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The (Probable) Warehouse from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” Video

Mar 26th, 2010 | By | Category: Michael Jackson Locations

Beat It address number

Another day, another “Beat It” locale!  After tracking down the probable diner that appeared in “Beat It”, I set my sights on locating the warehouse which was also featured in Michael Jackson’s iconic 1983 music video.  And I really have to say a big thank you to my friend and fellow stalker David in Spain before I go any further with this post because had he not informed me that the “Beat It” diner was located somewhere on Fifth Street in Downtown Los Angeles’ skid row area, I doubt any of us would have ever been able to track down the other locales featured in the short film.  Finding these locations has been like a veritable domino effect, one locale leading to the next and to the next and to the next, all thanks to that original clue that David emailed me a few weeks back.  So, thank you, David!  Anyway, two weeks ago I was at my parents house watching my dad’s Michael Jackson’s Number Ones  DVD trying to figure out where the “Beat It” warehouse was located, when my dad spotted an address number of 1013 (pictured above) painted on the building’s exterior wall. I immediately sent that information out to Mike, from MovieShotsLA, David in Spain, and another fellow stalker named David who lives right here in the U.S. (the very same David who tracked down the Martini house from It’s A Wonderful Life which I blogged about back in December).  Well, it wasn’t an hour later that David from America (is this getting confusing yet? ;)) emailed me back with the warehouse’s location – 1013 Fifth Street – which is the very same street  where the “Beat It” diner and former pool hall/now grocery store can be found!  So, I immediately dragged my dad right out to stalk the place.  THANK YOU, DAVID! 



As the word “probable” in the title of this post implies and as was the case with the diner, I can’t say with absolute, one hundred percent certainty that the warehouse David found is the actual “Beat It” warehouse.  There are quite a few irrefutable similarities between the building that appeared in the video and the one pictured above, but because almost three decades have passed since filming took place, there are also, of course, some major differences.  My gut is telling me that it’s the right spot, and they do say that you should always trust a woman’s intuition, but I just can’t be sure.  So, once again, dear readers, I am putting it out there for to you to answer.   Let me know what you think after reading this post.  Did David find the correct place or should we continue our search?  And now, on with the blog!  The “Beat It” warehouse is currently occupied by a food distributer known as Jing San Food, Incorporated and all I have to say is THANK GOD my dad was with me on this particular stalk because he somehow managed to not only talk our way into the building, but to also get permission to take photographs of the place!  Simply AMAZING!  Anyway, according to the people I talked to, Jing San Food moved into the warehouse space two years ago and, unfortunately, no one seemed to know what sort of business occupied the premises before that time.  Nor did anyone seem to know anything about “Beat It” being filmed there – if, in fact, it was.  Anyway, as you can see in the above photographs, the address number of Jing San Food is actually 458 and not 1013 as we had seen in the video. 


But, if you look at the above Google Maps Aerial View of the warehouse you can see that it is located on the corner of Alameda and Fifth Streets.  The 458 address number refers to its location on Alameda.  As is also referenced in the above map, though, the south side of warehouse is situated on the 1000 block of Fifth Street, on the odd-numbered side of the street, which means that it is very possible that way back in 1983, the year “Beat It” was filmed, the warehouse could have been numbered 1013.  I am guessing that the building was divided up and leased to more than one tenant at that time, which would have required there to be more than one address number.  Because the building is only occupied  by one tenant today, those multiple address numbers would be redundant and unnecessary.  I am guessing that they did away with the Fifth Street numbers and just kept the Alameda Street address once the new tenants moved in.  But, again, that is entirely a guess on my part.

beat it warehouse 1

Amazingly enough, though, I did spot a “0” posted on the Fifth Street side of the warehouse – which seems to be a left over address number from quite some time ago and absolutely cements my belief that that particular part of the building was numbered 1013 at one time.  So, that’s one thing we’ve got going in our favor.




The next, and quite possibly biggest, thing we’ve got going for us is the cement staircase which leads up to the warehouse.  As you can see it is a pretty exact match to the one which appeared in “Beat It”.  The warehouse doors have changed and there is now a makeshift doorway in one of the bays (which you can see more pictures of later on in this post) . . .  




. . . but otherwise this part of the exterior looks pretty darn similar to the “Beat It” warehouse exterior.

 Beat It background 1

Beat It background 2

  The windows which appear across the street from the warehouse are also pretty darn spot on to the windows which appear across the street in “Beat It”.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t match up the exact angle that appeared in the video as there were by no stretch of the imagination at least fifteen big rig trucks parked out on the street in front of the warehouse blocking my view.

