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The Michael Buble Suite at the Best Western Alderwood Hotel

Apr 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Michael Buble Locations

Best Western Alderwood - Michael Buble

As I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog, my celebrity crush as of late is Canadian crooner Michael Buble.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the guy and his music!  So, when my good friend and fellow stalker Kerry went on a business trip to the Seattle area a few months back and noticed that her hotel, the Best Western Alderwood, had a “Buble Suite” she immediately called me up to let me know.  And, as you can probably imagine, I practically had a heart attack right there on the spot.  It was at that point that I vowed to someday travel to the City of Lynnwood in the southwestern portion of Washington State to not only stalk the Best Western Alderwood, but to also spend a night in the actual “Buble Suite”.  Especially since Michael filmed his “Haven’t Met You Yet” video at the Killarney Market in Vancouver, Canada which is just a short two hour drive from the hotel.  (See the kind of stuff my fiancé has to deal with?  It’s amazing I was ever proposed to!  When I first told him of my intended Seattle travel plans, I believe his exact words were, “You want me to drive you two hours to see a grocery store?”  Needless to say, I doubt we’ll be making the trip to Lynnwood anytime soon.)   Anyway, Kerry didn’t take any photographs of the hotel for me on that particular trip, so I begged her to stop by there on her next visit to the Seattle area, which she did last month.  Thank you, Kerry!  And while I don’t typically blog about locations that I haven’t personally visited myself, this one was just too good to pass up.  🙂


The Best Western Alderwood is not your typical five-star, celebrity-laden lodging, but from from what Kerry was able to gather from the super nice people she spoke with, Michael Buble, who hails from nearby Vancouver, is apparently a longtime family friend of the hotel’s General Manager.  Sometime in the past couple of years, the singer stayed on the property – in Room Number 107, to be exact – and afterwards the General Manager named the suite in his honor.  Which is something I really think all hotels should do!  I mean, how GREAT would it be to know the exact room numbers where certain celebrities have stayed at different hotels all across the world?  You can bet I’d be booking the Jennifer Aniston Suite at every hotel I stayed at if that was the case!  😉 I actually think it was pretty common practice back in the day to name hotel rooms after the famous guests who had stayed there and I, for one, think that practice needs to be brought back!  Stat!  So, kudos to you Best Western Alderwood!  May all hotels follow suit!  Kerry also found out that some of Michael’s family members frequently stay at the BW Alderwood, as well, so if you happen to check in there and spot an MB lookalike, chances are it might be his relation!  🙂



But not only did the hotel name a room after the cutie crooner, they also adorned the wall behind the front desk with his photographs, autographs, and other MB memorabilia.  SO LOVE IT!  You don’t even understand how BADLY I want to see all of this with my own two eyes!   I was practically salivating while looking at Kerry’s photographs!  Hopefully I’ll get there someday! 

On a Michael Buble side note – For those who missed his “Hamm and Buble” skit on Saturday Night Live back in January, you so need to check it out – and can do so by clicking above!  It’s absolutely HILARIOUS!  I swear I’ve seen it about twenty times now and literally never get tired of it.  Love it!



Big THANK YOU to Kerry for finding this location and stalking it for me, twice!  😉 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Best Western Alderwood is located at 19332 36th Avenue W in Lynnwood, Washington.  The Buble Suite is Room Number 107.  You can visit the hotel’s official website here.  His “Haven’t Met You Yet” video was filmed at the Killarney Market which is located at 2611 East 49th Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.



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  1. Judy Anne says:

    I totally understand this obcession! He is adorable. We drove down the mountain 2 hours to see Buble last year and were incredibly pleased. What a happy night. We were also lucky enough to visit Vancoover this year and I long to return, The cleanest city, the nicest people and great food. As a GREEN Realtor, the greeness of the city made me happy as well. The Savoy in London have named Personality Suites named for stras of old, Noel Coward, Marlene Dietrich, CROONER Frank Sinatra, Richard Harris, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and Katharine Hepburn and Monet. It might be timne to add a nother crooner to that group!

