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Linda Vista Community Hospital

Oct 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Haunted Hollywood, This and That


Way back in August, in preparation for my Haunted Hollywood postings, I dragged the Grim Cheaper out to a spot that is, hands down, the spookiest location I have ever visited in all my years of stalking – Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights.  Because the property is not only a filming location, but has been abandoned for close to two decades now and is largely rumored to be haunted, I figured it would fit in perfectly with my Halloween-themed month.  And the stalking gods must have agreed because a magical thing happened while we were there!  As fate would have it, we happened to run into one of the hospital’s caretakers while we were snapping pictures outside and when he saw my enthusiasm for the place’s vast filming history, he invited us in for a private tour!

P1000668 P1000667

P1000665 P1000666

Linda Vista Community Hospital, which was originally named Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital or Santa Fe Railroad Hospital, was first built in 1904 as a private infirmary for sick and injured employees of the Santa Fe Railroad Line.  The 6-story, 150-bed property, which was expanded several times after its opening, was transformed into a community hospital in 1937, at which point its name was changed to Linda Vista.  Sadly, as the Boyle Heights area fell upon hard times, the hospital suffered and, in 1989, due to a lack of funds and a drop in Medicare reimbursements, the Linda Vista Emergency Room was closed.  Two years later, in 1991, the hospital shuttered its doors altogether.  And that’s when Hollywood came a’knockin’.  Shortly after the closure, Linda Vista’s property manager, Francis Kortekaas, decided to lease the site out to film crews in order to offset its high maintenance costs and he has not looked back since!  Due to its vacancy and aged appearance, location scouts cannot seem to stay away from the place.  The hospital, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, currently plays host to between 100 and 150 productions each and every year!

linda-vista-hospital-1 linda-vista-hospital-9

linda-vista-hospital-5 linda-vista-hospital-11

Linda Vista Community Hospital is also currently home to the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project, a research team that not only conducts intensive investigations of paranormal activity on site, but hosts regular events on the property – including late-night “flashlight tours” and overnight visits in which those stalkers far more brave than myself can actually spend the night inside of the hospital.  Um, I think I’ll pass on that one!  Winking smile It was scary enough just being in that place in the broad daylight!


On our tour of Linda Vista Community Hospital, the GC and I were shown most areas of the property, including the hallways;


P1000670 P1000672

the front lobby;


P1000674 P1000675

the chapel;


an examination room;


the original morgue, which was dressed for the filming of an Eminem music video that had taken place a few days prior;


the original morgue freezer;


a room where serial killer Richard Ramirez supposedly camped out before he was caught;

P1000679 P1000682

and the basement area, which was used extensively in the pilot episode of ER and was the area that I had most wanted to see.


The basement contains a lobby area, which had been dressed with fake blood for a student film;

P1000685 P1000691

a kitchen/break room;

P1000687 P1000686

P1000689 P1000688

a surgical room;

P1000690 P1000684

and a fake morgue, which was constructed specifically for filming.


As you can see above, only one of the morgue freezers actually opens, the rest are fake.  SO INCREDIBLY COOL!  And while I have to say that I was scared out of my wits pretty much the entire time, the tour was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  🙂  You can check out some more interior photographs of Linda Vista Community Hospital here.

ScreenShot1894 ScreenShot1895

ScreenShot1897 ScreenShot1893

Linda Vista Community Hospital has been featured in so many productions over the years that it would be virtually impossible for me to chronicle them all here.  But I will do my best to try.  In a flashback scene in the Season 1 episode of Dexter titled “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand”, Linda Vista stood in for the Angel of Mercy Hospital where Harry Morgan (aka James Remar) took his son, Dexter (aka Michael C. Hall), to show him where his grandfather worked for thirty years.  Harry and Dexter then posed for a photograph out in front of the hospital.

ScreenShot1898 ScreenShot1899

ScreenShot1901 ScreenShot1900

When the scene then switches back to the present day, Dexter once again heads out to the Angel of Mercy Hospital, which has since been abandoned, where he finds Tony Tucci (aka Brad William Henke) – one of the Ice Truck Killer’s victims – alive, but with a severed right foot.

