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The “Beaches” Mansion

Sep 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


One location that I have been asked about repeatedly ever since I first started my blog almost four years ago (and I CANNOT even believe that it has been that long!!!) is the large Tudor-style mansion where Hillary Whitney Essex (aka Barbara Hershey) lived in the 1988 tearjerker Beaches.  And while it had long been noted on various websites that the property was located somewhere in the Pasadena area, try as I might, I just could not seem to track the place down.  Then this past January a fellow stalker named Alain who lives in France emailed me to ask about a mansion that had appeared in the Season 7 episode of Columbo titled “Try and Catch Me”.  He mentioned that the same estate had also been used in Beaches.  I explained to Alain that I had been trying to find that particular home for years, but had had absolutely no luck.  Flash forward 9 months to this past Tuesday afternoon when I received another email from Alain, this one announcing that he had found the property!  Whoo-hoo!  How he managed to locate it while living thousands of miles away in France, when I failed to do so while living right here in Pasadena, is absolutely beyond me!  My hat is most-definitely off to you, Alain!

P1000874 P1000877

P1000878 P1000879

So I, of course, ran right out to stalk the place early Wednesday morning.  Sadly though, as you can see above, hardly any of the property is visible from the street.


But, as I have said before, that is why God created aerial views.  In real life, the 7,479-square-foot, 8-bedroom, 4-bath home, which was built in 1916 by the noted Pasadena architecture firm Marston & Van Pelt (who also designed the Twins mansion), is known as the S. S. Hinds Estate.  The property was named for one of its original owners, actor Samuel S. Hinds, who is best known for playing Peter Bailey, George Bailey’s (aka James Stewart’s) father, in the 1946 classic It’s A Wonderful LifeAccording to my buddy E.J. over at The Movieland Directory, Hinds lived in the home from the 1920s until the 1940s. Ironically enough, Hinds was originally a very prominent attorney who lost his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929.  He was able to keep his Pasadena manse during that difficult time by renting it out to various boarders.  Finding himself destitute at the age of 54, he decided to abandon law and try his hand at acting and it was not long before Hollywood came a’callin’.  Hinds went on to star in over 200 films before his death in 1948.

ScreenShot929 ScreenShot946

ScreenShot944 ScreenShot948

ScreenShot931 ScreenShot933

In Beaches, the S.S Hinds Estate stood in for the supposed Atherton-area residence where Hillary lived both as a child and an adult.

ScreenShot934 ScreenShot935

ScreenShot930 ScreenShot943

The house’s front gate was used quite prominently in the movie in the scenes in which Hillary checked her mailbox in anticipation of receiving letters from her lifelong best friend, Cecilia “CC” Carol Bloom (aka Bette Midler).

P1000880 P1000881

And while the gate is thankfully visible from the street and still looks EXACTLY the same today as it did in 1988 when Beaches was filmed, sadly, as you can see above, Hillary’s mailbox is not there in real life.  I am guessing that it was just a set piece that was brought in solely for the filming.

ScreenShot936 ScreenShot938

ScreenShot940 ScreenShot942

The real life interior of the property was also used in the flick.

ScreenShot949 ScreenShot950

ScreenShot951 ScreenShot958

Thanks to fave website OnLocationVacations, I learned that the Season 3 episode of Mad Men titled “My Old Kentucky Home” was also filmed at the S.S. Hinds Estate.  In the episode, the property stood in for the country club where Roger Sterling (aka John Slattery) and Jane Siegel (aka Peyton List) hosted their Kentucky Derby party.

ScreenShot940 ScreenShot956

As you can see in the screen captures above, one of the hallways that appeared in Beaches was also used in Mad Men as the spot where Betty Draper (aka January Jones) first met Henry Francis (aka Christopher Stanley).

ScreenShot953 ScreenShot952

ScreenShot954 ScreenShot955

I am fairly certain, though, that the club’s bar, where Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm) spent most of his evening, is not actually located inside of the Hinds Estate, but is a real life bar somewhere in Los Angeles.

ScreenShot961 ScreenShot962

ScreenShot971 ScreenShot976

And again thanks to OnLocationVacations, I also learned that the estate was used as the Turnbill Mansion, which Leslie Knope (aka Amy Poehler) fought to save, in the Season 2 episode of Parks & Recreation titled “94 Meetings”.

ScreenShot940 ScreenShot956

ScreenShot965 ScreenShot969

Amazingly, the very same hallway that appeared in both Mad Men and Beaches was also featured in Parks and Recreation.

ScreenShot936 ScreenShot938

ScreenShot967 ScreenShot966

As was the stairway from Beaches.

ScreenShot972 ScreenShot975

And the front gate, which Leslie Knopes barricaded herself to, thinking it opened in the middle, on Parks and Recreation.  LOL


A large painting of the mansion was created for the filming of Parks and Recreation, as well.  Being that I doubt the painting would ever be used again on the series, I am wondering if the owners of the Hinds Estate got to keep it.  So cool if they did!

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a copy of the Columbo “Try and Catch Me” episode anywhere, so I could not make screen captures of the Hinds Estate’s appearance in it for this post.

Big THANK YOU to fellow stalker Alain for telling me about this location!  Smile

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Beaches mansion is located at 880 La Loma Road in Pasadena.



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  1. Nightwing says:

    This house was also used as a filming location for LA LA Land and takes place at a wedding scene by the pool.

  2. Tina says:

    For those of you interested, you can visit this home for the price of a ticket in April and May. It will be the Pasadena Showcase House for 2017.

  3. Drew says:

    Awesome post. I have loved that house since I first saw it in Columbo. The architecture of the home is amazing. Did you ever receive more photos of it from the relative? I would love to see how it looks inside after all these years.

  4. Anony says:

    It’s my grandma’s house. if you want more pictures, email me 🙂

    • Drew says:

      I am interested in more pictures! It is an amazing house and I am curious how it has changed since the Columbo episode.

    • Shana Donnell says:

      Hello! If this is still a valid email about your grandother’s home, like so many people have fallen in love with this gracious estate, so I am smitten. My husband and I only recently discovered it in the Columbo movie. I turn it on every morning to get up looking at the lovely peaceful rooms. We don’t have a website, but if there are any photos that could be emailed or other sites to visit, we would be thrilled to do so. Thank you for sharing the beautiful home that must give you great pride. Shana

  5. Tamara says:

    Almost certain the exterior was used in a TV movie/miniseries of Alice in Wonderland that featured on TV in about ’85 or ’87. It can be seen here: at about 2.55 mins in. Great site 🙂 Tamara (Australia)

    • Lindsay says:

      OMG you are right! That Alice in Wonderland was one of my VERY favorite movies as a kid. I taped it when it aired and my grandma and I would watch it together almost weekly. Thanks for bringing back some fabulous memories! 🙂

  6. Jenny Reilly says:

    Super Post !!!! I also know this home was used in 2 other movies from the 80’s. The first movie was 1983’s” Mr. Mom” it was used as the home of Terri Garr’s boss ,Ron Richardson AKA” Martin Mull” . The second movie was 1987’s “Who’s That Girl” which star Madonna of all people.

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