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Alfred Hitchcock’s Second L.A. Home

Oct 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes, Haunted Hollywood

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (which you can read here), in the Spring of 1942, Alfred Hitchcock, his wife, Alma, and their daughter, Pat, moved out of their first Los Angeles-area home (a Bel Air rental that was previously lived in by Carole Lombard) and into a new one, which they purchased, that was located just a few miles away at 10957 Bellagio Road.  I learned of this location, once again, thanks to the book Dial H for Hitchcock, the fifth installment of author […]

Alfred Hitchcock’s Former Home

Oct 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes, Haunted Hollywood

I tend to get a bit overexuberant when it comes to stalking Haunted Hollywood sites each year and typically wind up with more locations in my stockpile (or should I say stalkpile? ) than there are days in October to blog about them.  In fact, it would be safe to say that I have enough spooky locales left over from years past to cover all of this October’s posts, not that that will prevent me from stalking new ones, of course.  Anyway, one location that […]

The “Psycho” Car Dealership

Oct 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Haunted Hollywood, Movie Locations

While putting together a list of spooky-type locales to stalk during my Haunted Hollywood month a couple of weeks ago, I decided to peruse through fave book James Dean Died Here: The Locations of America’s Pop Culture Landmarks by Chris Epting for a little inspiration.  And, let me tell you, I just about died of excitement when I saw a blurb about the North-Hollywood-area car dealership that appeared in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. In the blurb, Epting mentioned that not only was the […]