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The Street Where “The Hills” Finale Was Filmed

Sep 29th, 2010 | By | Category: The Hills Filming Locations


One location that I have been on the lookout for for a couple of months now is the street where Kristin Cavallari said good-bye to on-again/off-again boyfriend Brody Jenner in the final scene of the series finale of fave show The Hills, which aired on July 13th of this year.  For whatever reason, though, I was having a heck of a time pinpointing the exact spot where filming had taken place.  Until this past Friday, that is.  Thankfully, fellow stalker “Diggy” posted a comment on that day’s blog post in which I wrote about the home where Kristin had lived during the last season of the show.  In the comment, Diggy stated that the final scene had been filmed on “Beachwood Drive, just north of Franklin”.  Sadly though, even with that detailed information, I was unable to find the right spot!  Enter master stalker Chas, from ItsFilmedThere, who texted me later that same night with an exact address – 2107 North Beachwood Drive.  And sure enough, once I pulled up the location on Google Street View, I saw that he was right!  Thank you, Chas!  So, yesterday, after Mike, from MovieShotsLA, and I finished our tour of Paramount Studios, we headed right on over to Beachwood Drive to do some Hills stalking.

ScreenShot5609 IMG_1660

The Hills’ final scene centers around the premise that after suffering a broken heart thanks to Brody Jenner, series star and narrator Kristin Cavallari decides to leave Los Angeles to begin a new adventure in a foreign land because, as she says, “I feel if I’m really gonna move and do this, it needs to be a big change and I need to be completely uncomfortable and I need to be scared again and the only place I can really think about would be somewhere in Europe.”  When Brody finds out she is leaving the country, he heads to her house to say good-bye and just happens to catch her right as she is walking out her door to drive to what is presumably the airport.  In the scene, Brody pulls up and parks in front of the apartment building located at 2107 N. Beachwood Drive.

ScreenShot5610 IMG_1661

Kristin subsequently walks out of the house located across the street at 2117 Beachwood Terrace, which is not where the reality star was actually presumed to be living on the show.  The house where Kristin lived during the series’ Sixth Season, which I blogged about last week, is located almost five miles away in West Hollywood.  Thanks to the tall hedges which completely surround both properties, though, the two residences do bear a striking resemblance to each other.

ScreenShot5611 IMG_1659

Kristin then walks to her waiting limousine, which was parked in front of the home located at 2110 North Beachwood Drive.

ScreenShot5613 IMG_1658

After Kristin shares a tear-filled good-bye with Brody, her limousine proceeds to drive south on Beachwood, presumably heading to the airport. 

ScreenShot5614 ScreenShot5616

ScreenShot5617 ScreenShot5618

The camera then closes in on a distraught-looking Brody for a few poignant moments before the background behind him begins to move and it is revealed that he is actually standing on the backlot of Paramount Studios in Hollywood and that Kristin’s limo had only been driven a few feet off screen.  Brody then walks up to Kristin, hugs her, and says, “You outta here?” before the two nonchalantly walk off.  I found the ending, which was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that many viewers believe the show to be fake, ingenious.  What better way to acknowledge that some of the show was in fact “produced” than to have its final moments be shot on a soundstage?  Of the finale, Brody said, “I think the show has always battled with what’s real and what’s fake, and this ending was perfect because you still don’t know what was real, what was fake and it’s kind of like L.A. in a sense.”  And while the ending leaves no doubt (in mind at least) that the show wasn’t entirely “real”, some fans still swear up and down that it was.  But being that Kristin never in fact moved anywhere, least of all not to Europe, and that she later tweeted “I think I shld finally let everyone know I’m not going 2 Europe.  It was 4 the show.”, I think we can all rest assured that the reality series was most definitely manipulated, if not out and out scripted.  Which was the exact impression I got when I watched an episode of it being filmed back in August of 2008 – yes, it’s a “reality” show, but a heavily, heavily manipulated one.

 ScreenShot5620 ScreenShot5622

   IMG_1533 IMG_1534  

Anyway, because Mike and I were at Paramount yesterday, I just had to stalk the exact spot where the finale was filmed – which was at the corner of Avenue A and 3rd Street, just southwest of Stage 23, in front of the studio’s former film vaults.

Big THANK YOU to Chas, from ItsFilmedThere, and fellow stalker “Diggy” for finding this location!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The final scene from The Hills was filmed in front of 2110 and 2172 North Beachwood Drive in Hollywood.  In the scene, Brody parked in front of the apartment building located at 2107 North Beachwood Drive, Kristin walked out of the house located at 2117 Beachwood Terrace, and the two said good-bye to each other in front of the house located at 2110 North Beachwood Drive.  The scene which took place on the Paramount lot was filmed on the corner of Avenue A and 3rd Street, just southwest of Stage 23.



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  1. Owen says:

    Today for the first time I watched an obscure 2001 movie called “Stealing Time” (which for some reason is called “Rennie’s Landing” on IMDB) starring Ethan Embry and Peter Facinelli, among others. (Jennifer Garner had a small role.) Anyway, the four main characters live in the house at 2117 Beachwood Terrace. (The apartment building Brody pulls up in front of, at 2107 N. Beachwood Dr., is also visible in “Stealing Time.”) When the movie was made, 2117 Beachwood Terrace was not enclosed by those tall hedges. Why would anyone want those surrounding such a small piece of property, anyway? I understand privacy issues, but bushes taller than your friggin’ house? Really? Nice view you’ve got there.

  2. Lavonna says:

    North Beachwood is right off Franklin we always drive up that street and up in the hills to see the sign. If you continue up into the hills you can get very close to the sign. I just didn’t remember the palm trees being so tall, but the shot with Brody and the sign looking so close was filmed at the studio…so that did throw me off. Love that area and you know how we love our Magic Castle which is very close to this street:)

  3. Virginie says:

    love this post! 😉

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