Beat It awning

Beat It awning 2 

Yet another thing we’ve got going in our favor is the fact that the warehouse in the “Beat It” video has an awning of some sort on its exterior and the warehouse David found also has remnants of what looks to be a former awning.



The inside of the warehouse, however, is an entirely different story.  As you can see in the above photograph and screen capture, the ceiling of the building does not look at all like the ceiling from “Beat It”.  I confirmed with one of the Jing San Food workers that the entire ceiling of the warehouse had been replaced – not redone, but actually replaced – two years ago, before they took over the space, so it would make sense that it wouldn’t match.  But I have no way to confirm what the old ceiling looked like and it seems odd to me that someone would actually change the entire shape of the roof from peaked to flat.  I mean, it’s possible that that happened, but I can’t say that it’s very likely. 



As promised, pictured above is the interior view of the makeshift door that now stands in the “Beat It” bay.  As you can see, the door, which did not appear in the video, was quite obviously an add-on to the property and not an original part of the warehouse.  It also, sadly, alters the appearance of the interior quite a bit.




While stalking the warehouse, my dad and I tried to locate something that would tie the place to the “Beat It” video – any small remnant that would irrefutably prove that we were in the right place.  Sadly, no such remnant was to be found.  In the video, it appears that there is some sort of makeshift office space located behind Michael and the gang members.   That office space is no longer there, though.  My dad said that warehouses typically have some type of coarse office set-up like the one which appeared in “Beat It” and that because it is usually constructed in a rudimentary manner, it would not be at all uncommon for a new tenant to dispose of it.

Beat It stairs

Part of that rudimentary office space consisted of a second floor area (you can see the stairway leading up to it in the above screen capture).



At first blush I wouldn’t think that the warehouse I visited would have been tall enough to house a second floor, but as you can see in the above photographs, the tenants are currently having one installed!  So, it actually is possible and is, in fact, being done!



The chipped up cement floor of the warehouse is also very similar to the one which appeared in “Beat It”, but then again I would expect the floor of any heavily trafficked warehouse to have that same worn-in appearance.



So, like I said earlier, I am putting it to you to decide, dear readers.  Have we found the warehouse?  If David was right and this is in fact the actual “Beat It” warehouse, it is absolutely mind-boggling to me that I was in the exact spot where the King of Pop made music history almost three decades prior.  That warehouse floor is definitely hallowed ground and I can’t even believe I was able to stand on it!



David was also able to track down the probable manhole cover that the gang members came out of at the beginning of “Beat It”.  And I just have to say here that that particular part of the video never really made sense to me.  What, do these guys live underground?  Just hang out there?   LOL  Even as a child I can remember wondering why people would be coming up out of the ground like that.  But I digress. 



We believe the manhole cover is located just east of the warehouse in the middle of the intersection of East Fifth and Seaton Streets.  This particular location will be the toughest of them all to prove, though, because . . . well . . it’s a manhole cover.  Such covers are located all over the city, pretty much all look exactly the same, and, unfortunately, aside from a nearby set of train tracks, there aren’t really any landmarks seen in the “Beat It’” video with which to distinguish it.  But, due to its close proximity to the warehouse and a set of train tracks. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that the manhole cover pictured above is the one which appeared in “Beat It”. 

Big THANK YOU to David (from America) for finding this location and to David (from Spain) for setting off the entire “Beat It” chain of events!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The probable “Beat It” warehouse, aka the Jing San Food, Inc. warehouse, is located at 458 South Alameda Street, at the corner of Alameda and East Fifth Streets, in Downtown Los Angeles.  The probable manhole cover is located at the intersection of East Fifth and Seaton Streets, just due east of the warehouse.



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  1. Anita Monro says:

    On my earlier post (with the last name Monor, spelling mistake) it was Bad that was filmed in a subway. Jumped on you tube and searched.

  2. Anita Monor says:

    I thought that the “Beat It” video was filmed in a subway in NYC. I remember hearing somthing about that when MJ died, that they were going to name the said subway after him. But then again you cant belive everythng you hear.

  3. Daz says:

    Thank you very much. I’m coming over to California in November and now have Beat It places as well as Thriller to visit now.

    Love this little site you got 🙂

  4. Shrilata says:

    Thnak you so much for this amazing post…it’s so exciting to see the spot where our precious michael had created an immortal piece of art and creativity!!

  5. A.J. says:

    Lindsay, I’m 100% sure you and your accomplices have found the exact location.

