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On The Set of “CSI: Miami”

Mar 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Celebrity Sightings


This past Friday, Mike, from MovieShotsLA, took the day off from work so that the two of us could do a little stalking.  For whatever reason, though, for the first time ever we didn’t come up with any sort of plan or itinerary beforehand of where we were going to go or what we going to stalk.  And it’s a good thing we didn’t, either, because fate stepped in and the two of us wound up stumbling upon the cast and crew of CSI: Miami filming on location in Altadena.  YAY!  Earlier that morning, Mike and I had stopped by my parents’ house to ask my dad to accompany us to Altadena Drive so that he could take a few pictures of us in front of Casa Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210. I am in the process of creating a slideshow for my wedding in August and because Mike is one of my groomsmen :), I wanted to get a picture of the two of us together in front of our very favorite stalking location.  Anyway, while driving to the Walsh residence we passed by a very large production crew and, of course, just had to pull over to find out what was being filmed.    Amazingly enough, it turned out to be my dad’s very favorite show, CSI: Miami.  I should explain here that I, too, love me some CSI: Miami.  Like LOVE it, never miss an episode, was screaming in delight when Calleigh and Eric finally got together last season.  But I think it’s safe to say that my love for the show greatly pales in comparison to my dad’s.  As I mentioned the last time we stumbled upon the filming of the show back in January of ‘09, my father is absolutely, one hundred percent obsessed with the series – it is his favorite show of all time.   CSI: Miami is his Beverly Hills, 90210. So, it goes without saying that he was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED when we stumbled upon it being filmed yet again.  Anyway, as Mike, my dad, and I made our way to the set we passed by a security guard and asked him if it would be OK if we watched the filming.  He not only told us to make ourselves at home (YAY!), but also pointed out the fact that Jonathan Togo, who plays Ryan Wolfe on the series, was standing about two feet in front of us.  So, we immediately walked up to him and asked if he’d be willing to snap a picture.  Well, let me tell you, Jonathan was SO INCREDIBLY NICE and not only posed for pics, but marched us right over to the set, introduced us to everyone, and gave us our own personal tour of the place!!!!!   He literally could NOT have been more sweet, more upbeat, more friendly, or more charming and was EASILY one of the NICEST celebrities I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!   I so heart Jonathan Togo!  😉    He even came over to check up on us several times while we were on the set to make sure we were having a good time.  At one point I mentioned to him how I had chosen my wedding photographer based on the fact that an episode of CSI: Miami had been filmed in his studio (yes, Rob Greer, the photographer whose studio was featured in the “Smoke Gets In Your CSIs” episode of CSI: Miami is photographing our wedding!) and Jonathan laughed and said, “WOW, you guys really are fans!”  😉



The scene that was being filmed on Friday centered around the investigation of a fire at a “Miami” area home.  While we were watching the filming, I happened to comment on how realistic the fire damage was.  Well, one of the crew members started laughing and told me that movie magic wasn’t responsible for the burn marks, but that the house had actually been involved in a real life fire last April!  I thought he was pulling my leg at first, but as it turns out there really was a fire at the residence just about ten months ago.  You can see photographs of it on fave website Altadenablog here.  Apparently, the CSI: Miami location manager was in Altadena scouting homes to be used in the episode, when he spotted the charred remains of above pictured house and realized it would be perfect for the show!  I mean, honestly, what are the odds of that?


The makeup in the episode was also incredibly realistic. Pictured above is one of the guest stars, whose hands were supposed to have been burned in the fire.  Even close up his injuries looked incredibly real!  It was unbelievable!


While we were watching the filming, my dad happened to spot actor John Beasley who played Coach Warren in one of his all time favorite movies, 1993’s Rudy.  I mean, honestly, could the day have gotten any better for my dad??  John, who was guest starring in the episode being filmed, also could NOT have been nicer and happily posed for photographs with all of us.  🙂


Also on hand filming on Friday was Emily Procter, who plays Calleigh Duquesne on the show, but we unfortunately did not get a photograph with her, and actress Robin Bartlett, who played Debbie Buchman on Mad About You.


