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The Wedding Singer Bakery

Aug 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Movie Locations


A few weeks ago, fellow stalker Owen asked for my help in locating the bakery featured in one of his all time favorite movies, the 1998 comedy The Wedding Singer.  Owen had actually contacted one of the movie’s crew members who happened to remember that the bakery where filming took place was located somewhere in Montrose, a small town in the San Gabriel Valley where quite a few scenes from The Wedding Singer were filmed.  Because Owen does not live in the area, he sent me out on a mission to stalk all of the bakeries located in the tiny town in the hopes that I would eventually find the right one.   So, early one morning last week, I dragged my parents out to Montrose to hopefully stalk the Wedding Singer  bakery.


And, sure enough, it was the very first bakery we walked into!!  Ironically, I had ALREADY STALKED this location just last month while visiting some sites from the Will Ferrell comedy Old School.  It turns out that the exterior of the Wedding Singer bakery was also used as the restaurant in Old School  where Luke Wilson and his “brothers” have a meeting about saving their fraternity!  I didn’t immediately recognize the place from my previous stalking trip because, due to the fact that only the exterior of the bakery was featured in Old School,  I never ventured inside.  But while walking by last week, I peeked in the window and immediately recognized the pink sign pictured above which reads “This is the same ol place”.  That sign was featured pretty prominently in the Wedding Singer  bakery scene, so as soon as I saw it I knew I had found the right spot.  It was at that point that I pretty much started screaming “This is it!  This is it!  This is it!” to my parents right there on the street out in front of the shop!   While I had figured that the bakery featured in the movie would still be around, never in a million years did I think it would still look EXACTLY the same today as it did when the Wedding Singer  was filmed over a decade ago!  YAY! 


Montrose Home Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe actually pops up during my very favorite part of The Wedding Singer – at the beginning of the Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler falling in love montage set to the Hall & Oates song “You Make My Dreams Come True”.  🙂  In the scene, Drew Barrymore and friends are first seen looking at wedding cakes in the bakery’s glass display counter.  You can even see the bakery’s striped awning behind actor Allen Covert in the above screen capture.





Drew and friends then proceed to feed each other wedding cake in the scene.  Although the bakery is only featured for a few brief moments, thanks to the awesome ’80s song playing in the background, it’s quite a memorable little part of the movie. 


While stalking the bakery, I happened to start up a conversation with the owner who really could NOT have been nicer to us!  He answered a whole bunch of my silly questions and told me to take all the pictures I wanted.  It turns out that the Montrose Home Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe has been used for quite a bit of filming over the years.  Besides The Wedding Singer and Old School, the shop was also featured in several episodes of the now-defunct television series Dirty Sexy Money.  There is even a photograph of the owner and Donald Sutherland taken during the filming posted in the shop’s front window.  Apparently, he used to have a picture of himself with Drew Barrymore in that same window, but it is now stored at his home.  He told me that if he posted all of his celebrity photographs from all of the filming that has taken place at his little shop, his entire front window would be covered up!  LOL LOL LOL LOVE IT!  


Montrose Home Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe is a super cute little place and I HIGHLY recommend stalking it.  The shop smelled absolutely delicious inside, but, unfortunately, because I am diabetic, I wasn’t able to sample any of the sweets.  🙁  I am seriously thinking about having them make the cupcakes for my wedding, though.  How fitting would it be to get my wedding cupcakes from the Wedding Singer  bakery????  😉

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Wedding Singer  Bakery, aka Montrose Home Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe, is located at 2325 1/2 Honolulu Avenue in Montrose.  The shop houses both a bakery and a restaurant, and, from what I’ve heard, the restaurant serves up a GREAT breakfast.



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  1. Harmonie says:

    You may already have this on your site, but I did a search, and it didn’t come up. Another scene from TWS was also filmed in Montrose. When Adam Sandler is walking Drew Barrymore to the curb to wait for her fiancé to pick her up in his DeLorean, that takes place in front of The Black Cow Cafe on Honolulu Ave., and the car pulls up in the alley between Black Cow and The Star Cafe. This is the clip: 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh wonderful post! I have to admit it took me a second to remember when a bakery was featured in the movie, but you’re right – even though it’s brief, it’s memorable! I wish the owner had still had the picture of himself & Drew, I would’ve LOVED to see that!!

    • Lindsay says:

      I know – me, too!! I asked him to bring it back and put it in the window, so I’ll have to stalk the place again and see if the pic is there! 🙂

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