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The Other “Catch Me If You Can” House

Apr 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


A few years ago during an acting class, my very favorite acting teacher, Annie, happened to mention that the Catch Me If You Can house was located just around the corner from where she then lived in Studio City.  She said she had been walking her dogs one afternoon back in 2002 and had stumbled upon a scene from the movie being filmed at a large, Colonial-style house that producers had dressed in Christmas decor and covered with fake snow.  Well, her story had me thoroughly confused as I knew that the large, Colonial-style house where Frank Abagnale Jr.’s (aka Leonardo DiCaprio’s) mother, Paula (aka Nathalie Baye), lived in the flick, which was dressed in Christmas décor and covered with fake snow for a scene, was located on East California Boulevard in Pasadena.  Annie insisted, though, that the house was located in Studio City and that she had watched much of the filming take place.  I didn’t think much of it at the time and figured it was just a case of producers scrapping one location for another mid-shoot, as has been known to happen sometimes during the course of a production.  It wasn’t until I was scanning through Catch Me If You Can back in March to make screen captures for my post on the Barclay Hotel that I realized that, as incredible as it may sound, there were actually TWO large, Colonial-style homes that had been dressed in Christmas decor and covered with fake snow in the flick!  As it turns out, the house Annie had told me about appeared briefly in the very beginning of the movie as the supposed New Rochelle, New York-area residence where Frank Jr. lived with his parents before they lost all of their money. 

IMG_4770 IMG_4776

IMG_4771 IMG_4778

Once I realized that the house that Annie had told our class about had, in fact, appeared in the movie, I immediately got to work in tracking it down.  I knew where Annie’s former residence was located, so it was just a matter of searching around her neighborhood for the property.  Thanks to the home’s distinct corner location, it was not very hard to find.  And I dragged the GC right on out there to stalk the place this past weekend.  The Catch Me If You Can house is quite charming in person and is situated on an absolutely HUGE corner lot which measures .38 of an acre.  And while the landscaping in front of it has changed quite a bit since filming took place, it is still very recognizable from the movie.


The residence appeared in two scenes in the movie.  It first popped up in the scene in which Frank Abagnale Sr. (aka Christopher Walken) and his wife Paula dance in their living room after attending an awards ceremony at the local Rotary Club.

ScreenCap1272 ScreenCap1273

And it later appears in the scene in which the family is shown moving out of the house after having fallen upon hard times.

ScreenCap1266 ScreenCap1269

And, as you can see in these photographs of the home, the real life interior, including the living room area  . . .

ScreenCap1270 ScreenCap1271

. . .and one of the bedrooms, was used in the filming.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Frank’s parents’ house from the beginning of Catch Me If You Can is located at 12075 Valleyheart Drive in Studio City.



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  1. Matthew says:

    That house was also used in “Capricorn One” as the home of James Brolin’s character.

  2. I like this post. Thanks for all the details. Have you ever tracked down Charlie Sheen’s place?

  3. Robby says:

    Excellent find! I’ve driven past the Pasadena home a few times and knew about that one – had know idea about the other home in Studio City. Nice job.

  4. Tony says:

    Great find, Lindsay! I gave up on searching for that home thinking that it was on the east coast. Another added to my to-do list.

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