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Claire and Phil’s House from “Modern Family”

Dec 7th, 2009 | By | Category: TV Locations


A few weeks back I received an email from a fellow stalker in the Nebraska area who had just recently started his very own filming locations blog entitled Movie Locations and More.  This stalker’s name was Robert Patterson and I have to admit that when I first saw his email a red flag went up, as I thought he was some weirdo pretending to be the lead actor from the Twilight movies. LOL At the time I didn’t realize that the Twilight actor was actually named Robert PattINson, not PattERson.  LOL LOL LOL  Man, I can be such a blonde sometimes!!!  Anyway, as it turns out, my new friend really is named Robert Patterson and he is not a weirdo at all.  🙂 He is actually quite an amazing stalker and recently tracked down two of the main homes featured on Modern Family, which just so happens to be one of my favorite new shows of the fall season.   So, literally, as soon as he gave me the addresses to the houses, I ran right out to stalk them!   Thank you, Robert!


The first Modern Family house that Robert managed to track down was the residence belonging to Phil (aka Ty Burrell) and Claire (aka Julie Bowen) Dunphy and their three children on the show.   Because Robert knew that Modern Family was filmed at Fox Studios in Century City, he decided to begin his search for the houses featured on the series in the neighborhood surrounding the studio – which is always a smart move.  And, sure enough, he found Claire and Phil’s house pretty much immediately.  YAY!  🙂  Besides being featured weekly in the series’ opening credits . . .





and in set-up shots during the course of each episode . . .




. . . several scenes have also been filmed on location at the Dunphy home, such as was the case with the episode entitled “Fizbo” in which Claire and Phil host a massive birthday party for their son Luke in the house’s front yard.




As you can see in the above screen captures, though, an entirely different house was used in the filming of the pilot episode.  The house featured in the pilot has an address number of 1057, while the house used in the rest of the series has an address number of 10336.  The front door of the pilot house, which is flanked by window panes on either side, also does not match the front door of the house used in the rest of the series.


When I first pulled up to stalk the Dunphy house a couple of weeks ago, some neighbors just happened to be outside chatting, so I, of course, just had to strike up a conversation with them.  🙂  The neighbors were SUPER nice and did not think it was at all weird that I was stalking a home in their vicinity.  They said they absolutely LOVE having Modern Family film on their street and that everyone involved with the show is extremely nice.  LOVE IT!  They also said that since I was such a big fan of the show, I should try to come back when an episode was being filmed so that I could watch.  How nice is that?  🙂  So LOVE IT!   And I am happy to report that Claire and Phil’s house looks EXACTLY the same in person as it does onscreen.  🙂


On a side note – At the very end of the episode entitled “The Bicycle Thief”, Phil and his son, Luke, are shown riding their bikes past a street sign for Dunleer Drive, which is the actual street where Claire and Phil’s house is located in real life.  LOVE IT!

Big THANK YOU to Robert for finding this location!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Claire and Phil’s house from Modern Family is located at 10336 Dunleer Drive in the Cheviot Hills area of Los Angeles.



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  1. CAC says:

    Ok, so I realize people will doubt me, but I built that house. My wife and I bought a 1950’s traditional, single-story home and we wanted to build our dream home. Contractors wanted too much so I acted as an “owner-builder” and hired a friend of mine, a contractor, as a consultant so I could get insurance. I hired and supervised all the subcontractors directly, while working more than full time as an attorney. We picked out every single finish in the house, from the floors to the door hinges to the solid mahogany old-fashioned casement windows (never get these: turned out to be very drafty and allowed too much noise in. Modern windows are actually much better). It is a truly lovely neighborhood, we only lived there for a little over a year. The stress of working full time jobs and building a house and being totally broke and having a young baby at the time was too much, and we divorced and moved out. We made a TON of money on the sale of the house though. Wish we could have gotten a piece of the Modern Family action, though. The first time I saw that show I couldn’t believe my eyes: “That’s my house I built!”

  2. Patrick says:

    Does anyone know which Craftsman Style house MF used for the Halloween Episode? Andi f it is real, where is it located?

  3. Owen says:

    The house used for the Dunphy clan in the pilot episode is at 1057 Iliff Street in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of L.A. And, since you mentioned the episode titled “The Bicycle Thief,” I thought I’d let you know that the house that Desiree, the sexy single mom, gets locked out of in that episode is at 10314 Rossbury Place in L.A.

  4. Anna says:

    I live right down the street from Phil and Claire! THis is so exciting!!

  5. John Escobar says:

    Great information on the exterior locations used on these shows. Saw that you listed Fox Studios in Culver’s actually in Century City (Los Angeles).

  6. Maria says:

    Anyone have the zip code for the Claire’s house?

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