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Caesars Palace from “The Hangover”

May 29th, 2015 | By | Category: Movie Locations

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (19 of 33)

My recent trip to Las Vegas with the Grim Cheaper was magical, due in large part to the fact that we stayed at Caesars Palace.  Neither the GC nor I had ever stayed there before and, while planning our trip, I decided to see what the rates were.  I happened to find a remarkably inexpensive one and booked it immediately.  It was a fortuitous decision because the four nights we spent there were spectacular.

As luck would have it, when we checked in we were given an upgraded room in the Palace Tower.  It was absolutely gorgeous – and huge.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (1 of 1)

Caesars Room

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (18 of 25)

The bathroom was massive as well and featured a huge Jacuzzi tub and stand-alone shower.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (11 of 25)

Caesars Bathroom

We also had a pretty stunning view of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis area.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (1 of 21)

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (2 of 21)

Construction on Caesars Palace began in 1962.  The property was the brainchild of hotelier Jay Sarno, who also owned the popular Cabana Motel chain.  According to this article, Sarno purposely left off the apostrophe in the resort’s name because having it “’would mean that it was the place of only one Caesar.’  He wanted to create the feeling that everybody in the hotel was a Caesar.”  The site opened to the public on August 5th, 1966.  You can read an extremely extensive history on the hotel here.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (18 of 33)Caesar's Palace The Hangover (5 of 21)

At the time of its inception, Caesars Palace consisted of a single 14-story tower with 680 rooms.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (29 of 33)

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (28 of 33)

  Today, the site is comprised of six towers, 3,960 hotel rooms, a 300,000-square-foot convention center, a 4,296-seat circular theatre modeled after the Colosseum in Rome, and a 636,000-square-foot shopping center known as The Forum Shops at Caesars.  In short, the property is massive!

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The front of Caesars Palace is marked by a 135-foot driveway flanked by 18 fountains.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (21 of 33)

In 1967, daredevil Evel Knievel tried to jump across the 141-foot long fountain situated directly in front of the hotel, but failed and wound up in a coma for the next 29 days.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (25 of 33)

You can watch that failed jump below.

In 1989, Evel’s son Robbie attempted the jump and was successful.  You can watch a video of Robbie’s jump below.

Caesars’ humongous Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis was modeled after the Pompeii baths of ancient Rome.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (4 of 21)

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (6 of 21)

Sadly, because the GC and I were in Las Vegas for a working trip and were busy most of each day, we were not able to partake of the pool facilities.

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Caesar's Palace The Hangover (8 of 21)

Caesars Palace has been featured onscreen countless times over the years – far more times than I could ever chronicle here, but I will name a few of its more notable appearances.  The hotel’s most famous role was in The Hangover.  It was there that Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) threw an epic bachelor party for Doug (Justin Bartha) in the 2009 breakout hit.  The movie made extensive use of the Caesars property, including the front entrance;


Caesar's Palace The Hangover (14 of 33)



Caesar's Palace The Hangover (1 of 1)

check-in desk;


Caesar's Palace The Hangover (3 of 33)

(love the shot of the Wolf Pack below);


Caesar's Palace The Hangover (4 of 33)

a hallway, which (according to Hannah Allen, the Director of TV and Film Production for Caesars Entertainment, who was nice enough to fill me in on the shoot) was a hallway on the 24th floor of the Augustus Tower;



the Augustus Tower’s 24th floor elevator bay (again, thank you, Hannah!);



an Augustus Tower elevator (once again, thanks to Hannah);



the roof;



and the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis.



For the scene in which Stu, Phil and Alan take note of Doug’s mattress on the hotel’s roof, a fake statue was installed in the area noted with a pink arrow in my photograph below.


Caesar's Palace The Hangover (17 of 33)

The hotel’s actual roofline is pictured below.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (10 of 33)

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (9 of 33)

“Some guys just can’t handle Vegas!”

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (16 of 33)

Sadly, the guys’ spectacular villa was not an actual Caesars room, but a set created inside of a soundstage at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.  The set was modeled, in part, after the hotel’s lux Emperors Suite.



The casino where the Wolf Pack gambled in The Hangover was not located at Caesars Palace, but at the since closed Riviera, which, sadly, is set to be demolished in the near future.



Stu, Alan and Phil returned to Caesars Palace for 2013’s The Hangover Part III.



