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The Michael J. Fox Theatre

Jun 30th, 2010 | By | Category: This and That

A few months back, while fellow stalker Owen and I were doing research on Michael J. Fox’s childhood home which I blogged about yesterday, I came across some information about a place called “the Michael J. Fox Theatre” which is located on the campus of Burnaby South Secondary School and, let me tell you, I just about passed out from excitement.  I absolutely could NOT WAIT to tell Owen about the location, as he just so happens to be MJF’s biggest fan.  Apparently, in November […]

The Former BaBalu Lounge – Where Michael Buble Got His Start

Jun 7th, 2010 | By | Category: Michael Buble Locations

Another Michael Buble location that I found thanks to the book Michael Buble: The Biography, by Juliet Peel was BaBalu Lounge, the Downtown Vancouver nightclub where the cutie crooner performed regularly for two years before becoming famous.  And, let me tell you, once I heard about it, I became pretty hell-bent on the idea of grabbing a drink at the very spot where MB had honed his craft all those years ago.  As I quickly found out, though, the BaBalu Lounge is sadly no longer.  […]

Michael Buble’s British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame Plaque on the Vancouver Starwalk

Jun 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Michael Buble Locations

One of the other items on my must-stalk-while-in-Canada list was Michael Buble’s British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame plaque which is located on Canada’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the Granville Street Starwalk in Downtown Vancouver.  I guess you could say that my trip up to the Pacific Northwest was a full-on Michael Buble Stalking Vacation.  🙂  Ironically enough, when fellow stalker Kerry, her husband Jim, the Grim Cheaper, and I first crossed over into British Columbia this past Friday night, we […]