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Shaheen’s House from "Into the Night"

Jan 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Movie Locations

Last week, fellow stalker Owen, from the When Write Is Wrong blog, emailed me with the following message, “I know you aren’t big on blogging about popular movie locations, especially those discussed elsewhere on the Internet (which is why I have SADLY never been able to read about Marty McFly’s house on your site!!!), but I have a location that may be of interest.”  His logic was five-fold: “The reasons I think it may be worth an IAMNOTASTALKER post: 1. It’s from Into the Night […]

The Historic Mayfair Hotel from “The Office”

Apr 5th, 2012 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations

Fellow stalker John Bengtson, from the SIlent Locations blog, sent me an email last week after reading my post on Red Studios Hollywood from The Artist (a location that I had learned about from his website) informing me that he had tracked down some locales from Season 7’s “The Search” episode of The Office that I might be interested in stalking, most notably The Historic Mayfair Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles where Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) shared a rooftop kiss.  […]

Vitello’s Italian Restaurant from “The Deep End of the Ocean”

Aug 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations

A couple of weeks ago, after doing some stalking in Beverly Hills, the Grim Cheaper and I decided to head over to the Valley to grab dinner at one of our very favorite eateries in all of Los Angeles – Vitello’s Italian Restaurant in Studio City.  And even though I have blogged about the place twice before – first in June of 2008 and then again later that November –  due to the fact that it is set to undergo an extensive – and when […]