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The “Twins” House

Aug 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Movie Locations


A few weeks ago, fellow stalker Owen asked for my help in locating Danny DeVito’s Mediteranean style home from the 1988 comedy Twins.  Owen had already done quite a bit of stalking legwork on this one and had managed to contact one of the movie’s crew members who told him that the house was located on a numbered street near Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  Unfortunately, though, due to the fact that many of the numbered streets in Santa Monica aren’t featured in Google Maps Street View, Owen was not able to cyberstalk the home.  Which is where I came in.  🙂  Because I am in the Santa Monica area quite frequently, I offered to drive around the numbered streets to see if I could locate the elusive Twins  house.   From watching the movie, Owen knew that the home had an address number of 323 and that the neighboring house was numbered 327, which narrowed down our search parameters quite a bit.  So, a few weeks ago, with a screen capture of the house and those few bits of information in hand, I dragged my fiance out to find the Twins  house.  And find it, we did!  🙂



Amazingly enough, the house was actually located on the very first street we drove down.  When I realized we had found it, I turned to my fiance in shock and said “Could it really have been this easy?”  LOL  Sadly, though, the Twins house looks MUCH different today than it did back in 1988 when the movie was filmed.  While still recognizable, it looks as if quite a bit of remodeling has been done to it in recent years.  I guess I really shouldn’t be all that surprised that the house has changed so significantly, though, after all the movie was filmed more than two decades ago!



Besides adding on a whole second story, the homeowners also removed the enclosed front porch area and popped out the home’s entry way and front door by a good couple of feet, as you can see in the above photograph and screen capture.  A large tree which covers the front window has also since been planted.



But the most significant – and odd – change to the house has to be the complete removal of the driveway.  Owen and I have actually been over the driveway removal issue ad nauseam and still can’t figure out the reasoning behind it.  I mean WHY ON EARTH WOULD SOMEONE REMOVE THEIR DRIVEWAY?  LOL  It’s absolutely BIZARRE!  My fiance brought up the point, though, that it’s quite possible the city refused to grant the homeowner’s remodeling permits unless they agreed to do away with their driveway.  Santa Monica is known as something of an “alley city” – numerous homes in the area don’t have driveways and the garages are reached via a back alley – so it’s actually a pretty good possibility that my fiance hit the nail on the head about why that driveway is no longer there. 




Ironically enough, the neighboring house, which shows up briefly in Twins,  still looks EXACTLY the same as it did when the movie was filmed. 



Even though the Twins  house looks quite different today, it was still extremely exciting to be stalking it.   And a little bit of movie trivia for you – a very young Heather Graham had a brief, uncredited role in Twins  as Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mom.  David Caruso also had a small role in the movie as parking attendant Al Greco.  His voice is so different in the flick, though, that I literally almost didn’t recognize him!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Danny DeVito’s house from Twins  is located at 323 11th Street in Santa Monica.



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