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Betty White’s Childhood Home

Jul 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes

Betty White's Childhood Home-1000329

While doing research on Afton Arms, the apartment building from the 1985 movie The Boys Next Door (which I blogged about here), I came across a page on the Hollywoodland website which stated that, at the age of eight, actress Betty White lived at a home located at 454 North Harper Avenue in Los Angeles.  Well, let me tell you, being that this stalker absolutely LOVES, LOVES, LOVES herself some Betty White, I just about fell off my chair with excitement!  How had I not previously known that Ms. White grew up in L.A.??

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Betty at last year’s Emmy Awards, which I was a guest at thanks to my girl Miss Pinky Lovejoy, of the Thinking Pink blog.  Prior to the show, I had told Pinky that the celeb I most wanted to meet and take a picture with that evening was Betty White, although at the time I was not even sure if she would be attending.  So when I spotted her shortly after the ceremony ended, I literally almost started crying I was so excited.  The expression on my face in the photograph below is absolutely priceless because it encapsulates EXACTLY how I was feeling at that moment – delirious joy, utter disbelief at who I was standing next to, and on the verge of tears over meeting someone I had idolized for so long.  (I think part of the reason that I adore Betty as much as I do – aside from the myriad of obvious reasons – is that her personality is pretty much a carbon copy of my grandma’s, whom I love pretty much more than life itself.  Smile)  When I told Betty how much I loved her and what an inspiration I thought she was, she thanked me and said – and I quote – “Oh, how lovely you are to say that.”  So darn cute!  Sigh.  I love, love, love that woman!  So when I saw the address for Betty’s childhood home, I immediately added it to my To-Stalk list and finally dragged the Grim Cheaper right on out there this past weekend.

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Allan R. Ellenberger, who pens the Hollywoodland blog, came across Betty’s childhood home while compiling information for his 2008 book, Celebrities in the 1930 Census: Household Data of 2,265 U.S. Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Athletes, Writers, Politicians and Other Public Figures.  Allan spent over three years researching the 1930 census in order to track down the early residences of some of the U.S.’ most famous notables.  According to Allan, Betty lived in the home pictured below with her father, Horace L. White, who was an electrical salesman from Michigan, and her mom, Tess White, who was a homemaker from Illinois.  The White family’s census information was taken on April 17th, 1930 and, at the time, the dwelling, which they owned, was worth $10,000.  According to Zillow, the property is worth a whopping $1,077,200 today, although I am not sure how accurate that figure is.  For some reason, the 1930 census (and it was the only to do so) featured a line item asking if each family owned a radio and, according to Allan’s research, the Whites did.  You can read an interesting interview with Allan about his book on the Alt Film Guide website here.

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Betty White's Childhood Home-1000323

Betty’s former one-story home, which was originally constructed in 1928, boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,625 square feet.  Because Allan’s information was limited to the year 1930, I am not sure of when exactly the Whites purchased the property, but my hunch would be that it was in 1928, shortly after the place was built.  I am also unsure of when the family sold the residence, but I am guessing it was sometime during Betty’s teenage years being that she attended Beverly Hills High School, which would not have been in this home’s district.

Betty White's Childhood Home-1000326

I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see Betty’s childhood house in person and to think that 82 years earlier she had called the place home.  So incredibly cool!

Betty White's Childhood Home-1000324

On a side-note – I just discovered a new blog called Possessionista and I think I may be in love with it!  Dana Weiss, the site’s founder, is a stalker herself, but instead of hunting down locations, she finds clothing that has been seen on celebs and in movies and TV shows.  Um, yes please!  Of her blog, Dana says “I spend hours neglecting my home, my children, even my well being in order to replicate celebrity style, and find the things I lust after within my means.”  I, too, neglect my home and well being (it’s a good thing I don’t have any children!) while obsessively trying to track down locations.  You have to check out this post about her hunt for a wedding dress that was featured on Pinterest.  A woman after my own heart, I swear!  She’s the IAMNOTASTALKER of the celebrity fashion world!


Dana put in some serious elbow grease yesterday trying to help me track down the “love” ring that Emily Maynard has been sporting the past couple of weeks on The Bachelorette.  After re-watching Monday’s night episode, though, I finally figured out that it is the Sydney Evan Gold & Pave Diamond Love Ring, although, for some reason, on TV it is very hard to tell that Emily’s ring has diamonds, as you can see below.  Too bad the thing retails for $860, because I am absolutely dying for it and my second wedding anniversary with the GC is coming up.  Hint, hint, honey!  Winking smile


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Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Betty White’s childhood home is located at 454 North Harper Avenue in Los Angeles, just east of West Hollywood.



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  1. Melissa says:

    Randomly came across this post and the house is now worth a whopping $1.6mil according to Zillow!

  2. Sara says:

    I was looking through Craigslist ads and for a moment I thought the current owners of Betty White’s old house were having an estate sale. I was prepared to jump in my car and go just to be inside lol.
    The houses look very similar so I had to revisit this post to be sure it wasn’t the same place, but perhaps the same architect designed them!

  3. MM says:

    I love her show “Off Their Rockers”

    Old people punking young people. Ha!

  4. Lavonna says:

    Great post..LOVE LOVE LOVE Betty White. We missed getting in to Hot in Cleveland by two people 🙁 So wanted to see her in person! Also love the new blogs you found..bonus!

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