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The Hollywood Towne House Motel – Lumen’s Motel from “Dexter”

Jan 7th, 2011 | By | Category: TV Locations

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's Motel 1

This past weekend, the Grim Cheaper and I were doing some stalking in Hollywood when we happened upon the Hollywood Towne House Motel – aka the supposed Miami-area hotel where Lumen Ann Pierce (aka Julia Stiles) lived during this past season of fave series Dexter – which in my never-to-be humble opinion was the very best season the show has yet produced.  Is it just me or does the series keep getting better and better with each passing year?  Julia Stiles was absolutely PHENOMENAL in her role this past season.  I honestly think it was the best acting she has done thus far in her career.  Loved her, loved her, loved her!  Anyway, while I usually rely on Seeing Stars’ extensively detailed Dexter filming locations page to find locales from the series, I recognized Lumen’s motel immediately upon driving by it, thanks to the place’s unique (and very bright) color scheme.  What was even more amazing, though, was the fact that the Grim Cheaper also recognized the place immediately upon driving by, as well!  He’s learning, folks!  Smile

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 2

Even had we not recognized the place, this one most likely would have been an easy find as the real life name of the motel was used on the show.  So incredibly cool!

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 3 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 4

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 5 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 6

The Hollywood Towne House Motel first showed up in the Season 5 episode of Dexter titled “Beauty and the Beast”, in the scene in which Dexter Morgan (aka Michael C. Hall) tracks down the motel Lumen was living in before she was kidnapped.  The motel looks exactly the same in person as it did on the series and it is not at all hard to see why producers chose to use it as the place definitely has a Miami vibe to it.

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 7  Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 8

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 9 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 10

The motel’s real life main office also appeared in the episode.

Hollywood Towne Center Motel 1 Hollywood Towne Center Motel 2

Hollywood Towne Center Motel 3Hollywood Towne Center Motel 4

And it, too, looks much the same in person as it did onscreen, except that in real life there is a pane of security glass which surrounds the front counter.  I so desperately wanted to get a picture of myself standing in the spot where Dexter was standing in the episode, but unfortunately the office was closed when we showed up to stalk the place.

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 11 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 12

The motel was also used in the next episode of Dexter, which was titled “First Blood”, in the scene in which Dexter breaks into Lumen’s motel room and discovers that she is planning to seek revenge against her kidnappers.

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 13

In that episode Lumen was living in room number 110.

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 14 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 14

Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 15 Dexter filming locations - Lumen's motel 16

And while I originally had thought that the real interior of Room 110 was used in the filming of “First Blood”, after looking at the photographs of the motel’s actual rooms on TripAdvisor, I no longer believe that to be the case.  I am guessing that the interior of Lumen’s room was a set that was built on a soundstage.  (The TripAdvisor reviews of the motel are not too kind, by the way.  One is titled “Should be condemned!  It’s a Dump and Unsafe!!!!”  LOL LOL LOL  And one group of particularly enterprising guests even went so far as to make a YouTube video review/tour of the motel which is pretty incredible to watch!  If you are at all grossed out by dirty hotel rooms, however, I suggest you do NOT watch it.)

Hollywood Towne Center Motel - Filming Location - Dexter 1Hollywood Towne Center Motel - Filming Location - Dexter 2

Ironically enough, “Beauty and the Beast” was not the first time that Dexter was filmed on location at the Hollywood Towne House Motel.  The very same spot was used in the Season 3 episode of the series titled “Turning Biminese”, in the scene in which Sergeant Angel Batista (aka David Zayas) seeks out Detective Barbara Gianna (aka Kristin Dattilo), who is working undercover as a prostitute, to ask her out on a date.  Real romantic setting to ask someone out on a date, I know.  Smile

Sunset Gower Studios - Dexter - 1 Sunset Gower Studios - Dexter - 2

While we were stalking the place, I was floored to discover that Sunset Gower Studios, the lot where Dexter is filmed, is located directly across the street from the Hollywood Towne House Motel, which explains how producers came to use it on the series.

Hollywood Towne Center Motel - Filming Location - Dexter 3

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Hollywood Town House Motel, aka Lumen’s motel from Dexter, is located at 6055 West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.  Lumen stayed in room number 110 on the show.



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  1. Ronald says:

    the motel appears in the background of the scene on Sunset Blvd in the episode The Will in the first season of Six Feet Under.

  2. jeff says:

    I love the show…. and seeing the locations, especially the ones in nearby Long Beach. And I realize its subjective, but this season of Dexter was probably the worst…. written and acted….Universally panned on Showtimes Message Board and IMDB by all the fans…. Just a bad storyline, and lazy writing… Not up to past Dexter seasons…. Hopefully a rebound Season 6…

  3. Dave C says:

    I could be wrong, but isn’t this the same hotel from the Anthony Hopkins movie Worlds Fastest Indian?

  4. Lavonna says:

    I just purchases Dexter Season 1 – 4…Guess I’ll have to start watching them soon!

  5. LuckaS says:

    Another post about the serie that I watch and again about an episode which I haven’t seen yet 🙂 I’ve read the books, though, except the last one, it wasn’t translated to Czech yet and they don’t have it in the library either.
    I wonder what serie your next post will be about 😀

    • Lindsay says:

      What season are you on? How are the books?

      • LuckaS says:

        The second one.
        I really liked the books, but some people who read them after watching the TV serie don’t like them much. The story is different in some ways, the characters are deeper in the TV serie and since the show is so great, the books can then appear disappointing or boring for some poeple.

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