Unfortunately, David Caruso was not on the set on Friday, but one of the crew members mentioned that he would be there the following Monday and that we were welcome to come back if we wanted to.  IF we wanted to????  Duh!  Of course we did!  So, bright and early Monday morning, I headed up to Altadena once again to do a bit more CSI: Miami stalking.  🙂


On the set on Monday was Eddie Cibrian, who is SUPER cute in person!  Those dimples!  Sigh!


And Eve LaRue, who remembered us from our last set visit and who, just like last time, was as sweet as could be.  🙂


And, of course, the man himself, David Caruso!  My dad had actually had a bad night this past Sunday – as I’ve mentioned before, he suffers from pancreatitis – and when I went to pick him up on Monday morning to go to the set, he was still not feeling well.  So, I had to venture over to the filming by myself.  Before I left, though, my dad asked me to bring the photograph we took last January with Mr. Caruso to the set.  The now-framed photograph is a prized possession of my dad’s and it inhabits prime real estate on his desk at home and he was hoping that Mr. Caruso would sign it for him.   And I am happy to report that, much like what happened back in January, when I got to the set on Monday, David Caruso immediately walked up to me to introduce himself and shake my hand, which is such a rare occasion on a film set.  In most instances, fans have to seek the stars out during breaks from filming, but on CSI: Miami, the opposite is true – the stars often walk up to the fans to introduce themselves and say hi.  It is AMAZING!  Anyway, I explained to DC that we had met him about a year ago and that my dad is a HUGE fan of his and asked if he’d be willing to sign the photo.


Mr. Caruso not only happily obliged, but also gave me some autographed photographs of himself, a Horatio bobble head, and the above pictured Lance Armstrong-style “Horatio” bracelet.  LOVE IT!   That bracelet is now prominently placed around the gearshift in my car.  🙂   Anyway, later on in the afternoon I returned to my parents’ house to see if my dad was feeling any better, which he was, so I brought him back to the set.  Well, as soon as Mr. Caruso saw my dad, he walked right up and gave him a HUGE hug.  From that point on, he came over to talk to us pretty much between every single take and was so incredibly nice and down to earth that it was almost unbelievable!  I honestly can’t say this enough – David Caruso has got to be the NICEST guy in show business!



Jonathan Togo was also on the set on Monday and remembered me from the previous Friday.  I think he thought I was a little nutso to have returned to the set to watch MORE of the filming, because at one point he walked up and said, “You HAVE to be at least a little bored!  Just a little bit!  Come on, admit it!”  But I could honestly sit for HOURS and watch productions being filmed.  The entire process and everything that goes into it – from the  hundreds of crew members and extensive camera equipment . . .





. . . to the actual filming – absolutely fascinates me, especially if it’s for a show I watch regularly.  I honestly can’t get enough of it!










As I mentioned last January, the entire cast and crew of CSI: Miami is fun and friendly, almost unbelievably so.  Mike also said that in all his years of living in Los Angeles and of all the sets he had visited in the past, he had NEVER seen one quite like theirs.  As you can see in the above pictures, there is definitely a very jovial feeling on set and you’d be hard pressed to find a time when the cast and crew is not laughing or cracking jokes with each other, even during difficult scenes.  At one point yesterday, they were trying to film a scene which involved a tricky camera maneuver that just didn’t seem to be working.  They had to film the scene numerous times and even through the frustration of it all, they were STILL laughing and kidding each other between takes!  LOVE IT!


