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The Open Houses from “Hidden Away”

May 9th, 2014 | By | Category: TV Locations

Hidden Away Open Houses (10 of 17)

I know what you’re probably thinking after reading today’s title – she sure has stalked a lot of locations from a movie she professes not to have liked.  And you’re right.  But what can I say?  The fact that there are filming locales in my current hometown that have yet to be unearthed is like an itch that has to be scratched.  As I’ve said before, unknown locations are like kryptonite to this stalker.  Which is why I recently found myself searching for the two residences that real estate agent Alexandra (Emmanuelle Vaugier) was trying to sell in Hidden Away, the ridiculously terrible Lifetime Original Movie that first aired last July.

The first open house scene appears towards the beginning of Hidden Away, as the flick jumps ahead ten years to show Alexandra, who has moved to Palm Springs and changed her identity in order to escape her abusive husband Andrew (Ivan Sergei), in her new life as a real estate agent.



I tracked down the property thanks to an address number of 1075 that was visible on the curb in the scene.  From there, I searched blocks bearing addresses in the 1000-range near downtown Palm Springs, where I figured the residence was most likely to be located, and fairly quickly found the right spot at 1075 East Via Colusa in the Movie Colony neighborhood.


In real life, the 1971 home features four bedrooms, four baths, a whopping 4,168 square feet of living space and a 0.38-acre plot of land.  It last sold in December 2001 for $900,000.

Hidden Away Open Houses (11 of 17)

Hidden Away Open Houses (13 of 17)

The second open house scene takes place the following day in the movie.  In it, a private investigator named Sloan (Melrose Place’s Thomas Calabro), who was hired by Andrew, crashes Alexandra’s latest listing in order to gain intel on her.



Thankfully, an address number – of 1020 – was visible on the curb in this scene, as well.  Because it was also in the 1000-range, I had a hunch the property might be located close to the first open house.  So I did a quick Google search for 1020 East Via Colusa and, sure enough, it was the right spot!


The home, which was built in 1974, boasts three bedrooms, two baths, 2,097 square feet and a 0.41-acre plot of land.  It last sold in March 2003 for $510,000.  Sadly though, not much of the place can be seen from the street.

Hidden Away Open Houses (1 of 17)

Hidden Away Open Houses (7 of 17)

The residence also pops up in a second scene in Hidden Away in which Alexandra’s partner, Lynn (Elisabeth Rohm), is kidnapped at gunpoint by Andrew.



The interior of the house was used in the filming, as well.



The backyard was also utilized, but it masqueraded as the backyard of the 1075 East Via Colusa home, oddly enough.



As you can see, the shape of the pool and the large white gazebo of the backyard that appeared onscreen match those of the home at 1020 East Via Colusa, which is pictured below via aerial views.



The backyard of the 1075 East Via Colusa home, which is pictured below, does not match the backyard featured in Hidden Away.



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Hidden Away Open Houses (5 of 17)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The first open house from Hidden Away is located at 1075 East Via Colusa in Palm Springs’ Movie Colony neighborhood.  The second open house is located across the street at 1020 East Via Colusa.


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