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Retail Rodeo from “The Good Girl”

Aug 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Movie Locations

Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000815

This past Saturday morning, the Grim Cheaper and I headed out to Simi Valley to stalk a location that he was actually excited about for once – the House of the Book building at the Brandeis-Barden Campus of the American Jewish University, which stands in for the Visualize cult’s headquarters on fave show The Mentalist.  And even though the American Jewish University website makes it sound as if the place is open to the public (it states that the campus is “an enchanting destination for residents and visitors to the region”), when we showed up we discovered that it most definitely is not.  Fail!  After a 45-minute drive out there, I was not about to turn right around and head back to Pasadena, though, so I texted Mike, from MovieShotsLA, who lives in the area, and asked him what other locations, if any, were nearby.  When he mentioned that Retail Rodeo from the 2002 movie The Good Girl was just a hop, skip and a jump away, I just about flipped my lid as it is a place that I had always wanted to stalk.  Yay!  So I dragged the GC right on over there.

I really should admit here that I absolutely hated The Good Girl. In this stalker’s never-to-be humble opinion, the flick was easily one of the most depressing and boring ever produced.  I watched it when it was first released, of course, because of Miss Jen Aniston, but by about thirty minutes in I was ready to leave the theatre.  Yes, it’s that bad.  I even found it painful to scan through the thing today while making screen captures for this post. Ugh!  But because Retail Rodeo was such a prominent location in the flick, it stuck with me and I had always wanted to see it in person.

Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000801

In The Good Girl, Retail Rodeo is the Texas-area drug store where Justine Last (Jennifer Aniston), Jack Field (John Carroll Lynch), Cheryl (Zooey Deschanel – who was fab in her role and pretty much the only good thing about the movie) and Holden Worther (Jake Gyllenhaal) work.


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000803


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000805

In real life, the place is currently a Flooring 101 carpet and tile center and, as you can see below, the exterior, thankfully, still looks much the same today as it did back in 2002 when The Good Girl was filmed.


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000802

I was especially excited to see the front sidewalk area where Justine and Holden ate lunch together everyday.


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000818


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000817

And the tree that Holden hid behind after stealing $15,000 from the Retail Rodeo safe.


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000811

Had to do it!  Winking smile


Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000820

The real life interior of the store was also used extensively in The Good Girl.  At the time of the filming, the property was vacant and, because it had previously housed a Thrifty drugstore, producers did not have to do much to turn the space into the fictional Retail Rodeo.



Sadly though, when Flooring 101 took over the space shortly after filming of The Good Girl had wrapped, the interior was completely gutted (like down to the studs!) and it no longer resembles its onscreen counterpart in any way, shape or form.  And while we did venture inside for a peek, the place was so vastly different that I did not even bother to snap any photographs, nor did I think the non-friendly owner would have allowed it.  Sad smile



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Big THANK YOU to Mike, from MovieShotsLA, for finding this location!  Smile

Retail Rodeo - The Good Girl-1000804

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile


Stalk It: Flooring 101, aka Retail Rodeo from The Good Girl, is located at 2790 East Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley.  The tree that Holden hid behind in the movie is the second tree in from the entrance to Flooring 101’s parking lot and is denoted with a pink arrow above.



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  1. Dave C says:

    Next time you’re in Simi, Lindsay, you’ve got to go check out Big Sky Movie Ranch up off the north end of Tapo Canyon….that’s where Little House on the Prairie was filmed, as well as countless other productions.

  2. Mike says:

    Great boots, Uhh i mean post. LOL!!!!

  3. John (Bay Area) says:

    That’s a shame about the Brandeis-Barden Campus… I was looking forward to your post on that one. Maybe you need to try again. Crash the gate at high speed, take your photos, and get out fast!

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