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The Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway Tour

Jun 30th, 2017 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes

My knowledge of Elvis Presley is basically limited to the fact that he was a singer (duh!), his 1957 drafting into the army served as the inspiration for the play and movie Bye Bye Birdie, he called a spectacular Tennessee mansion named Graceland home (the manse is the setting of one of my favorite plays ever, Ellen Byron’s aptly titled Graceland), and he learned his famous hip-thrusting moves from a young Forrest Gump.  (Ha, just kidding about that last one.)  So yeah, virtually everything I […]

Avalon Hotel Palm Springs from “The Hills”

Feb 8th, 2017 | By | Category: The Hills Filming Locations

Sometimes I stalk places unknowingly.  Such was the case with Avalon Hotel Palm Springs, which I visited back in June 2013 when it was known as Viceroy.  I was quite taken with the property’s yellow-hued Old Hollywood Regency-style theme and took a myriad of photographs while there, though I did not plan on blogging about the site because I did not realize it was a filming location.  As it turns out, it is – from one of my favorite shows, no less!  Last week, my […]

Robolights – One of the World’s Most Unusual Christmas Displays

Dec 22nd, 2015 | By | Category: This and That

I’ve been lamenting to the Grim Cheaper lately about Palm Springs’ lack of Christmas décor.  Sure there are some lights displayed in various shopping centers and on downtown streetlights, but overall the desert just doesn’t have the feeling of the holidays – at least not when compared to Los Angeles.  There is one Movie Colony-area home, though, that takes decorating to a whole new level.  The residence is known as Robolights and, while it is actually adorned year-round, come December it is transformed into a […]

The Orchid Tree Inn

Oct 14th, 2015 | By | Category: Haunted Hollywood, This and That

It’s no secret that there’s nothing this stalker loves more than an abandoned site.  Throw in a waterless pool and I am an even happier camper.  So a couple of months ago when I passed by an abandoned motel that appeared extremely accessible in downtown Palm Springs, I immediately pulled the car over for a closer look.  I came to find out the property was a shuttered 1930s-era hotel known as the Orchid Tree Inn and that it not only boasted three pools, but had […]

Triada Palm Springs

Sep 18th, 2015 | By | Category: This and That

For those who are unfamiliar with the area, Palm Springs is HOT in the summer.  Well, it’s hot year-round, but in the summer it’s hot hot – like 115 most days.  One nice consequence of that fact is that hotels drop their prices during the inclement months.  My family loves to partake of the low rates with short staycations in various area hotels.  Last week, we had the pleasure of checking into Triada Palm Springs.  Though not a filming location, the place does have quite […]

That Pink Door

Jul 14th, 2015 | By | Category: This and That

I have yet to really hop aboard the Pinterest bandwagon, but I know I’m in the minority on that one.  Those who are Pinterest-philes are most definitely familiar with what has come to be known as “That Pink Door.”  That Pink Door is actually the brightly-hued front door of a residence in the Indian Canyons neighborhood of Palm Springs.  The home also pops up regularly on Instagram (do a search for #thatpinkdoor and you’ll be inundated with blush-colored images) as well as on countless fashion […]

The Racquet Club of Palm Springs

Aug 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Marilyn Monroe Locations, This and That

On July 24th, while waiting in line for my morning coffee, my eyes wandered over to a nearby newspaper stand and landed on the headline Historic Racquet Club Hotel Destroyed in Fire.  My heart immediately sank as the now vacant Racquet Club of Palm Springs is not only steeped in Hollywood history, but is rumored to be the spot where Marilyn Monroe was discovered in 1949.  The thought that it had been decimated was devastating.  My mom and I finally made it over there to […]

The Open Houses from “Hidden Away”

May 9th, 2014 | By | Category: TV Locations

I know what you’re probably thinking after reading today’s title – she sure has stalked a lot of locations from a movie she professes not to have liked.  And you’re right.  But what can I say?  The fact that there are filming locales in my current hometown that have yet to be unearthed is like an itch that has to be scratched.  As I’ve said before, unknown locations are like kryptonite to this stalker.  Which is why I recently found myself searching for the two […]

The “Hidden Away” House

May 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: TV Locations

As I mentioned in my post about Azul Tapas Lounge, I was not a fan of the 2014 Lifetime Original Movie Hidden Away, which was filmed largely in Palm Springs.  I was a huge fan of the ultra-modern abode where the main character, Stephanie/Alexandra (Emmanuelle Vaugier), lived with her daughter, Rachel (Allie Gonino), in the flick, though, and became a bit fixated on tracking it down and stalking it.   And while I did manage to find the dwelling quite easily, because it is located inside […]

The Salton Sea

Apr 21st, 2014 | By | Category: This and That

About fifty miles southeast of Palm Springs lies the Salton Sea, a former resort destination that I had wanted to stalk ever since seeing Troy Paiva’s haunting images of the place on his website Lost America.  Due to the fact that it is largely abandoned and hence lacking in public restrooms, I hesitated making the trek out there.  (I suffer from an abnormally small bladder.)  Then, while my best friend Robin was in town in mid-March, the Grim Cheaper convinced me that it was time […]