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Samantha Jones and Smith Jerrod’s Beach House

Mar 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Sex and the City Filming Locations


This weekend after stalking Carrie’s honeymoon villa  from Sex and the City: The Movie, I dragged my boyfriend about 15 miles south to stalk yet another location from the film – Samantha and Smith’s beach house.  Thanks to fave book Sex and the City: The Movie, which stated that the home was located on Malibu Road, this location was a snap to find!  Smith and Samantha’s house, with its curved glass and steel architecture, is quite unique and it’s not hard to see why producers chose it as the residence of SATC’s  trendy P.R. exec and her young movie star boyfriend.



In person, the house is absolutely breathtaking.  Located right on the sand in Malibu, the home has five separate cantilevered balconies that seem to just hang right over the Pacific Ocean.  I can only imagine what the views must be like at sunset!  I’m not usually a big fan of modern houses, but this one is pretty special.   At the time of filming the home was on the market for a cool $17 million (the price has now dropped to $14,500,000).  I believe it was also vacant, which would have made filming there much easier than in a home that was occupied. 


Filming of the Samantha/Smith scenes took two weeks to complete and both the interior and the exterior of the real life beach house were used extensively.  Featured in the movie were the kitchen area (where Samantha cooks Smith homemade sushi),

screenshot597the living room where Samantha and Smith celebrate New Year’s Eve in front of a fire, 


and the master bedroom, where Smith asks Samantha to stop running off to New York every chance she gets.  You can compare the above screen captures to the interior photos of the home shown on its real estate website and on this website.  From the looks of it, it seems producers even chose to use the home’s real bedroom furniture for the filming.


The front of Samantha and Smith’s home wasn’t shown in Sex and the City: The Movie, but you can catch a glimpse of it in the above pic.  Ironically, the front of the house looks like a normal everyday modern style home and doesn’t give any clue as to the amazing architecture located just on the other side of it.  And while the front of the house will not be familiar to Sex and the City  fans, the back definitely will be.  Public beach access is located fairly close to the house, so if you would like to see the back view – and I really suggest you do – it’s less than a five minute walk down the beach.



The house directly next door to Samantha’s should also be recognizable to SATC  fans. It was used as the home of Samantha’s hunky neighbor Dante (played Gilles Marini who is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars) on whom she develops quite a crush.   As for Dante’s outdoor shower, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It is my guess that either another home was used for that scene, or a special shower was created especially for filming purposes that was later removed.   


Also missing in real life –  the balcony hot tub that Samantha relaxes in towards the beginning of the movie. 


  Samantha’s house is absolutely beautiful in person and I highly recommend stalking it – or purchasing it if you have the means!  If you don’t have $14,500,000 on hand to buy the home, it is also available as a rental property at the rate of $75,000 per month.  Being that I’ve never made that amount in an entire year, let alone a month, I think I’m pretty much out of the running on this one. LOL

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It: Samantha and Smith’s beach house is located at 24826 Malibu Road in Malibu.  Dante’s house is located directly next door at 24822 Malibu Road.



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  1. CS says:

    Is this the house that was also in “Sleeping With The Enemy” with Julia Roberts?

  2. Credit101 says:

    Very nice!!!! i wanted it the day i saw it.

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