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Another Day of Slacking Off!

Jun 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Uncategorized


Sorry to do this yet again, but I am taking today off.  I spent all weekend, including Friday, in the Desert helping my parents unpack and unfortunately did not have time to write a blog post.  I will be back tomorrow, though, with a whole new location, so until next time . . . Happy Stalking!  Smile



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  1. Her mom says:

    She and the GC have been a great help with the move and her Dad’s health problems. 🙁 . We feel bad that she loses the time to write her blog. She LIVES for her blog and LOVES her readers.

  2. Lavonna says:

    I love how they live in the desert! Hope you had a wonderful weekend (except for the unpacking) with your parents 🙂

    • Her mom says:

      I have always said I could live in a desert, cause I HATE rain! However I have to admit 115 is pretty blasted hot! 🙂

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