Thanks to Hannah, I learned that an actual Caesars suite was used in Part IIIthe Constantine Villa in the Octavius Tower



which Stu and Alan climbed down to from Caesars’ roof.



The Constantine Villa also appeared in Think Like a Man Too.



The 2014 comedy gave audiences a much better view of the suite.



Think Like a Man Too was filmed almost exclusively at Caesars Palace.



Caesars also made an appearance in Rain Man.  It was there that Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman) counted cards for his brother Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) in the 1988 classic (as Alan said in The Hangover, “He practically bankrupt a casino and he was a re-tard.”)The casino floor looks much different today, though, and is virtually unrecognizable from its appearance in Rain Man.



Hannah informed me that the escalator that Charlie and Raymond famously rode down in the movie was removed when Caesars’ convention center was remodeled in 2009.  Such a shame!



Rain Man’s escalator scene was re-created in The Hangover, complete with “Iko Iko” playing in the background.  Because the re-creation was shot at the Riviera, sadly, that escalator will soon be gone, too.



The suite where Charlie and Raymond stayed in Rain Man is an actual Caesars room, the Emperors Suite (which, as I mentioned earlier, served as the inspiration for the Wolf Pack’s room in The Hangover).  It looks quite a bit different today, though.  You can check out some current photos of it here.



The room, which is located in the Forum Tower, was numbered 7416 in Rain Man, but looks to be numbered 6316 today.  It is an extremely popular room thanks to its appearance in the movie and is still referred to as “the Rain Man suite,” 27 years after the film originally premiered!


The scene in which Charlie lets Raymond drive took place in front of Caesars’ main entrance.



Isabel Fuentes Whitman (Salma Hayek) worked at Caesars Palace in the 1997 romcom Fools Rush In.



After getting married, she and her new husband, Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry), spend the night in the Rain Man suite.



Caesars Palace was also featured in the Coen Brothers’ 2003 dark romantic comedy Intolerable Cruelty.



Miles (George Clooney) and Marilyn (Catherine Zeta-Jones) also spend their wedding night in the Rain Man suite in the movie.



Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gambles at Caesars Palace in the beginning of Iron Man.



In Ocean’s Eleven, Elliot Gould describes “the three most successful robberies in the history of Vegas,” one of which took place at Caesars in 1987.



Joyce Brewster (Barbra Streisand) and Andrew Brewster (Seth Rogen) spend a night at the hotel in the 2012 comedy The Guilt Trip.



One of the hotel’s real life rooms – one that looked very much like ours – was used in the filming.



Caesars Palace also made appearances in Godzilla, The Electric Horseman, Rocky III, Oh, God!  You Devil, History of the World: Part I, The Sopranos, 21, Showgirls, My Giant, The Only Game in Town, 2012, and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (27 of 33)

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Big THANK YOU to fellow stalker Emma for putting me in touch with Hannah so that I could get all of my filming questions answered!  Smile

Caesar's Palace The Hangover (31 of 33)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Caesars Palace (not the real one – Caesar never actually lived there), from The Hangover, is located at 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas.  You can visit the hotel’s official website here.



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  1. Robert says:

    Hello. Love your site. And check it often for my job. (I’m in Locations) I actually worked on The Hangover, Part III. Dig Hannah. Wanted to let you know the Constantine Villa is on a lower floor. Second I think? But might be first. It’s been a few years. There is no drop. We played those scenes as if the suite were at the top of the Palace Tower. The tops four floors of the tower including a balcony were recreated on a sound stage. The background was CGI’ed in. So they were only 30 feet above the stage floor…still pretty high. I spent many an awesome night up there hanging off the roof (harnessed of course) with the SPFX guy snapping the plates for those shots. Pretty great view. We were even up in the triangle above Caesars Palace of the Palace Tower in your first shot. (I dig my job.)

  2. Corey says:

    As an avid Caesars Palace customer this blog is AWESOME and so informative. Can’t wait to go back and notice some of these places. I originally came to find out about the escalator from Rain Man, as I always wondered where it’s at. Sad it’s gone 🙁

  3. Once again a very nicely done post.
    One thing I wonder if you saw while there was the spiral escalator. I understand it is one of only two, or maybe now, three, in the world.

    • Lindsay says:

      It’s so funny you mention that. I wasn’t aware of the escalators until I was already back home doing research for the post, but the very first spiral escalator ever is located at the Nordstrom Center in San Francisco, my hometown. I remember when it was first built. It was a huge deal. I’ve been on the ones at that location several times. 🙂

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