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Charlie and Kevin’s House from “Monster-in-Law”

Apr 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Movie Locations


A couple of weeks ago, fellow stalker Nick challenged me to track down all of the residences used in the 2005 romantic comedy Monster-in-Law, including Charlie Cantilini’s (aka Jennifer Lopez’s) Mediterranean-style apartment building, Kevin Fields’ (aka Michael Vartan’s) Craftsman house, and Viola Fields’ (aka Jane Fonda’s) opulent mansion.  Nick had already done most of the heavy lifting for this particular hunt by narrowing down the cities in which each of the dwellings was located.  All that was left for me to do was pinpoint the exact address of each location.  So, this past Saturday night, my fiancé and I finally sat down to watch Monster-in-Law for the first time.  I didn’t actually expect to like the movie, but I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised – it’s a really cute flick!  Anyway, the first house I set my sights on finding was the large Craftsman bungalow where Kevin, and later Charlie, lived in the movie.  Nick had ascertained that this particular house was located somewhere in Pasadena and I had a hunch that, due to its stunning Craftsman-style architecture, it was most likely a famous residence.  So, on Sunday morning, I headed over to fave bookstore, Vroman’s, to take a peek at some Pasadena area architectural guidebooks and, sure enough, I found the Monster-in-Law house in the very first one in which I looked.  Yay!

Monster-In-Law-Jennifer-Lopez-Jane-Fonda-8 Monster-In-Law-Jennifer-Lopez-Jane-Fonda-1

In real life, the Monster-in-Law house is known as the Ross House and it was designed in 1911 by Alfred and Arthur Heineman, the same architectural team who was responsible for giving us Dylan’s house from Beverly Hills, 90210 and the Eppes house from the television series Numb3rs.   The Heineman brothers built the residence, which features Craftsman, Asian, and Neo-Classical design elements, for a rancher named Winslow Ross at a cost of $8,000. The house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, boasts Batchelder tile work, a hand-painted mural, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a whopping 4,657 square feet of living space.  And, let me tell you, it is absolutely beautiful in person!

ScreenShot4293 ScreenShot4301 ScreenShot4295

The exterior of the Ross House showed up numerous times in Monster-in-Law.



As did the home’s large front porch.

ScreenShot4294  ScreenShot4296  ScreenShot4298

But, according to the behind-the-scenes information featured in the movie’s DVD extras, the interiors were not filmed on location at the residence, but on a soundstage at Culver Studios in Culver City.  As you can see in these photographs of the real life house, the actual interior doesn’t much look like its onscreen counterpart, which is pictured above.  You can check out a more in-depth view of the set where filming took place on fave website Hooked On Houses.

Monster In Law sign


While watching Monster-in-Law on Saturday night, I spotted an unusual-looking street sign in the background behind Jane Fonda in a scene that had been filmed in front of the house.  I was hoping it would give me some sort of clue as to the residence’s exact location, but, try as I might, I could not for the life of me make out what the sign said.  As it turned out, I didn’t end up needing the sign to find the house, but when I  stalked the place on Sunday, I was absolutely dying to see that sign in person and of course, just had to take a picture with it.  🙂 

Big THANK YOU to Nick for helping me find this location!  🙂

  Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Ross House, aka Charlie and Kevin’s house from Monster-in-Law, is located at 674 Elliott Drive in Pasadena.



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  1. David says:

    does anyone know where i might find the original house plans for this extraordinary old bungalow?

  2. Aw this is awesome, was a lovely movie. Love Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Lindsey Wight says:

    What fun! My great-great uncles were the architects of this and many other beautiful homes.

  4. Ashley says:

    OMG! that is so awesome I live like 10 minutes or less from Elliot Drive! I go to Pasadena City College!!

  5. I’m so excited that you tracked this down! Excellent sleuth work. I’ll update my post and link to yours. Thanks!!

  6. Mayra Cansigno says:

    OMG i love this movie it

  7. Nick says:

    I am so happy that you found the address to the house and that you got out to stalk it!

  8. Virginie says:

    just a little correction: it’s 674 Elliott Drive, with double t in the end. i’m such a perfectionist 😉

  9. Virginie says:

    Good job, Lindsay! I love this one! I searched for this one myself, but helas, you beat me ;-).

  10. Diane Tuman says:

    Great job finding this house! A fan of Zillow’s on Facebook asked where this home was and Hooked on Houses helped me out and pointed to your site. I should have known. We enjoy reading you. Regards,
    Diane Tuman
    Content Manager,

  11. Lavonna says:

    AWWW one of my fav movies..wish we would have went by this house on our recent trip. Good Post!

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