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Holly’s Nashua House from “The Office”

Aug 17th, 2010 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations


Another location from The Office that I stalked recently was the supposed Nashua, New Hampshire-area house that Holly Flax moved into in the Season 5 episode titled “Employee Transfer”.  I found this location, yet again, thanks to fellow stalker Owen who went on a mission a while back to try to track down as many Office locales as possible.  So, thank you, Owen!  Ironically enough, though, I actually didn’t need his help on this one because as soon as I first saw the “Employee Transfer” episode, I was fairly certain that the Nashua house scenes had been filmed either on or near Carroll Avenue in the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles – an area which boasts the city’s largest concentration of Victorian-era  homes.  I was already quite familiar with Carroll Avenue and its architecture as the haunted house from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and the Halliwell residence from the television series Charmed are both located there.  And, sure enough, my stalking instincts were right on!  While Holly’s house is not actually located on Carroll Avenue, it can be found just around the corner from it.

ScreenShot5095 ScreenShot5098 

ScreenShot5099 ScreenShot5100 

In the “Employee Transfer” episode, Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) and Darryl Philbin (aka the hilarious Craig Robinson) move Michael’s girlfriend Holly Flax (aka Amy Ryan) into her new home in Nashua, after she has been transferred back to the Dunder Mifflin branch where she formerly worked.

  IMG_0689 IMG_0690  

IMG_0687 IMG_0692

And I am very happy to report that the residence looks EXACTLY the same in person as it did on the show.  Holly’s house is absolutely GORGEOUS and it is not very hard to see why producers chose to film there, although, in my mind at least, it looks far more like a San Francisco-area home than one that would be found in Nashua.  I’ve never been to New Hampshire, though, so don’t quote me on that one.  😉 


Holly’s Nashua house, which is known as the Jesse Hall Residence in real life, actually has quite a bit of history to it, as do most properties in the neighborhood.  The Hall Residence was designed by contractor John M. Skinner in 1887 for $6,000 and it is a carbon copy of the property located directly to the east of it, which is known as the Henry G. Hall Residence.  Because the homes are identical in appearance and were both owned by families with the last name of Hall, they are known in architectural circles as “the Hall Twins”.  And while the house was originally a single-family dwelling, in 1915 Jesse Hall’s son, Tracey, transformed the property into a duplex and it remains so to this day.  The Hall Twins were both designated Historic-Cultural Monuments in June of 1979.  You can read more about their history on the Big Orange Landmarks blog here.

On an Office side note – EW Magazine is reporting that Amy Ryan will be back for a whopping eight episodes during the show’s upcoming seventh season.  YAY!  You can watch a clip of Amy appearing on fave show Chelsea Lately in which she talks about how she landed her recurring role as Michael Scott’s love interest  Holly Flax.  Apparently, after she was nominated for an Oscar for the movie Gone, Baby, Gone, she told her agent that she wanted to use her newfound Hollywood clout to land a guest spot on The Office, which was her favorite show.  She ended up landing the part of Holly and when she arrived on the set the first day and told Rainn Wilson the story of how she booked the role, he told her “You really should aim higher.”  LOL  I first watched that interview long before I had ever seen an episode of The Office and remember being absolutely fascinated by the fact that Amy loved the show THAT much.  But now that I’ve become an Office devotee, I TOTALLY get it.  If I was nominated for an Oscar, I, too, would so try to use my clout to land a role on that show.  🙂


Big THANK YOU to Owen for finding this location!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Holly Flax’s Nashua house from The Office is located at 1347 Kellam Avenue in the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.  The house from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is located just around the corner at 1345 Carroll Avenue and the Charmed residence is located at 1329 Carroll Avenue.



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  1. Carly says:

    this is also the house from “Running With Scissors” I was at my friend’s house the other day and we were watching a movie and the preview played of this movie and I was like…. HOLLY’S HOUSE!!!! XD

  2. Brian says:

    Here is a sample of an actual victorian in Nashua, where I live.

  3. Michelle says:

    So I live in New Hampshire and you are absolutely right–this is definitely NOTHING like a house you would find there!!! It’s super west coast, and just not that New England-y. I’m repeatedly surprised at all the Office filming locations you find in the LA area, and then realize how much they never seemed like they could have been filmed on the east coast at all!

  4. Lavonna says:

    JEALOUS! You are getting to stalk all the Office spots! Good job finding this one. Glad Holly is returning.

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