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Grandma Bunny’s House from “You Again”

Sep 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


As I mentioned in last Friday’s post, the hunt for Aunt Mitsy’s (aka Kathy Bates’) house from Rumor Has It actually began when fellow stalker Geoff, from the 90210Locations website, asked for some help in tracking down the abode where Grandma Bunny (aka Betty White) lived in the 2010 flick You Again.  I immediately got fellow stalkers Chas, from the It’sFilmedThere website, and Owen on the case, but even with their master stalking skills, for whatever reason, this particular location mystery took us quite a bit of time to solve.  The one major clue that we had to go on was that the house appeared to be situated on some sort of slanted lot and was not perfectly parallel to the street.  And while several crew members had informed Chas that the dwelling was located in Altadena, he had remembered seeing some slanted-type houses in the Monrovia area while he was searching for the Georgia Rule abode way back in March of this year, so he decided to begin his hunt there.  Thank god that guy has a good memory!  Winking smile


As you can see in the above screen capture, an address number of “240” was also visible in the background of flick, so Chas got started searching all of the 200 blocks on every “slanted” street he could find in the Monrovia area and, amazingly enough, it was not long before he spotted the right house!  So I, of course, ran right out to stalk the place just a few days later.

ScreenShot805 ScreenShot807

ScreenShot808 ScreenShot806

Grandma Bunny’s Victorian-style abode is actually only featured once in You Again and very briefly at that.  It pops up in the scene in which Marni (aka Kristen Bell), her brother Will (aka James Wolk) and his new fiance/Marni’s high school nemesis Joanna (aka Odette Annable) arrive to pick up Grandma Bunny for a wedding dance rehearsal.  It is there that, while helping Bunny put in her false teeth, Marni accidentally gets denture adhesive all over her hands and then winds up getting her hands stuck in her hair, causing Grandma Bunny to chop a large chunk of it off. (It pretty much goes without saying that You Again was not that great of a movie. Winking smile)

P1000789 P1000793

P1000797 P1000798

I am very happy to report that Grandma Bunny’s house, which was originally built in 1887 (the same year that Monrovia was incorporated) and is one of the city’s oldest surviving Victorians, is just as adorable in person as it appeared to be onscreen.  At the time of its construction, there were only 164 homes in Monrovia and a scant 2,000 residents.  According to the city’s Historic Preservation Group’s website, the Colonial Revival-style front porch is not original, but was added to the property in the early 1900’s.  In real life, the charming little abode boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and measures 1,482 square feet, although its façade makes it appear to be much larger.  Ironically enough, in a bit of foreshadowing the home’s actual owner described the dwelling as “everyone’s idealized version of grandma’s house” in a Los Angeles Times article that was published in January 1989.  I guess the You Again filmmakers felt the exact same way when they scouted the property.  Smile

Big THANK YOU to Chas, from the It’sFilmedThere website, for finding this location.  And you can check out Geoff’s, from the 90210Locations website, extensive You Again filming locations page here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Grandma Bunny’s house from You Again is located at 240 West Hillcrest Boulevard in Monrovia.



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  1. Kim M says:

    That was such a fun movie!

  2. Jenny Reilly says:

    Great Post !!!!! The house is beautiful . Did you get a chance to find Mari and Will’s house ? If not would love it if you could track their house. I agree with you the filim was not that great considering it had a great cast.I think it’s a movie you have to watch a few times and it grows on you.

  3. lavonna says:

    Good find! Can’t wait for November visit…only two months 🙂

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