church. I’m one who gets to perfom the weddings!

  6. Ty says:

    I sing at this church and got married here in 2009- but I had no idea of all history. I knew that we are a great location- but didn’t really know “who.” Thank you.

  7. Owen says:

    Loved today’s post! Thank you, thank you, thank you for referencing the greatest line ever spoken on TV or the big screen! You’re sooooooooo right, Dwight! I must quote his line at least once a week. I’ve even got the audio clip on my cell phone.

    Once again, I’m jealous of you. I can’t wait to visit this church and re-create that scene. (I may also re-create the scene in which Michael, after getting kicked out of the reception, jumps up and down outside the church to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside.) 🙂

    • Trisha says:

      My favorite line is “computers are all about trying to murder you in a lake”. When Michael has the mishap with his GPS system…. Love it!

  8. Lavonna says:

    Great Post! I watched How I Met Your Mother Monday night and wondered if that was the same church..good job! Love that episode of the Office..I guess new season starts Thursday! YAY If you see any Closer filming locations send them to us so we can stop by those…THANKS

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