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Café-Club Fais Do-Do from “Crossroads”

Feb 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Movie Locations


One location that I blogged about way back in March of 2009 and had been dying to re-stalk ever since – in order to snap some interior pictures – was Café-Club Fais Do-Do, the supposed New-Orleans-area karaoke bar that appeared in the 2002 movie Crossroads.  (For those who did not catch my original post on the place, in the Spring of 2001 I was an extra in Crossroads and spent a full three days filming at the Fais Do-Do – a magical experience that I will never forget.)  Because the club is typically only open at night for concerts and events, though, and because the Grim Cheaper has a major aversion to paying any sort of a cover charge, since the filming I had never been able to get back inside.   Until last Wednesday afternoon, that is, when I tagged along with fellow stalker Mike, from MovieShotsLA, on a scouting expedition.  A couple of months back, Mike actually joined the Location Managers Guild of America under the title of Apprentice and, when I heard that he was in the process of building his portfolio, I immediately (and a bit selfishly) suggested that he visit Café-Club Fais Do-Do – with me accompanying him, of course.  Don’t get me wrong – the place is incredibly unique and visually stimulating and I knew that he would not only shoot some incredible photographs of it, but that it would also be a highly useful locale to have in his scouting arsenal.  But mostly, I just really wanted to stalk it myself.  Winking smile

DSC_0006 - Copy DSC_0008

DSC_0018 DSC_0011

The Art Deco building which currently houses Café-Club Fais Do-Do was originally constructed in 1930 and is actually comprised of two separate sections – The Club (pictured above) and The Ballroom.  In its original incarnation, The Club was a branch of the First Citizens Savings Bank and Trust, which explains the structure’s uniquely rich and ornate interior.  Sometime in the 1960s, the bank was converted into a jazz bar/underground club, but thankfully most of its architecturally and historically significant detailing was kept intact.  During its years as a jazz club, such musicians as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, BB King, Pearl Bailey, John Coltrane, and Billy Preston were all said to have hung out there.

P1020783 P1020782

P1020781 P1020780

The Ballroom (pictured above) was originally constructed as the single-screen Variety Movie Theatre and was where the filming of Crossroads took place.  I am unsure of when exactly the Variety ceased showing movies, but in 1990 the entire building was purchased by a new owner who, while still keeping the two distinct areas separate, decided to turn the venues into a nightclub and bar which collectively would be known as Café-Club Fais Do-Do – “Fais Do-Do” meaning “nighty-night” in French.  And while this post on the Lon’s Place blog states that The Club area was sold to a new owner in 2010, according the film liaison that we spoke with, the same person who bought the building back in 1990 still owns it to this day.

P1020778 P1020786

P1020784 P1020787

While we were stalking the Fais Do-Do, I was extremely sad to discover that the huge two-story bar that used to be located in the center of The Ballroom and on which I had sat in Crossroads had since been removed.  To me, that bar, which had a dance floor on top of it, was the coolest, most unique aspect of the entire club and I cannot believe the owner did away with it!  So incredibly sad.

ScreenShot3396 ScreenShot3401

ScreenShot3399 ScreenShot3400

In Crossroads, Café-Club Fais Do-Do’s Ballroom was used for the interior of Club Bayou, where Lucy Wagner (Britney Spears), Kit (Zoe Saldana) and Mimi (Taryn Manning) competed in a karaoke contest in order to win money to fix their car which had just broken down.


That’s me in the blue pants standing next to Ben (Anson Mount) in the above screen capture.  Smile

ScreenShot3390 ScreenShot3391

ScreenShot3392 ScreenShot3393

The Fais Do-Do dressing room, which you can see a photograph of here, was featured in the scene in which Kit, Mimi and Lucy get ready to go onstage.  Sadly, a film crew was using that area at the time that we were stalking the club so we were unable to take any pictures of it.

ScreenShot3415 ScreenShot3416

ScreenShot3418 ScreenShot3419

The GC and I recently started watching fave show The O.C. again from the beginning and, let me tell you, I just about fell off my chair when I spotted Café-Club Fais Do-Do pop up in a Season 1 episode.  In “The Escape”, the Fais Do-Do’s Ballroom stood in for “Boom Boom”, the supposed-Tijuana-area club where Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) caught Luke Ward (Chris Carmack) cheating on her.

ScreenShot3420 ScreenShot3422

ScreenShot3424 ScreenShot3425

And, while scanning through “The Escape” to make screen captures for this post, I was shocked to discover that the little bar where Marissa almost overdosed on pain pills later in the episode was none other than the Fais Do-Do’s Club!  The Club was remodeled in 2010 (as you can see in these photograph on the Lon’s Place blog) and looks a bit different now, but, amazingly enough, the actual bar where Marissa sat still looks exactly the same today as it did when the episode was filmed back in 2003!

ScreenShot3429 ScreenShot3427

ScreenShot3431 ScreenShot3432

After reading my original post on the Fais Do-Do back in 2009, fellow stalker Owen, of the When Write Is Wrong blog, figured out that The Ballroom also stood in for Delloser Hall, the reggae club where Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) got stoned after inadvertently eating a pot-laced cake, in fave movie Never Been Kissed.

ScreenShot3434 ScreenShot3449

ScreenShot3439 ScreenShot3442

In the extremely odd 2006 film The Gymnast, the Fais Do-Do’s Ballroom was used extensively as the place where Jane Hawkins (Dreya Weber) and Serena (Addie Yungmee) learned aerial fabric acrobatics.

