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New L.A. Mag Post – About “American Sniper’s” L.A. Locations

Feb 19th, 2015 | By | Category: Los Angeles Magazine Blog Posts


Make sure to read today’s Los Angeles magazine post – about American Sniper’s L.A. filming locations.  My articles typically get published in the late morning/early afternoon hours.



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  1. D. Noah says:

    Hi Lindsay;
    Growing up in LA, I realized the marina wedding was MdR and not SD. Thanks for the other info about American Sniper. Recently watched “Mr. Mom” (again) and the home looks (int. and ext.) very much like the home of ‘Amanda King’ in the series “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.” What scoop do you have on this house–are the houses the same, and if so, where is it located?
    Thanks much–love your column!

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