    I’ve taken images posted above and combined them in a split-frame, marking some details already mentioned plus two that I noticed. See (PLEASE upload this to your post so that it is not lost.) Item A is the bump in the concrete mentioned by John (Bay Area) as probably being the result of a defect in the form when the concrete was poured (his item #2). Item B is the light/hole also mentioned by John (his #1). Item C is NOT intended to be the metal square (seismic reinforcement which was probably not present at the time the video was filmed), but the concrete damage immediately underneath it which corresponds to something in the video that may be another light (not working), or possibly something like a support brace for the awning. The big winner, item D, is a large, distinctly-shaped chip to the back left edge of the concrete column, which is clearly matched to one of the same size, shape, and location in the video still frame. Item E is the smaller concrete chip mentioned by John (his #3). There are other, smaller details that can be found and matched up but I think the odds of any concrete column in the world coincidentally matching items A, B, D, and E is extremely remote.

  6. Ashley says:

    Your dedication & enthusiasm is part of what keeps bringing me back to your blog over & over! I think you found it, way to go 🙂

  7. Davidete says:

    Definitely, I’m SO sure too that this is the location. Looking at the cement stairs and the bay, you’ll find what it looks like a big horizontal metal beam, that looks EXACT like in the video, with its same measures in all details. Besides, the white column has a mark or hole of what it could be at anytime a light, just at the same height that the light that we can see in the video. Also, that column looks like the same measures that the one in the video…
    And yes, I’ve been looking the video one and another time, and the outside from the warehouse looks VERY the same like the buildings of your pictures… I mean, there are lot of things that cannot be just simply coincidence… Even the manhole cover with its train tracks, if you compare with the frame of the man coming out, looking carefully to its background, the tarmac zones fits very good!

    It’s a pity that nobody remembered nothing about it… if just Giraldi’s office gave you anything about this… Anyway, congratulations once again for this BIG find, and I hope this is not the last MJ stalking post, pleeeease!!

    (Pd. Thanks for your mention, but ALL the merit belongs to you, and your “Team” 😀 )

  8. Mayra Cansigno says:

    that looks like the place … found 🙂

  9. LAVONNA says:

    I agree I think you found it…good job!

  10. Malinda says:

    That’s exactly what I was doing….counting stairs, remenents of railings, light fixtures on the outside, the cracks on the floor. hahaha With it being so close to the other probable places, I would say this is it.

  11. John (Bay Area) says:

    Well done! There is no doubt to me.. this is the same warehouse… the steps, the window, the awning, its all spot on. The size and proportion of the warehouse doors and those steps are perfect. And heres a few more details I could see. (1) In the video screen shot (where you see the 1013) theres is a light mounted to the column between the roll up doors. In the shots you took, the light is gone but I can see remnants in the exact location where the light was mounted. (2) In the photo you took where you circled the number “0” on the wall, near the bottom-left of your circle is a bump in the cement. Its a semi-circular bump probably caused by a knot hole in the wood that formed that cement column. That same bump can be seen in the video screenshot just to the left of the letter “N” in ONLY. The bump looks big in the video because its casting a shadow from the light above it. (3) As you look at that cement column in your current photos, you can see a good sized chip in the corner of the right hand vertical edge just a little higher than the level of the “NO TRESPASSING” sign painted down low. You can barely see that same chip in the video screen shots but I can see it better if I watch the video on YouTube with the camera panning back. In the video the chip along the right hand edge is just above the level of the 1013 but lower than the “Y” in ONLY. (4) In your photo of the building across the street, you can see there is a light fixture mounted on a pole sticking up from the corner of the building. If you watch the video on YouTube (from GiraldiMedia) you can see that light as the camera pans across the gang memgers as they are entering the roll-up doors. You can see it at the 2:58 video time spot. I think the light fixture itself has probably been replaced with a newer bigger one but the position of the light on that pole is exactly the same from the Beat It video to today.
    I think its a pretty safe bet you found the place. Congratulations!

  12. David Crocker says:

    Hey Everybody,

    I’m the American Dave that Lindsay talked about. Another couple of clues that cemented it for me relate to the steps.

    In the video there’s a railing that can be seen on the right side of the stairs. In the photos that Lindsay took you can see a small metal piece at the top of the steps that would’ve held that exact railing. Also, the steps appear to be the exact width of the ones in the video, and the number of steps (5) match perfectly.

    Way to go Lindsay. It’s my humble opinion that the Beat It warehouse might just be the Holy Grail of pop culture stalking.

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