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The Quality Café

Mar 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


While stalking in Downtown Los Angeles a couple of weekends ago, the Grim Cheaper and I found ourselves hungry so I suggested grabbing some lunch at the Quality Café on West 7th Street – a diner that has appeared in countless productions over the years.  When we showed up to stalk the place, though, we were shocked to discover that it was completely boarded up.  I was even further shocked to discover, once I returned home, that, aside from some brief blurbs about its filming history, I could not seem to find any information about the place online.  I was extremely curious if the cafe had ever been an actual working restaurant or if it had only ever existed as a film set.  So I contacted fellow stalker Harry Medved, author of one of my very favorite stalking tomes – Hollywood Escapes: The Moviegoer’s Guide to Exploring Southern California’s Great Outdoors – who was nice enough to give me the scoop on the former greasy spoon.  As it turns out, the Quality Café was indeed a real life restaurant at one point time.  It closed its doors a few years back and is now used solely for filming, although word on the street is that the place might re-open as an eatery once again in the near future.


Being that it is completely boarded up and there is not a whole lot to see while there, the Quality Café does not make for a great stalking venue, but because it has such an incredibly vast filming history, I figured it was worthy of a blog post.

ScreenCap884 ScreenCap885

ScreenCap886 ScreenCap888

In Catch Me If You Can, it is while dining at the Quality Café that a waiter clues Carl Hanratty (aka Tom Hanks) into the fact that Barry Allen, the alias Frank Abagnale Jr. (aka Leonardo DiCaprio) has been using, is the actual name of the comic book character “The Flash”.

ScreenCap889 ScreenCap891

ScreenCap892 ScreenCap893

In 1995’s Se7en, Tracy Mills (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) confesses to Detective Lt. William Somerset (aka Morgan Freeman) that she is pregnant with Detective David Mills’ (aka Brad Pitt’s) baby over a cup of coffee at the Quality Café.

ScreenCap894 ScreenCap895

ScreenCap898 ScreenCap899

Morgan Freeman returned to the Quality Café in 2004 to film the scene from Million Dollar Baby in which his character, Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris, takes Maggie Fitzgerald (aka Hilary Swank) out to celebrate her birthday.

ScreenCap900 ScreenCap901

ScreenCap902 ScreenCap903

In Gone in Sixty Seconds, the Quality Café is the diner where Helen Raines (aka Grace Zabriskie), the mother of Memphis (aka Nicolas Cage) and Kip Raines (aka Giovanni Ribisi), works.

ScreenCap904 ScreenCap905

ScreenCap906 ScreenCap908

In Training Day, Detective Alonzo Harris (aka Denzel Washington) and Jake Hoyt (aka Ethan Hawke) meet up at the café on their first day of working together.

ScreenCap913 ScreenCap909 

ScreenCap911 ScreenCap910 

In Old School, Mitch Martin (aka Luke Wilson) takes Nicole (aka Ellen Pompeo) to the Quality Café and tries to convince her that he is actually a nice guy.

ScreenCap914 ScreenCap915

In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, John Smith (aka Brad Pitt) and Eddie (aka Vince Vaughn) meet up at the Quality Café to discuss the failed assassination attempt of Benjamin Danz (aka Adam Brody).

ScreenCap931 ScreenCap933

ScreenCap935 ScreenCap936

In 2001’s Ghost World, Enid (aka Thora Birch) and Rebecca (aka a very young Scarlett Johansson) spy on some supposed Satanists while dining at the Quality Café.

ScreenCap943 ScreenCap947

ScreenCap945 ScreenCap946

In 2009’s The Stepfather, the Quality Café is where David Harris (aka Dylan Walsh) asks Michael Harding (aka Penn Badgley) to be his best man.

 ScreenCap953 ScreenCap952

 ScreenCap955 ScreenCap957

In Sex and Death 101, the Quality Café is where Death Nell (aka Winona Ryder) tells Roderick Blank (aka Simon Baker) her life story.

ScreenCap964 ScreenCap967

ScreenCap968 ScreenCap969

In 2008’s The Midnight Meat Train, the Quality Café is where Leon’s (aka Bradley Cooper’s) wife, Maya (aka Leslie Bibb), works.

ScreenCap958 ScreenCap960

 ScreenCap962 ScreenCap963

In 1993’s What’s Love Got To Do With It, the Quality Café is where Ike Turner (aka Laurence Fishburne) takes Anna Mae Bullock (aka Angela Bassett) out to dinner for the first time.

ScreenCap977 ScreenCap974

ScreenCap975 ScreenCap976

The Quality Café was the site of a triple murder in the Season One episode of CSI: New York titled “Outside Man”.

ScreenCap923 ScreenCap926

ScreenCap927 ScreenCap929

In the Season One episode of Mad Men titled “5G”, the Quality Café stood in for the Delight Café where Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm) met up with his half-brother, Adam Whitman (aka Jay Paulson), whom he had been estranged from for years.

ScreenCap920 ScreenCap919

 ScreenCap921 ScreenCap922

Harry Medved also let me know that, according to Marty Cummins, the key assistant location manager for 500 Days of Summer, the Quality Café is where Summer (aka Zooey Deschanel) broke up with Tom (aka Joseph Gordon-Levitt) at the beginning of the flick.


And while the exterior of the restaurant appeared as a local hangout in 2004’s You Got Served . . .

ScreenCap940 ScreenCap941

ScreenCap942 ScreenCap938 

. . . as you can see in the above screen captures, a different restaurant was used for the interior filming.

EMBED-The Quality Cafe in Movies Mash-Up – Watch more free videos

You can watch a fabulous compilation from the Screen Junkies website of several different movies that have been filmed at the café by clicking above.


Big THANK YOU to Harry Medved for filling me in on the restaurant’s history.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Quality Café is located at 1238 West 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles.  The restaurant is currently closed to the public and is only available for film shoots, so I can’t say that I’d really recommend stalking it as there is just not a whole lot to see.



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  1. Allison H. says:

    It also features pretty prominently in the Numb3rs episode “Blowback,” 2008.

    • David Halver says:

      As an Art Director & Location Scout in LA, I can tell you for sure the Quality IS open for business as a Restaurant… but only for Breakfast & Lunch. It is NOT “boarded up” or shut down. The days that it’s “Shuttered” can vary (sometimes closed on Sundays other times Monday). Go early to see the “regulars” who eat there… some look like they just stepped out of a Fellini film!

  2. John (Bay Area) says:

    I always like your cafe & bar blogs. Its interesting that all those productions (except Mad Men) decided to use the Quality Café name instead of making up a new name each time. For the sake of realism, you would expect them to avoid a name that might trigger a memory of another movie. But at the same time, its kinda cool… almost like its an inside joke. Now I’m going to be looking for it all the time.

    • Ashley says:

      I was thinking the same thing, so interesting that they never seem to change the name of it! I totally recognized it from (500) Days of Summer as I was scrolling through the other photos 🙂

  3. Lavonna says:

    Some GREAT movies filmed there lets hope it re-opens!

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