Both Friday and Monday were absolutely incredible days for me and my dad.  I literally could not drag him away from the set yesterday, and he typically hates that sort of thing, so it was very cool for me to see him enjoying himself at a filming.  Especially when he has been so sick lately.  As I said after our last set visit, being with the cast and crew CSI: Miami provided him with the kind of healing that just can’t be found in a doctor’s office or a hospital building.  🙂  I honestly can’t thank them all enough.  When we left the set yesterday, David Caruso said, “I hope to see you guys again the next time we are in Pasadena.”  H – you can count on it!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: CSI: Miami was filmed at 1838 East Braeburn Road in Altadena, just down the street from the Walsh’s Minnesota house from Beverly Hills, 90210, which is located at 1640 Braeburn Rd.  Look for the CSI: Miami episode to air sometime in April.



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  1. aly says:

    woww lindsey again with CSI: Miami? man! I don’t know if you remember, but I asked you a lot of questions last time about where you found them since I absolutely adore this show. I’ve watched every episode, know everything about the cast… and I actually saw the miami dade pd police cars parked in a parking lot with many trailers near Washington Blvd around the time you went. I took pictures but I had no idea when they were filming! (or where) I guess this was it! I even know that house! I’ve had about 5 chances to see them filming, but I never quite caught them. I even know where this house is! Maybe the next chance I get, i’ll get to meet them. How do you approach the set, exactly? I find it awkward when they film (since I am a stalker like you and love seeing the yellow filming signs around LA) to approach the set. Who lets you in on where things are being filmed? I’d love to know, and I’m sorry for the long message. 🙂

  2. Ricardo says:

    WOW I would kill to get to meet David Caruso , the thing is i am planning a trip to the USA i am from Spain, but i can´t seem to find nowhere to how or where there could be a set tour of the show, it would be a dream just walking in on them as you did 🙂 but it is nowhere to find 🙁

  3. donna says:

    The cast sound so friendly.Jonathan looks great!

  4. Ashley says:

    Yay! I don’t even watch the show, but I enjoy your stories of your set visits so much because I’m just so happy and excited FOR you (& your dad!). It’s great to hear about actors going so totally out of their way for fans, too bad it doesn’t happen more often. Huge props to the CSI Miami cast & crew for being so great!

  5. samantha says:

    You do such a nice job with your blog. I first became aware the last time you visited a CSI M set, have been a daily reader since. Good work!

  6. LAVONNA says:

    So Lucky!!! I would love to visit a set. Hope your dad is feeling better.

  7. Cindy says:

    Wow, what a great two days you had. It’s like a great hamburger, with the Oscars in the middle! I feel very happy that your dad was able to get to see David Caruso and John Beasley. The chances of that happening are so slim. You seem like a great daughter, to have gone back to check on him after your stalking and then to take him to the set since he was feeling better. I hope your dad is feeling better!

  8. Dave says:

    WOO HOO! You finally scored a Horatio bobblehead! Congrats!

    And you’re right–the entire CSI: Miami crew–especially Caruso–is very cool. In all the times I’ve run into them, they’ve been friendly and accommodating. Maybe they figure since it’s such an intrusion (to residences and workplaces as I’ve experienced) to shoot, it’s the least they can do.

    Sounds like a great day . Glad you had fun 🙂

  9. Davidete says:

    Great!! That’s what I call a real funny stalking… and a very interest way to knowing celebrities doing their own thing, knowing their real faces… this is a very suprising thing to me, I can tell you this is the first time a I see Caruso smiling!! :p

    Congratulations for those absolutely successful stalking days, specially for your father, I hope he’s doing better with this kind of suprises 😉

    By the way, I’m pretty sure no one of you will believe me, but… I have not EVER watched an episode of any CSI versions… :p Could I be from this planet???

    Thank you for the post!!!

  10. DarkUFO says:

    Wow, what a great report. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve just posted a couple of photos and a link back to your site here if that’s ok.

    • Lindsay says:

      Of course it’s OK! 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout!

      • Mayra Cansigno says:

        Hey I’m a big fan of yours…i think is really cool how you get to meet all these amazing actors……especially Emily Procter she is so cool…i was just wondering if you know what episode was the CSI: Miami cast recording…..was it the one that is suppose to be called Backfire???

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