  2. Anne says:

    Kerry, my family and I were just at the Best Western in Lynnwood this past weekend and saw the Buble Suite. VERY exciting! Apparently, it’s Michael’s family who stays there — quite often. According to the gentleman at the front desk (very nice guy, btw), the family will be staying at the hotel starting today. Michael had the staff of the hotel driven to his concert that last time he played Seattle. So cool.
    AND I live 5 mins away from Killarney Market — my old stomping grounds 🙂

  3. Owen says:

    Hey, I know one of this Buble guy’s songs! In fact, it always makes me think of a certain someone. 😉

    BTW: One of the many filming location stalking trips I have already begun planning for is one to Vancouver/Seattle/Tacoma, so I’ve got all sorts of locales from “Love Happens,” “The Crush,” “Juno,” “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” among others. Have never been to the Pacific Northwest. Really hope I get the chance to someday.

    • David Crocker says:

      Hey Owen,

      Why don’t we plan a Pacific Northwest group stalk with a bunch of Linday’s readers? A ton of great movies have been filmed up here in the Portland/Seattle/Tacoma area:

      An Officer and a Gentleman
      Sleepless in Seattle (obviously)
      Enough (filmed literally just down the street from my house)
      Kindergarten Cop
      Short Circuit
      Say Anything
      10 Things I Hate About You (I live about 20 minutes from the high school and house).
      Free Willy
      Hand that Rocks the Cradle (the house from that movie is just a few blocks from the 10 Things high school and house)
      Continental Divide (the train station scene at the end)
      and of course, Twilight (I know and have visited the super-secret location of the Twilight baseball field – friend me on Facebook and you can see the pics).

      Of course, if we jump over the border, then we’re talking about:

      A ton of television shows (Fringe, Life Unexpected, etc.)
      New Moon
      Percy Jackson
      and countless other movies that are too numerous to mention.

      The really cool thing about our locations up here is that many of them are iconic. Think about it:

      The concrete platform where Richard Gere hollered “I got no place else to go”, along with all the other AMAZING real locations in Port Townsend where Officer and a Gentleman was filmed (check out the locations section for that movie on Wikipedia. I put all that info there).
      Tom Hank’s house from Sleepless
      The greenhouse from the end of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (it’s still in the front yard of that house)
      and so many, many more.

      We could start in Portland and mess around there for a couple of days. Then we go out to the coast and hit all the stuff in Astoria (Kindergarten Cop, Goonies, etc.). Then come back inland and grab all the Twilight sites. After that we do a whirlwind couple of days in Seattle and Lindsay would have enough blogging material for a month. In four or five days we could hit practically everything.

      Hey Linds…..what do you think? How ’bout we do an I Am Not a Stalker road trip? Who knows, if it’s successful then the next time we could all fly to Chicago and visit all the Blues Brothers/Breakfast Club/Ferris Buehler locations.

      Oh, man, what was I thinking? We can’t start in Portland. We have to start in Eugene (just south of Portland) so we can visit all the locations from Animal House. Then we move up to Portland and run the table, so to speak.

      I think this sounds kinda fun!

      • Lindsay says:

        OMG this sounds like SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to do this! We actually got two plane tickets to anywhere Virgin America flies as an early wedding present and I was planning on using them to fly to Seattle. I just have to convince the Grim Cheaper, but I am hoping to go sometime in May!

        • David Crocker says:

          We GOTTA do this. Fly into Portland and in a day/day and a half we could hit the main Portland locales (including Animal House in Eugene). Then we’ll hit the coast for a day then head up to Seattle.

          Goodness…..this would be fun. Who else wants to go?

          • Kerry says:

            Sounds like a whole lotta fun to me too!!! I have been to many of the locations mentioned in your post David. And Im planning a trip back to Port Townsed to hit a couple Enough and Officer locals. Ive been messaging with a local who is well in the know on locations in Port Townsend. Im dying to hit the house from Officer. And I just re-watched Enough last weekend.

            The one town Ive ALWAYS wanted to go to in Oregon is Brownsville, from Stand By Me. We just havent made it there yet. Ive seen that link before Owen and it makes me want to go there all over again.

            I think an I am not a stalker filed trip would be awesome! Somehow, I think we might need to coax Grim Cheaper into it though. 😉

            David, would love to see your Twi pics. (Im on FB too; Im going to look you up) Ive never seen the movie but from what I hear from my daughter, that is a top secret local. Kudos to you!!!!


