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The Hyatt Huntington Beach from “90210”

Mar 30th, 2011 | By | Category: 90210 & Beverly Hills, 90210 Filming Locations


One location that I have been absolutely DYING to stalk for over a year and a half now is the Hyatt Huntington Beach Hotel, the spot which stands in for the Beverly Hills Beach Club, the regular hangout of Liam Court (aka cutie Matt Lanter – sigh!), Annie Wilson (aka Shenae Grimes), Naomi Clark (aka AnnaLynne McCord) and the rest of the West Bev gang, each week on fave show 90210.  So when the Grim Cheaper and I were discussing where to spend his upcoming birthday weekend a couple of weeks back, I casually mentioned the Hyatt as a possible destination and, amazingly enough, despite the hotel’s hefty nightly room cost, he readily agreed!  Yay!  So the two of us, along with my parents, headed down there bright and early this past Saturday morning.  And, let me tell you, I could NOT have been more excited!  I was literally bouncing out of my seat the entire drive from Pasadena down to the South Bay.

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(23-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(26-of-42)

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(21-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(25-of-42)

Thankfully the hotel did not disappoint!  The Hyatt Huntington Beach is absolutely HUGE – I honestly don’t think I have ever in my life seen a hotel even remotely that big! – and features a retail plaza complete with a grocery store and coffee bar, spa grottos with 3 tucked away spa pools, 6 different on-site restaurants, a water playground for kids, over 100,000 square feet of meeting and event space;

IMG_4651 IMG_4642

IMG_4652 IMG_4640

517 guest rooms (ours is pictured above);

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(9-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(12-of-42)

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(13-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(18-of-42)

a large lagoon-style swimming pool;


lush grounds with meandering koi ponds;

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(27-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(29-of-42)

several sparkling fountains;


and a 20,000 square foot spa.

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(6-of-42) Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(7-of-42)

For all of its grandiosity, though, there were a lot of small touches, as well, that gave the hotel an intimate feel; my personal favorite being the mini-outdoor living room that was tucked away in an alcove near our room.


And on Sunday morning when it rained, the hotel put out umbrellas for guests to use.  Love it!

ScreenCap1048 ScreenCap1103 

 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 

The area of the hotel that I was most excited about seeing was the front entrance, which is used in establishing shots of the Beach Club each week.

ScreenCap1085 IMG_4696

Pictured above is what the entry-way columns look like when not sporting the “Beverly Hills Beach Club” signs that are shown on the series. 

ScreenCap1084 ScreenCap1097

ScreenCap1098 ScreenCap1099

Besides appearing weekly in establishing shots, filming has also taken place on location at the hotel on two different occasions.  The Hyatt was first used in the Season 2 episode of 90210  titled “New Beginnings”.  In that episode, filming took place at the front entrance of the hotel;

ScreenCap1088 ScreenCap1090

ScreenCap1140 ScreenCap1141

in the main fountain area;

 ScreenCap1092 ScreenCap1094


and by the pool.

ScreenCap1057 ScreenCap1058

ScreenCap1059 ScreenCap1060

And in the Season 3 episode titled ”Mother Dearest” filming took place once again at the hotel’s front entrance; 

ScreenCap1069 ScreenCap1070

ScreenCap1071 ScreenCap1073

by the pool;

ScreenCap1062 ScreenCap1063

ScreenCap1066 ScreenCap1067

outside of the spa;

ScreenCap1074 ScreenCap1075

ScreenCap1076 ScreenCap1078

in one of the exterior courtyards;

ScreenCap1082 ScreenCap1080

ScreenCap1081 ScreenCap1083

on the bridge that connects the hotel to the beach;

ScreenCap1049 ScreenCap1053

ScreenCap1054 ScreenCap1055

and in the beach parking lot located directly across the street from the hotel.

ScreenCap1104 ScreenCap1105

ScreenCap1106 ScreenCap1107

None of the interior filming of the Beverly Hills Beach Club takes place at the hotel, though.  Sadly, the interior of the Club is just a set that exists only on a soundstage at Manhattan Beach Studios where the series is lensed.

