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Carondelet House from Maroon 5’s “Sugar” Music Video

Dec 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: This and That

I am a sucker for any kind of choreographed dance, especially if a wedding is involved.  So when my mom sent me a link to this video of an epic seven-minute wedding dance, in which all 250 guests were included in on the action, I was all over it!  In one portion of the video, a white curtain was lowered to reveal the groom, accompanied by a microphone and back-up band, lip-syncing a rather catchy song that I surmised was named “Sugar.”  I had never […]

The Frederick Mitchell Mooers House from “Mod Squad”

May 22nd, 2015 | By | Category: TV Locations

As I’ve said before, stalking begets stalking.  Back in January, I wrote a post about a spectacular abandoned residence that had been featured in recent episodes of both Major Crimes and Parks and Recreation.  A longtime reader (a veeeery longtime reader, pretty sure he’s been with me since the beginning!) named John was intrigued by the property and started exploring the surrounding neighborhood via Google Street View.  In doing so, he stumbled upon the Frederick Mitchell Mooers House, an absolutely stunning Victorian located just a […]

Dennis Feinstein Headquarters from “Parks and Recreation”

Apr 6th, 2015 | By | Category: TV Locations

Though I chronicled the main locations used on Parks and Recreation pretty extensively for Los Angeles magazine in March, I still have a few of the series’ less prominent locales stockpiled in my backlog and figured it was about time that I covered them.  While watching the Season 7 episode titled “Save JJ’s,” I became just a wee bit obsessed with the building that portrayed the offices of Dennis Feinstein (Jason Mantzoukas), due to the fact that it bore such a strong resemblance to the […]

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant from “Black Widow”

Dec 8th, 2014 | By | Category: This and That

Sorry to have been a bit M.I.A. lately – my personal life has been rather hectic.  This week will be a little light on columns, too, as both of my parents have doctor appointments in L.A. that I have to take them, too.  So please bear with me.    And now, on with the the post!  Another day, another Iggy Azalea location.  Because my good friends Kim and Lavonna are such Iggy fans, before their recent visit, I did some research on locales from the […]

William Desmond Taylor’s Former House

Oct 24th, 2014 | By | Category: Celebrity Homes, Haunted Hollywood

Last Saturday, my mom, the Grim Cheaper and I attended a book signing for William J. Mann’s latest tome, Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood.  My mom had heard about the event on our favorite desert radio show, The Bill Feingold Show Featuring Kevin Holmes, and thought I would be interested in the book as it is about the 1922 murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor, which remains unsolved.  Ironically enough, I had just stalked Taylor’s former home two […]

The American Cement Building from “Scream 3”

Oct 3rd, 2014 | By | Category: Haunted Hollywood, Movie Locations

While I am admittedly not a fan of MacArthur Park, there is a property situated on the border of it that I would absolutely LOVE to live in – The American Cement Building.  Mike from, MovieShotsLA, pointed out the dramatically stunning structure many moons ago during one of our very first stalks together and I have been obsessed with it ever since.  And while Mike also informed me that the edifice had appeared in the 2000 horror flick Scream 3, for some reason I never […]