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The Hyatt Regency Valencia from “Little Miss Sunshine”

Sep 5th, 2013 | By | Category: Movie Locations

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (17 of 28)

A couple of months ago, the Grim Cheaper and I sat down to re-watch fave 2006 dramedy Little Miss Sunshine and I just about fell out of my chair when I spotted the Hyatt Regency Valencia pop up in a brief scene.  I had actually stalked and blogged about the Santa Clarita-area hotel way back in November 2009 (you can read that post here) due to its appearance in Twilight.  Because the post was fairly brief, though, and had been published during the early days of my site, I figured it was most-definitely worthy of a redo.  So the GC and I headed right on over there last month while the two of us were in L.A. for a visit.

The Hyatt Regency Valencia, which has actually been featured in countless productions thanks to its Anywhere, U.S.A. look and feel, boasts 244 guest rooms, 11 of which are suites, a pool, a gym, a business center, an outdoor fireplace lounge, a lobby lounge, three gardens, 12,000 square feet of meeting space, a day spa, and access to three different local golf courses.

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (23 of 28)

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (19 of 28)

The hotel’s onsite eatery, Vines Restaurant & Bar, has become one of my and the GC’s favorite pit stops over the years; we often find ourselves dropping in for lunch or a cocktail whenever we are in the area.

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (9 of 28)

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (7 of 28)

In Little Miss Sunshine, the Hyatt Regency Valencia stood in for the Scottsdale, Arizona-area Desert Courtyard Suites where Richard Hoover (Greg Kinnear) tracked down Stan Grossman (Bryan Cranston) to confront him about his defunct “Nine Steps” deal.  Several areas of the hotel were utilized in the short scene including the front entrance;


Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (21 of 28)

the lobby;


Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (4 of 28)

the lobby lounge, which was changed a bit for the filming;


Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (10 of 28)

and the pool.  (I somehow failed to snap any pictures of the pool while I was stalking the Hyatt, so I snagged the one that appears below off of the hotel’s official website.)



In the Season 4 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation titled “Fur and Loathing,” which aired in 2003, the Hyatt Valencia stood in for the Las Vegas-area King’s River Hotel where PAF CON ( the Plushies and Furries Convention – yes, plushies and furries) took place.



In the 2008 tween hit Twilight, the Valencia Hyatt masqueraded as the Phoenix-area hotel where Bella (Kristen Stewart), Alice (Ashley Greene), and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) hid out while on the run towards the end of the movie.  And while the exterior of the property . . .



. . . and the lobby were featured in the filming;



the interior of Bella, Alice and Jasper’s suite was filmed elsewhere.  As you can see in these photographs as compared to the screen captures below, what appeared onscreen does not match the Hyatt’s actual rooms.



In 2010, the Hyatt again popped up as the site of a convention on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, this time for vampire- and werewolf-wannabes in the Season 11 episode titled “Blood Moon.”  And while one of the hotel’s hallways;



outdoor fireplace lounge;



and a ballroom were used in the filming;



the interior of the room where Michael Wilson (Thad Luckinbill) was attacked was just a set.  As you can see below, it looks nothing like the Hyatt’s actual rooms.



In the Christmas-themed Season 9 episode of NCIS titled “Newborn King,” which aired in 2011, the Hyatt Regency Valencia masqueraded as The Freemont Inn, where Navy Captain Jake Marsden (Marc Aden Gray) was killed.



One of the hotel’s suites (I think Room 334) also appeared in the episode.



As I mentioned in my March 2012 post about the Florida-area house where Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper) lived during two Season 8 episodes of The Office, the Hyatt Regency Valencia masqueraded as the Palmetto Suites Tallahassee, the supposed Sunshine State hotel where the Dunder Mifflin gang stayed for a few weeks while setting up a chain of Sabre retail stores in the Season 8 episodes titled “Tallahassee” and “After Hours.”  Quite a few areas of the Hyatt were utilized in the filming, including the front exterior;



the lobby;



the lobby lounge, where a fake gift shop was set up for the shoot;



several rooms, including Room 243 where Cathy (Lindsay Broad) stayed, Room 244 where Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) stayed, Room 248 where Erin stayed, and Room 249 where Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) stayed;



two hallways;



and Vines Restaurant & Bar.



According to the Visit Santa Clarita website, episodes of Parenthood, CSI:New York, Make It or Break It, Las Vegas, Big Love, and The Unit have also been filmed at the Hyatt Valencia, but, unfortunately, I am unsure of which episodes in particular.

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (12 of 28)

Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (11 of 28)

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Valencia Hyatt Little Miss Sunshine (28 of 28)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Hyatt Regency Valencia from Little Miss Sunshine is located at 24500 Town Center Drive in Valencia.  You can visit the hotel’s official website here.


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