ScreenCap1086 ScreenCap1101

IMG_4671 IMG_4672

But I was very excited to see some similarities between the interior of the Hyatt hotel and the Beach Club set.  As you can see in the above screen captures and photographs, the Hyatt has a set of three surfboards hanging on the wall behind the concierge desk, much like is the case with the check-in desk at the Beach Club!  I cannot tell you how excited I was to spot those surfboards!

ScreenCap1139 ScreenCap1102

Beverly-Hill-Beach-Club-90210-(19-of-42) IMG_4668

There is also an outdoor fire pit located in the patio area of Mankota’s Grill, the hotel’s poolside restaurant, that looks very similar to the Beach Club’s outdoor fire pit.

ScreenCap1113 ScreenCap1120

ScreenCap1116 ScreenCap1122

A SUPER nice concierge that we spoke with while checking out also let us know that in the Season 3 episode of Chuck titled “Chuck Versus the Beard” the Hyatt stood in for the Malibu Vista Hotel where Devon Woodcomb (aka Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie Bartowski (aka Sarah Lancaster) vacationed . . .

ScreenCap1117 ScreenCap1118

 ScreenCap1121 ScreenCap1124

. . . and where Sarah Walker (aka Yvonne Strahovski) and Daniel Shaw (aka Brandon Roth) were sent to track down a spy.

ScreenCap1125 ScreenCap1128

ScreenCap1131 ScreenCap1132

The Hyatt Huntington Beach also stood in for the Turks & Caicos hotel where married CIA agents Steven and Samantha Bloom (aka Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw respectively) conducted a sting operation in the Season 1 episode of Undercovers titled “Instructions”. 

ScreenCap1126 ScreenCap1127

According to a column on the Surf City News website, a large green screen was set up at the north end of the pool during the filming of Undercovers so that it could be made to look as if the hotel was located on the beach.  In reality, the Hyatt is located across the street from the beach.

ScreenCap1133 ScreenCap1135

IMG_4689 IMG_4687

The hotel’s Red Chair Lounge also stood in for a Caracas bar in the “Instructions” episode.

ScreenCap1136 ScreenCap1137

And one of its exterior hallways and courtyards were also used.

ScreenCap1108 ScreenCap1109

ScreenCap1110 ScreenCap1111

The Hyatt was also featured in an Orbitz commercial in which the Orbitz hovercraft is shown landing in a hotel pool.

Orbitz Commercial filmed at the Hyatt Huntington Hotel

You can watch that commercial by clicking above.


The concierge also told us that the Hyatt was featured in the Season 3 episode of My Fair Wedding titled “Monopoly Bride” in which wedding planner David Tutera coordinates a Monopoly-themed wedding for a board-game obsessed bride and groom.  And she informed us that a production with Hills star Audrina Patridge was filmed by the hotel’s pool, but she was not sure exactly what production it was.  And finally she told us that the hotel will be featured as a venue in an upcoming episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, which is set to premiere on the Oxygen Channel on April 6th.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Hyatt Huntington Beach, aka the Beverly Hills Beach Club from 90210, is located at 21500 Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach.  You can visit the hotel’s official website here.



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  1. John (Bay Area) says:

    The one and only time we visited Huntington Beach, we stayed in that exact location on the corner of Hwy 1 & 39. The only problem was that it wasn’t the Hyatt back then, it was a very old hotel (but not the good kind of old) with an equally aging, run down, cockroaches welcome, coffee shop back then. Looks like they tore it all down and put up the much nicer Hyatt. Very classy.

  2. Sara Kay says:

    Brava Lindsay, I always wondered where was the BH Beach Club!!
    I love that place!

  3. Melissa says:

    Love 90210!

  4. Lavonna says:

    Geez….that’s a great place to visit! Glad the GC was up to the trip 🙂

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