          • David Crocker says:

            Hey Kerry,

            Well, I know EXACTLY where all the Officer and a Gentleman locations are so friend me on FB (David Crocker Seattle – I’m in Lindsay’s friend list as well) and I’ll hook you up (including the pool from the dunker scenes and the compression chamber). There are a couple of locations in Tacoma and Bremerton as well.

            Enough was filmed here in Gig Harbor and up in Port Townsend. I can direct you the Gig Harbor locales. I’ll look for your friend request.

      • Owen says:


        Boy, if I had the money, I’d love to do this. I didn’t even include the Oregon locations I’ve had on my must-see list in my previous comment because I figured those locales were too far south from Vancouver/Seattle/Tacoma, but I definitely have a bunch of ‘em. “The Goonies” and “Kindergarten Cop” are on my list already, along with “Point Break” and “Stand By Me.” (I know much of the latter was filmed in Oregon, though I haven’t really found locations for it yet. If anybody knows any, feel free to send an e-mail my way at I have “An Officer and a Gentleman” on the list too, though that one I’d be stalking for my mother. ☺ I do not, however, have “Twilight” on the must-see list. In fact, I’ve never even seen the movie and have no desire to. Please don’t try to stake me in the heart because of this, all you vampire-loving fans!

        Interesting note about the Astoria sites: Did you know that the house from “The Goonies” can be seen in the background in “Kindergarten Cop” in a scene where Ah-nuld is outside the school? Pretty cool.

        And, oh, don’t even get me started on the Chicago-area trip I’ve been researching for years. “The Breakfast Club,” “Weird Science,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Fugitive,” “Risky Business,” “Home Alone,” “Groundhog Day,” “What Women Want,” “Never Been Kissed,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” … The list goes on and on!

      • Kerry says:

        Sounds like alot of fun……Id love to do an I am not a stalker filed trip!!!

        I have been to many of the locations you mentioned. I just re-watched Enough last weekend as Im planning a day trip back over to Port Townsend soon. Id also like to hit the house from Officer while Im there. And theres a couple locations close to me from Practical Magic and War of the Roses that Ive been meaning to hit up too.

        I have always wanted to go to Brownsville Oregon to see the Stand By Me locations but we just have never made it yet. Owne, Ive seen that link before and it makes me want to go there so much. SUCH a great movie!

        I would love to see your Twi pics. Ive not seen the movie but I know from my daughter that the location youre referring to is a big one. Kudos to you for finding it!!! Im on FB too and Im going to be looking for you. And I will give you the address of the Kent family farm……which I have to admit was rather cool to see in person, although I am not a Smallville fan. Ive been to the Talon as well, which isnt far from Aldergrove. Your daughter would LOVE IT!!!!

        Back in 2001, I drove across country with a neightbor who was moving and she asked if I would drive with her and fly back. I said sure, but where are we stopping? When I heard Chicago, I nearly died…….can you say Home Alone???? Due to time and the fact that most people dont give film locations a second thought, I was only able to see the house and there are alot of cool things to see in that area. I would love to go back with a group…….how cool would that be??????

        So cool but Im not sure Grim Cheaper could handle all our excitement! Sounds fun to me though!

    • Lindsay says:

      OK I so need all of these addresses! Especially the Love Happens ones and The Crush . Not that I loved The Crush all that much, but at the time she filmed the movie, Alicia Silverstone was a student at San Mateo High School and San Mateo just happens to be my hometown! I still remember when they shut down our local movie theatre – Fashion Island Cinemas – so that Alicia could have a premiere party there for all of her friends. One of my friends who was her age went to it. So darn cool that a little bit of Hollywood came all the way to San Mateo that day!

      • Owen says:

        It took a good deal of time — and some serious sleuthing — to find a bunch of those “Love Happens” and “The Crush” locations. If you’re nice to me, I might share. We’ll see.

        • Kerry says:

          I’ll be nice to you Owen……will you share them with me? Im about an hour from the Candian border…..woo-hoo!!!!

          Hubs and I are planning a day in Vancouver soon, and at the top of my list is the Water Street cafe from Love Happens. And I hear theres some music video by some Michael……Bubble????? ;)………something like that, anyhow, we may stop by there for a peek. Would love to know what youve got for the Crush locations. Like maybe the house??????