ScreenShot3441 ScreenShot3450

ScreenShot3447 ScreenShot3448

In the flick, you can clearly see the club’s former bar . . .

ScreenShot3452 ScreenShot3454

ScreenShot3459 ScreenShot3460

. . . as well as the dance floor above it.

ScreenShot3455 ScreenShot3456

ScreenShot3457 ScreenShot3458

Café-Club Fais Do-Do’s dressing room also appeared in The Gymnast.


And in one scene, a business card featuring the club’s actual address, fax number, and website was even shown.  So incredibly cool!

ScreenShot3493 ScreenShot3494

ScreenShot3495 ScreenShot3496

Fellow stalker Geoff, from the 90210Locations website, also let me know that the Fais Do-Do had appeared in the Season 2 episode of Arrested Development titled “Queen for a Day”.  In the episode, the exterior . . .

ScreenShot3504 ScreenShot3485

ScreenShot3502 ScreenShot3503

. . . as well as The Ballroom stood in for The Queen Mary, the bar that Tobias Funke (David Cross) purchased.

ScreenShot3492 ScreenShot3488

ScreenShot3489 ScreenShot3490

The Club was also used in that episode as the restaurant where Byron “Buster” Bluth (Tony Hale) took his new girlfriend, Starla (Mo Collins), out for a milkshake.

ScreenShot3497 ScreenShot3498

ScreenShot3499 ScreenShot3501

And the dressing room stood in for the Hot Cop stripper club, from which Lindsay Bluth Funke (Portia de Rossi) hired strippers to scare her husband into selling The Queen Mary.

ScreenShot3402 ScreenShot3403

ScreenShot3404 ScreenShot3405

Back in February of 2011, while doing research for my post on The Little Door restaurant, I discovered that Café-Club Fais Do-Do’s Club room was used in the Season 2 episode of Entourage titled “The Abyss”, in the scene in which the boys – Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly), Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase (Kevin Dillon), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) –  gather together to watch Saigon perform.

ScreenShot3472 ScreenShot3471

ScreenShot3468 ScreenShot3469

I was shocked to discover (thanks to the Ron’s Place blog) that in 1994’s Reality Bites, The Club stood in for the bar where “Hey, That’s My Bike!”, Troy Dyer’s (Ethan Hawke’s) band, regularly played.  The room was heavily dressed for the filming, though, and is almost unrecognizable in the movie.

ScreenShot3406 ScreenShot3407

ScreenShot3408 ScreenShot3411

The Fais Do-Do Club was also featured in the Jane’s Addiction video for “Underground”.

ScreenShot3409 ScreenShot3410

ScreenShot3412 ScreenShot3414

As was the dressing room area.

Jane’s Addiction “Underground” Music Video–Filmed at Café-Club Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles

You can watch the “Underground” video by clicking above.

ScreenShot3484 ScreenShot3477

ScreenShot3478 ScreenShot3480

The Club also appeared in the Destiny’s Child “No, No No, Part 1” music video.

Destiny’s Child–”No, No, No Part 1” Music Video Filmed at Café-Club Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles

You can watch the “No, No, No, Part 1” video by clicking above.

This Is 40, the yet-to-be released sequel to 2007’s Knocked Up, also did some filming in Café-Club Fais Do-Do’s Ballroom in 2011.  And while the Ron’s Place blog stated that The Big Lebowski and American Gangster were also filmed at the Fais Do-Do, I scanned through both movies while doing research for this post and did not spot the place anywhere.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Café-Club Fais Do-Do, from Crossroads, is located at 5253 and 5257 West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles.  You can visit the club’s official website here.



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  1. Gary Hill says:

    This story may be barely of interest to you, but I was watching “GET SHORTY” at my fav local revival moviehouse, and a murmur in the crowd caused me to stopped focusing on Travolta and Russo, and see instead the markee of the revival theater the pair were exiting in the story–the same place, the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.

  2. Gary Hill says:

    BTW do you know what the name of the boulevard that is now Exposition Bl was named before the 1932 Olym[pics? Haven’t been able to find it, though I was able to find out that Olympic Bl was Tenth Street before the 1932 Olympics.

  3. Gary Hill says:

    What were past names of this place before it became Cafe-Club Fais Do Do?

    I thought it might have been the place owned by the TV sitcom actress in the 70-80s, but Marla’s Memory Lane and Jazz Club, owner Marla Gibbs, was down on MLK BL.

  4. h says:

    Hey Lindsay! Thought you might want to know (since you love some Shannen), that Fai Do-Do was also used in the tv movie ‘Friends Til the End’. The club is in several scenes in the movie, which starred Shannen Doherty, Jason London, & Jennifer Blanc. I love looking at your site, it makes me miss all the places I used to have posted.

    • Lindsay says:

      OMG I LOVE that movie! Had no idea it was filmed in L.A. I haven’t seen it in ages, but I am SO tracking down a DVD of it and stalking its locations. Thank you so much for this! Glad to hear that you like my blog! 🙂

  5. Ashley says:

    Wow my mind is blown over this being the club in Reality Bites! As always, love some Drew related locations & have you to thank for having this on my to-stalk map 😉

  6. Stephen D K says:

    … also, Marc Klasfeld’s video of Fun.’s “We Are Young”

  7. Katie says:

    Lindsay, have you never thought about being an apprentice too? It’d be a great way to get into so many locations and find out about shoots! Is it not something you could do part time?

  8. “Reign Over Me”, starring Adam Sandler, also filmed at this place. I know because I was there. 🙂

  9. lavonnafoster says:

    WOW a lot filmed there! Good post!

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