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Adrianna’s New Rental from “90210”

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: 90210 & Beverly Hills, 90210 Filming Locations


Back in July of 2009, fellow stalker Jennie wrote to me asking for some help in tracking down a location that appeared in both the 1996 Aaron Spelling television series Kindred: The Embraced and the current reality show Celebrity Fit Club.  Because I had never seen either of the shows, though, for this particular stalking venture I had to call in the team – aka Chas, from ItsFilmedThere, Mike, from MovieShotsLA, and fellow stalker Owen – and, magically, Chas came through in record time.  He somehow managed to track down a Celebrity Fit Club crew member who told him that the show was primarily filmed at a convent in Los Feliz that belonged to the Los Angeles Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I immediately added the place to my ever-growing “To Stalk” list, but, for whatever reason, never made it out to actually see it in person.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I recognized the property as the mansion Adriana Tate-Duncan (aka Jessica Lowndes) rented on the recently-aired Season 3 episode of 90210 titled “Holiday Madness”.  I literally just about fell out of my chair and dragged the Grim Cheaper right on out to stalk the place that very weekend.

IMG_2468 IMG_2464

IMG_2466 IMG_2467

From what I’ve been able to gather online, it appears that the property no longer belongs to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but is now owned by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and is known as the Cardinal Timothy Manning House of Prayer for Priests.  (Although there is a Facebook page which claims that the property is now the International Institute of Theological and Tribunal Studies and is owned by the Graduate Theological Foundation of Indiana, so I’m not really sure what the story is.)  Regardless of who currently owns it, though, the structure was originally built in 1928 as a private home for Los Angeles broadcasting/automobile tycoon Earl C. Anthony, a man who not only brought major league baseball to Southern California for the first time, but who was also part of the team that invented gas stations and the car radio.  The Anthony House, as it later came to be known, was designed by architect Bernard Maybeck, the same man who gave us the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  Anthony had commissioned his previous abode to be built by the legendary Greene & Greene architecture firm, but once Anthony, who owned several Packard automobile dealerships at the time, caught wind of the fact that one of the Greene brothers had purchased a car made by a competing brand, he refused to work with the architects on any subsequent projects and hired Maybeck to build his Los Feliz home.  LOL!  Maybeck incorporated Italian Villa, French Chateau, Spanish Mediterranean, and Tudor elements into the design of the mansion and it wound up costing a whopping $500,000 to construct.  At the time it was the most expensive house in Hollywood.  After Anthony’s widow passed away in the early 1950s, the mansion was purchased by Sir Daniel J. Donohue and his wife, who, in 1971, bequeathed the entire property to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who continued to own it until earlier this year. 

ScreenShot6445 ScreenShot6446

Sadly, the 8.5-acre property is closed to the public and not much of it is visible from the street, but, as I’ve said many times before, that’s why God created aerial views!  And you can see some fabulous close-up pictures of the former convent on the I.I.T.T.S. Facebook page here.

ScreenShot6432 ScreenShot6434

 ScreenShot6435 ScreenShot6437

In the “Holiday Madness” episode of 90210, the former convent was used as Adrianna’s new, massively huge, $20,000-per-month rental.

ScreenShot6436 ScreenShot6438

ScreenShot6439 ScreenShot6440

Both the interior and the exterior of the property were used extensively in the episode . . .

ScreenShot6441 ScreenShot6442

ScreenShot6443 ScreenShot6444

. . . especially during Adrianna’s Christmas party scenes.

  ScreenShot6423 ScreenShot6424

 ScreenShot6422 ScreenShot6421

As I mentioned above, the property is also used extensively each season on the hit reality television show Celebrity Fit Club.

ScreenShot6431 ScreenShot6425 

ScreenShot6427 ScreenShot6430

The Anthony House was also the site of the wine festival in the Season 4 episode of Brothers and Sisters titled “The Wine Festival”.

IMG_2465 IMG_2469

The property has also appeared in episodes of The A-Team, Dirty Sexy Money, Knight Rider, Dynasty, Airwolf, Falcon Crest, The Greatest American Hero, and Hart to Hart.

Big THANK YOU to Chas, from ItsFilmedThere, for finding this location!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Adrianna’s new house from 90210, aka the former Los Angeles Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary convent, is located at 3431 Waverly Drive in Los Feliz.



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  1. elena wright says:

    Walk into the foyer and stop, look up, where are you? Have you really been here before? Walk towards the hallway. Step up the stairs. Are you looking for the floating candelabra? Without a doubt you are in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion– the room that stretches, the hallway with its fleeting spirits. I believe Disneys “imagineers” used this mansion as a template for its Haunted Mansion. I wonder if there is still a living imagineer that would shed some light on the overwhelming similarities.

  2. David says:

    Also used as Dracula’s home in The Curse of Dracula 1979. Part of the NBC series, Cliff Hangers.

  3. Nancy Eddy says:

    This location was also used in an episode of “Remington Steele” in the mid 80s. The Episode was “Love Among the Steele” and we’ve been trying to find this location for months now!

  4. MM says:

    I have been inside this place. It is insane. It is gigantic & the interior is immaculately designed. there are at least two full sized catherdrals as well as many many rooms, hidden tunnels, etc…in every direction there are ornate staircases or another hallway. & everything is kept in perfect condition even though no one is there. I was told the pope stays here if he comes to Los Angeles. Also, it feels like a time machine because nothing seems update since the 1950’s yet it’s perfect & well maintained.

    It is so big & with so many rooms & hallways it feels like the Shining. Especially, because I got a private late night tour. The view from the pool area at night is absolutely spectacular.

  5. Atia Serene says:

    Just a lil tragic Hollywood History, right next door (down the road) is the former house of LENO AND ROSEMARY LaBIANCA who was murdered by the Manson Family 8( Address is 3311 Waverly Drive.

  6. Lavonna says:

    I didn’t see that episode…I’m so far behind on my 90210 viewing!

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