          Anyhow, feel free to get in touch with me. Linds can pass along my email addy if youd like. Im on fb too.

          Save your pennies……I think you need to come up to the PNW for the stalking field trip!!!


          • Owen says:


            You’ll be nice, huh?

            I think I’ve got some locations from “Love Happens” and “The Crush” that might even bump the Water Street Cafe from the top of your list. Write me at the e-mail listed in one of my comments above (or contact me through Facebook; I’m Owen Lockwood of Fairfield, CT) and if I deem you nice enough I’ll try to make your trip across the border better than you imagined. 🙂

            And believe me, I’d love to save pennies. But tough — no, impossible — to do when you have no regular job and thus no regular income. Anybody paying a nice five-figure salary for a location stalker?!?! I’m willing to relocate! 😉


  4. David Crocker says:

    Great minds think alike Lindsay. My family and I are planning a trip to Vancouver this summer to visit the Killarny Market, and then we’re going to go camping in the park where they filmed Percy Jackson. After that, we’re trying east up toward the town of Hope where they filmed the first Rambo movie.

    In the meantime, I pass that hotel ALL THE TIME, as I do a lot of business in Lynnwood. I’ll have to stop by there.

    Oh, by the way, I’m sorry to report that my wife and daughter are going to see Michael Buble’ in concert tomorrow night at the Rose Garden arena in Portland. :).

    • Lindsay says:

      OMG I am SOOOO jealous you don’t even understand! Both about the grocery store and the concert! I tried to get tickets to his show in LA but they were $325 a piece and the Grim Cheaper was having none of that. Even told him I’d give up Starbucks for a year in order to go, to which he said “Why don’t you give up Starbucks for a year AND we won’t go to the concert? Imagine all the money we’ll save!” 😉 Please, please, please take lots of pics at both Killarney’s and the concert!
      Btw – Jen Aniston’s movie Love Happens was filmed pretty much in its entirety in Vancouver.

      • David Crocker says:

        Oh…wow….I wish I would’ve known about the concert because I used to live in L.A. and I know EXACTLY how to get tickets at face value for any sold out show down there. It’s a proven method that I’ve used for countless sold out concerts and it’s NEVER FAILED ME. Shoot me a note the next time there’s a concert you’re interested in and I’ll walk you through it. You’ll be shocked at how effective and fool proof it is. :).

        • Kerry says:

          David, just throwing this out there for you since you said youd be in Vacouver this summer. If youre going up to Hope, you will pass through Aldergrove, which is where the Kent Family farm is from Smallville. Dont know how old your daughter is but mine are 21 & 19 and they BOTH loved seeing it! There are plenty of locations in that area from Smallville. Also, if youll be in downtown Van, be sure to check out the Gastown area. Been used in SO many movies & even more TV movies, I wouldnt even know where to begin telling you which ones. Linds mentioned the recent Love Happens. Set in Seattle, shot in Van. Vancouver is used in so many productions, Im sure you are gonna have a blast stalking!!!

          • David Crocker says:

            Hey Kerry,

            Now you’ve done it. My 14 year old just discovered Smallville and has been busting through the Season DVD’s from our local video store. She won’t stop. It’s insane. If I tell her about a Smallville location she’ll totally freak. Frankly, I can barely keep her quiet in light of the Buble’ concert tomorrow night. If she knew she was going to visit the Killarney Market AND a Smallville location, she’d probably pass out.

            Well, you’ll have to give me the location info for that farm and I’ll surprise her. One of my favorite things to do is to just suddenly ‘show up’ at a location. I did that to her when I took her to the Carver Cafe’ from Twilight. She didn’t know we were going there until we were parked and walking up to the door. When she realized where she was she squealed like a greased pig! It was AWESOME!

        • Lindsay says:

          THANK YOU for this. I’ll let you know if it works. If you actually get me in to see MICHAEL BUBLE I will be indebted to you for LIFE! 🙂

  5. Lavonna Foster says:

    He was just in Cincinnati for a concert but I didn’t go:( Tickets were EXPENSIVE. We went to Taylor Swift instead..which was a excellent concert!

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