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Winnie Cooper’s House from “The Wonder Years”

Feb 24th, 2014 | By | Category: TV Locations

UPDATE – The Wonder Years is coming to DVD for the first time ever in October!  The 26-disc boxed set includes all six seasons of the show, plus a cast reunion segment, over 15 hours of bonus footage, a collectible metal locker, two production booklets packed with behind-the-scenes information, a replica yearbook, and Wonder Years magnets.  Sets can be pre-ordered here.

Dan Lauria (1 of 1)

It was quite a Wonder Years weekend for me.  Not only did the Grim Cheaper and I indulge in some more binge-watching of the show, but I also got to meet Dan Lauria, aka Jack Arnold himself!  As fate would have it, the actor happened to be participating in a celebrity golf tournament in the desert this weekend.  When I saw his name on the list of players, I just about died being that I have been on such a Wonder Years kick as of late.  So bright and early Saturday morning I dragged the GC right on out to the course – Starbucks in hand, natch!  Dan really could not have been nicer.  When I asked him for a photo, he said, “Sure!  That’s what we’re here for this weekend!”  Um, love!  Then, when we went to take the picture, the GC had some trouble getting my camera to work and Dan joked, “He doesn’t know how to use a camera – he must be a director.”  Winking smile  Such a sweet guy!  And I absolutely love that he was wearing a ‘50s-style hat.  So apropos!  And now, on with the post!

As was depicted on The Wonder Years, diagonally across the street from Kevin Arnold’s (Fred Savage) house (which I blogged about on Friday) is the home where his perennial love interest, Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar), lived.

Wonder Years House (10 of 19)

Like the Arnold residence, Winnie’s house was built in 1949 and also boasts three bedrooms and three baths.

Wonder Years House (1 of 19)

Wonder Years House (3 of 19)

Sadly though, while still recognizable, the property is not nearly as frozen in time as Kevin’s house is.  As you can see below, the wood paneling that used to cover the front left portion of the residence has since been removed.


Wonder Years House (5 of 19)

Alterations have also been made to the front porch area and a walkway has been added.  The main front window has been changed, as well.  LOVE that there is a bench in the exact same spot that the Coopers had one, though!


Wonder Years House (4 of 19)

The one-story residence, which was shown considerably less often than the Arnold home, was only utilized in the first three seasons of The Wonder Years.  Winnie and her family sold the house (breaking Kevin’s heart in the process) in the Season 3 finale, which was titled “Moving.”  Their new abode, said to be located four miles away on the series, can actually be found just around the corner at 501 Tufts Avenue.  And yes, I will be stalking that location soon!


Wonder Years House (7 of 19)

Because it was so rarely shown, I would venture a guess that the inside of the real life home was used as the interior of the Cooper house.



For all of my fellow Wonder Years aficionados, in 2002 the Biography series aired a fabulous episode titled “The Wonder Years: Comedy Coming of Age” that featured a lot of behind-the-scenes information about the show.  You can watch it by clicking below.

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Big THANK YOU to Mikey, of the Mike the Fanboy website, for suggesting this stalk!  You can read his write-up of the day here.

Wonder Years House (2 of 19)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Winnie Cooper’s house from The Wonder Years is located at 525 University Avenue in BurbankKevin Arnold’s house from the series is located diagonally across the street at 516 University Avenue.



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