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Killarney Market from Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” Video

Jun 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Michael Buble Locations


Now don’t laugh, but the primary reason behind the Grim Cheaper’s and my trip up to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend was so that I could stalk the spot where Michael Buble filmed the music video for his hit song “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Killarney Market in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Sure, we also wanted to sightsee, spend some time in Seattle and Canada, and visit with our good friends Kerry and Jim who live in the area, but, all kidding aside, the main purpose of our trip was to stalk that grocery store.  Yes, we traveled over 1,000 miles to see a supermarket!  You see, ever since I first watched the “Haven’t Met You Yet” video back in early October of last year, I promised myself that I would one day get up to Vancouver to see the Michael Buble grocery store in person.  That day came much sooner than expected, though, thanks to my fiancé’s boss, who recently presented us with Virgin America gift certificates as an early wedding present.  Well, let me tell you, my first thought upon seeing those certificates was, ‘We’re going to Canada, Baby!’  And, sure enough, we did!  Thanks to fellow stalker Kerry, who completely organized the trip and drove about four hours out of her way to pick us up at the airport, not only did I get to stalk the Michael Buble grocery store, but a slew of other Pacific Northwest locations, as well, which I will be blogging about over the next few weeks.   Anyway, upon landing at the Sea-Tac International Airport at around 5 p.m. this past Friday evening, Kerry, her husband Jim, the Grim Cheaper, and I headed north to Vancouver, British Columbia.  And bright and early the following morning we hit up Killarney Market to finally do some “Haven’t Met You Yet” stalking.  YAY!


I should explain here that there are quite a few reasons why I wanted to stalk Killarney Market so badly, the most obvious of which being that I absolutely LOVE Michael Buble.  More than that, though, I also absolutely ADORE the “Haven’t Met You Yet” video, which centers around Michael doing some shopping at a local grocery store.  While in the freezer section picking out some microwavable TV dinners, he spots his dream girl (who is played by MB’s real life fiancé Luisana Lopilato) standing just a few feet away from him.  He approaches her and the two sing and dance their way through the store, eventually winding up in the parking lot, marching band in tow.  The video ends with Michael standing in the check-out aisle, belting out his song, eyes closed, before realizing that the whole scenario had been imagined.  As he leaves the grocery store, slightly embarrassed, the girl he had envisioned in his daydream brushes past him.  MB stops for a moment to stare after her and then continues on his way.  “Haven’t Met You Yet” is an incredibly fun-spirited romp that makes one want to get out of their seat and dance, which is a big part of why I loved it so much.  But the fact that it was filmed in a grocery store made the video even more special to me, as my father managed supermarkets throughout my entire childhood.  To me, the video felt a little bit like home.  🙂

I am very happy to report that Killarney Market looks EXACTLY the same in person as it did onscreen in Michael’s video – minus the ticker tape and marching band, of course.  😉  I am also very happy to report that the Killarney employees could NOT have been nicer to us and literally almost fell over when they heard that we had traveled all the way from Southern California to see their store.  They were happy to answer all of my silly questions about the filming, which took place over the course of two nights in September of 2009, and they let me take all of the photographs of the place that I wanted.  YAY!  And while the employees that I spoke with weren’t exactly sure of how the grocery store premise of the video came to be, they did tell me that Killarney’s Market was specifically chosen as the “Haven’t Met You Yet” location because it reminded MB of a store he had shopped at as a child.  So cool!  (Note – my parents just gifted me with a new, hi-tech camera and I haven’t yet figured out exactly how to use it, so, sadly, my pictures of the market didn’t come out as well as they should have.)
One of the employees even showed me a picture on his blackberry that he had taken with Michael during the filming.  So, I, of course, had to snap a photograph of it.  🙂  I can’t tell you what I wouldn’t do to have my picture taken with MB like that!!!  Sigh!
ScreenShot4680 ScreenShot4681
P1000530 P1000543
Another of the employees ended up taking us on a little mini-tour of the specific locations used in the video, which I thought was just about the coolest thing ever!!!!  🙂  The areas of the store which appeared in “Haven’t Met You Yet” include the freezer section (Aisle 6), which was both where Michael first spotted Luisana;
ScreenShot4695 ScreenShot4697
P1000519 P1000520
and where the two danced atop the freezer cases;
ScreenShot4685 ScreenShot4686
P1000516 P1000540
the meat counter adjacent to Aisle 1, where the butcher got jiggy with it;
Aisle 7, where the mattress floated down the aisle;
Aisle 4, where the marching band played;
the front of the store where the grand finale began;
the front parking lot where the grand finale ended;
Check-out counter Number 3, where MB got caught day-dreaming;
the side entrance of the store, where he walked by Luisana at the end of the video;
ScreenShot4683 ScreenShot4687
P1000536 P1000537
and the shelf where Michael sat throughout the video, which is located in the middle of Aisle 1.  Apparently, the managers of Killarney’s weren’t too excited about the prospect of MB sitting on one of their shelves during the filming as they were worried it might collapse, so producers ended up having the shelf reinforced and tying metal wires to the singer to guard against him falling.  I so love that Michael’s shelf was left a bit lower than the adjacent shelves, as it appeared in the video.

