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The Friday the 13th Premiere

Feb 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Celebrity Sightings


Hollywood rolled out the black carpet last night (and yes it really was black!) for the world premiere of the new horror film remake Friday the 13th – and amazingly, I got to be a part of it! My good friend Blaze Foster is obsessed with the Friday the 13th movie franchise and wanted someone to accompany him to the premiere so he dragged me along. I have to admit that I am not really into the whole slasher flick genre – I’ve never even seen the original Friday the 13th – but since I had never attended a movie premiere before, I was definitely game. 🙂


Apparently, tickets to movie premieres are quite easy to obtain – a fact I hadn’t realized before yesterday. A website named Gofobo was giving away the Friday the 13th premiere tickets and all fans had to do was print up a ticket, show up across the street from Mann’s Chinese Theatre, and wait in line – a line which was literally about 500 people long! (pictured above) Apparently Friday the 13th has quite a cult following, which I had never realized before yesterday. When we showed up across the street from the theatre at around 4:30pm (the premiere started at 7pm) the line was already wrapped around the block! I told Blaze that I wasn’t sure we would be getting in to see the movie with a crowd that large ahead of us, but Blaze is nothing if not determined. He had his sights set on introducing himself to Michael Bay at the premiere and when Blaze gets an idea in his head, there is absolutely no stopping him. So as we made our way through the line, Blaze made friends with a group of guys at the very front and miraculously they let us stand with them. I was extremely uncomfortable doing this as I am kind of a miss goody two shoes. LOL I don’t really break the rules. But like my girl Marilyn Monroe once said “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.” LOL How right she was – by cutting in line not only did we get in to see the movie, but we also got great seats! 🙂




While we were waiting in line, I tried to snap some pics of the red – ahem, I mean black – carpet. Unfortunately, due to the torrential rain plaguing Los Angeles for the past few days, the carpet was actually shortened and completely tented so that the celebs would stay dry while walking the press line. Due to the large plastic tenting, I couldn’t get very good pics of the black carpet, or the hundreds of Jason Voorhees hockey masks that lined it, but you can sort of get an idea of what it looked like in the above pics.


At around 6pm, we were finally led into the theatre. We entered Mann’s Chinese just to the side of the black carpet and did not get to walk through the press line. Bummer! I snapped the above photograph of the press area, but again, due to that darn rain tent, it didn’t come out very well. 🙁 Inside the main lobby of Mann’s Chinese, there were hundreds of popcorn bags and small sodas set out for us – for free, no less. It was awesome! Especially since I am the type of girl who can’t watch a movie without popcorn. 🙂

At a premiere, the fans are usually let into the theatre first, before any of the stars. So after finding our seats, I immediately started looking around the auditorium for celebs. And sure enough, there were plenty. I ran into Jordanna Brewster in the lobby on my way to the restroom (she didn’t seem very friendly) and I saw Dax Shepard in the popcorn line (he was by himself and slightly under-dressed in a hoody and jeans). Blaze got to meet actress Betsy Rue from My Bloody Valentine, Willa Ford, and Wes Craven! But I was most excited when Friday the 13th star (and Rory’s former love interest on Gilmore Girls) Jared Padalecki sat down about ten feet away from us. When the movie started I must say it was absolutely surreal to be watching Jared act onscreen knowing he was sitting just a few feet away. 🙂


After the movie, as we made our way out of the theatre we ran smack dab into Anna Faris – who I absolutely loved in Lost In Translation! I was SO excited to see her in person!!!! Anna was a total sweetheart and posed for a picture with me and gave Blaze a hug! And when she walked by us a few minutes later on Hollywood Boulevard, she stopped to say good-bye to us. See what I mean – total sweetheart! 🙂 She’s also super, super pretty in person.


But the high point of the night for me was when fate stepped in to give my friend Blaze his wish! Right after I took my picture with Anna Faris, Blaze noticed Michael Bay standing off to the side of Mann’s entrance. It was the opportunity Blaze had been hoping for and let me tell you, he took the bull by the horns! He marched right up to Mr. Bay, introduced himself, and told him about his dream of playing Glen Lantz in the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie! Michael was extremely receptive and talked to Blaze for a few minutes and then shook his hand. I couldn’t even believe it! Never in a million years could I have walked up to MICHAEL BAY and PITCHED MYSELF for an upcoming movie role! LOL But perhaps that is why Blaze has acted in a Jodie Foster movie and I haven’t. LOL In the above photo Michael Bay is the man wearing a white jacket and a blue shirt. And as a perfect end to our Hollywood evening, we saw Kevin James from King of Queens while driving out of the Hollywood & Highland parking lot. 🙂

We had such a blast at the Friday the 13th premiere. If you have yet to attend a movie premiere and are at all into celebrities and movies, I highly recommend you go to one! Oh and as for the movie – I actually liked it. I was thoroughly entertained – and scared out of my wits – the whole time. I was confused at the movie’s premise, though, as I really felt there wasn’t a point to it. But Blaze enlightened me to the fact that slasher flicks don’t ever have a point. LOL 🙂 If you are at all a fan of the horror genre, I highly recommend going to see the new Friday the 13th.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: Mann’s Chinese Theatre is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. You can check out upcoming events and premieres on Mann’s website. The premiere for Watchmen is currently scheduled to take place at Mann’s on March 2 and the premiere for Observe and Report is scheduled for April 6. For your best bet at getting tickets to any Hollywood premiere, check Gofobo’s website.



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