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Marilyn Monroe’s Former Burbank Apartment Building

Jul 1st, 2014 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (6 of 10)

Shortly before I headed to Los Angeles for my weeklong birthday celebration with out-of-town friends Kim, Lavonna, Katie and Kaylee (that’s Katie and Kaylee in the above pic), I came across a Curbed post that mapped 43 properties where my girl Marilyn Monroe once lived.  The blurb practically had me foaming at the mouth, obvs.  I immediately sent the link to Lavonna and she added several of the addresses to her To-Stalk list, one of which was an apartment building located directly across the street from Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.  Since the girls had already scheduled a WB VIP Tour for the trip, this particular locale was quite convenient and we included a stalk of it on that day’s itinerary.

Prior to reading the Curbed post, I had no idea that Marilyn had ever called Burbank home.  According to the article, she lived in an apartment building at 131 South Avon Street for a very brief period during the summer of 1947 in what seemed to be some sort of house-sitting arrangement.

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (7 of 10)

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (1 of 10)

Per (and several other websites), the 13,283-square-foot structure (which I believe is comprised of 13 units) was originally built in 1835 – 179 years ago.  Yeah, that seems a bit ridiculous to me, too.  My guess is that the 1835 date is a typo (that somehow got picked up by numerous sources) and that the building was actually constructed in 1935.

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (3 of 10)

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (2 of 10) also notes that the property was renovated in 1995.  As you can see below, it definitely seems to have received a facelift at some point because the façade looks rather modern, especially the front doors and windows.

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (9 of 10)

Because the building does look so new, I had originally wondered if Marilyn’s former domicile had been torn down at some point and a different edifice built in its place.  That does not appear to have been the case, though.  Pictured below is a 1972 aerial view of the property, as well as a current one.  As you can see, the structure of the building seems to be the same in both images.  Which means that Marilyn’s former home is actually still standing!  How incredibly cool is that?



A peek inside the front doors – courtesy of Lavonna.  Someone needs to tell the person in 102 that it’s time for the Christmas bow to come down.  Winking smile

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (10 of 10)

Marilyn’s former Burbank home is located two doors north of the “fake Fendi” building from Sex and the City, so we also did a little stalking of that locale.  And while we didn’t have any Fendi on us at the time, we were packing some Louis Vuitton (none of it fake, mmmkay!), so we just had to pose for a picture with it.  Winking smile

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (2 of 2)

Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (1 of 2)

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Marilyn Monroe Burbank apartment (8 of 10)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Marilyn Monroe’s former apartment building is located at 131 South Avon Street in BurbankThe fake Fendi building from Sex and the City is located two doors south at 141 South Avon Street.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in that building! And d.w. is correct. It was rebuilt after the earthquake 1994 in the same design as the previous building.

  2. d.w. says:

    this apt was leveled in the ’94 Northridge Earthquake. They re-built it.

    NOW I know why that place had a lot of pychic energy

  3. Troy S. says:

    Wow. I had no idea Marilyn lived in my home town. I did see on the list she also lived in Las Vegas which is where I currently am. Sadly that building is now a parking lot.
    Sort of says something about someone attached to so many different addresses though.

  4. Kim M says:

    I’d love to see what it looked like when Marilyn was there. Loved getting your info on Fake Fendi Alley. 🙂

  5. Her mom says:

    You all had tooooo much fun. I so wish I had been able to join you! Lucky ladies!

  6. lavonna says:

    So much fun! I love visiting these sites! Wish there was a picture of what the building looked like when Marilyn lived there…

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