I cannot tell you what a thrill it was for me to finally be able to stalk the “Haven’t Met You Yet” grocery store!  It was definitely the highlight of my entire trip!  You can watch the video by clicking above and you can see some FABULOUS behind-the-scenes pictures of the filming of the video on the Killarney Market Facebook page here.


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Killarney Market from Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” music video is located at 2611 49th Avenue East in Vancouver, British Columbia.  You can visit the market’s official Facebook page here.



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  1. "D" says:

    Does anyone know who played the butcher in the video> Surely he’s not a butcher, but an actor. He moves better than any butcher I haven’t yet met….

  2. lauro says:

    this music is so up to date, I’m still listening these days…
    and looking for the name of the grocery store i’ve found your site and pictures.
    this clip is so cute! and you are very lucky to get this place!

  3. My wife and I just finished watching that music video again and we, like you, really love it. I startetd looking for where it was filmed and came across your site (from way out here in Australia). It was GREAT to see the photos and the story of the filming as well as the comparison photos – GREAT JOB !! Love the blog, keep it up

  4. Lee says:

    When I saw the video for Just Havent Met You Yet, I thought it was so cool because my friend lived right by the Killarney Market and we used to drive or walk by it all the time. BTW You can tell that the market was a Safeway originally because it has that same wavey roof with the large wooden beams that they all used to have. That’s what Buble must have been nostalgic about. It’s too bad the location scouts didn’t go out to Burquitlam though. One of the last Safeway stores in Canada with that architecture is still standing there.

  5. Thaís says:

    I was researching in google which supermarket is this because I’m gonna do the same “tour” in January! It’s nice to know that the employees are friendly, because I’ll probabbly ask the same silly questions!!! ahahahahahhaa I just wanted to be more lucky and meet MB in Vancouver. I’m from Brazil and I’m not just going because of this reason, but I’m sure this is one of the reasons of my trip ahahhaha

  6. Salem says:

    it does encourge to visit this market after watching the video clip, i tried to find thier location throw their web site but i found only ur post.nice coverage. did u buy anything for good memory 😉
    at least to receive thier receipt

  7. Raul Moreno says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you made it there.Without,the most uplifting song and video of the year!When I was at my local Ralph’s a month ago,the in house music there starting playing this song.As I was pushing my basket I was sort dancing along with it.The girl stocking the frozen section smiled at me and said “I love this song,too!”So we both laughed and did a dance to it.Made her day and mine also!

  8. Lavonna says:

    Good post! Love when you can see location where the entire video was filmed. They could have cleared that shelf off and let you climb on up..LOL

  9. Davidete says:

    Lol! You won’t believe me, but I ‘haven’t seen this video yet” :p In fact, when I was SO confused with your pictures and the pics of the girl fo the video, at first glimpse I was convinced that you were climbing inside the market like MB… XDDDD!

    Thanks for the post!

    • Lindsay says:

      So, you actually thought Luisana Lopilato was me in those screen captures???? OMG! That is an incredible compliment! Thank you!

      • Davidete says:

        Absolutely! At first glimpse when I saw that girl up there I thought it was you doing the same routine MB does in the video… but when I saw her lying on the floor with MB then I realized that I had to be wrong!

        And believe me, you have nothing to envy that Luisana;)

  10. Becky says:

    This was an awesome post! I like that video because it reminds me of my hometown grocery store…. and it doesn’t hurt that MB is in it either 😉

  11. janeen says:

    Look how cute you look! How did I not know that you love Michael B? That song is the story of my life – LOL! Great pics.

  12. lisa says:

    Wow, I love this. I too am a Michael Buble fan and have added this to my TO DO STALKING LIST for the future. Thanks for the great pictures…. Haven’t Met you Yet is the best. I still listen to it ALOT!

  13. Michelle says:

    So neat! I’m impressed with your dedication…all the way to BC for Michael! 😉 I love Michael Buble because my boyfriend, who is also an aspiring singer, sounds a lot like him, so I always like to think that if he ever makes it big he’ll be the next MB. Is it too soon for the “next” MB?

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