ScreenShot1902 ScreenShot1903

ScreenShot1904 ScreenShot1905

The next episode of Dexter, titled “Love American Style”, in which the Miami Metro Police Department investigates the torture of Tony Tucci, was also filmed at Linda Vista.


In the Season 1 episode of Charmed titled “Dream Sorcerer”, the exterior of Linda Vista stood in for Bay General Hospital where Prue Halliwell (aka my girl Shannen Doherty) recuperated after being in a car accident.

ScreenShot1907 ScreenShot1909

I am not sure, though, if the interior hospital scenes were also filmed at Linda Vista or at a different location.

ScreenShot1910 ScreenShot1911

ScreenShot1914 ScreenShot1916

In the Season 1 episode of FlashForward titled “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, Linda Vista stood in for the abandoned Raven River Psychiatric Hospital in Arizona, where Dr. Olivia Benford (aka Sonya Walger) and Agent Shelly Vreede (aka Barry Shabaka Henley) investigated former patient Gabriel McDow (aka James Callis).  When Olivia and Shelly first pull up to the hospital, Olivia says, “It’s like the setting in one of those slasher movies!”  LOL

ScreenShot1918 ScreenShot1919

ScreenShot1922 ScreenShot1925

In the Season 1 episode of Moonlight titled “Arrested Development”, Linda Vista’s fake morgue was used as the morgue of St. John Hospital where Mick St. John (aka Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth Turner (aka Sophia Myles) investigated a Jane Doe who had been killed by a vampire.

ScreenShot1927 ScreenShot1929

ScreenShot1930 ScreenShot1931

Linda Vista’s former asylum building was also used in that episode, as the supposed-Los-Feliz apartment building where Mick and Beth tried to catch Jane Doe’s killer.

linda-vista-hospital-15 linda-vista-hospital-14

The asylum building, which is pictured above, is located just south of the main hospital.

ScreenShot1934 ScreenShot1935

ScreenShot1936 ScreenShot1937

In the second episode of the recently-aired Bachelor Pad 2, Michael Stagliano wins a date in which he takes Erica Rose, Michelle Money, and former-fiancé Holly Durst for an overnight visit to Linda Vista Hospital.  As I said above, I think I’ll pass on that one!

ScreenShot1941 ScreenShot1940

ScreenShot1943 ScreenShot1944

While all of the later episodes of the television series ER were shot on a soundstage at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, as I mentioned above, the pilot, which was titled “24 Hours”, was shot in its entirety at Linda Vista.  And even though I was never a huge fan of ER, I cannot tell you how cool it was to see that area of the hospital!

ScreenShot1951 ScreenShot1953

Linda Vista was one of several different locations used as the exterior of the Honolulu Hospital where Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson (aka Kate Beckinsale), Nurse Betty Bayer (aka Jamie King), Nurse Sandra (aka Jennifer Garner), and the rest of the girls worked in Pearl Harbor.

Linda Vista - Pearl Harbor set

A false front was built on the back side of the hospital, in the area denoted with a pink rectangle above, for the filming.

ScreenShot1946 ScreenShot1949

ScreenShot1947 ScreenShot1948

And while the Pearl Harbor interior hospital scenes also supposedly took place at Linda Vista, I did not see any rooms on our tour that even remotely resembled the rooms pictured above.


Mike, from MovieShotsLA, happened to be at Linda Vista during the filming of Pearl Harbor and snapped the above photograph while there.  As you can see, there looks to have been some sort of set built in the parking lot area of the hospital and because the window sizes and shapes of that set match up to what appeared onscreen, I am guessing that it is where the interior hospital scenes were filmed.

ScreenShot1954 ScreenShot1955

ScreenShot1956 ScreenShot1957

In 1995’s Outbreak, Linda Vista stood in for the hospital in Cedar Creek, California where the massive outbreak first occurred.

ScreenShot1975 ScreenShot1978

ScreenShot1976 ScreenShot1977

In 1999’s End of Days, Linda Vista was used as the New York hospital where Christine York (aka Robin Tunney) was born.

ScreenShot1979 ScreenShot1981

ScreenShot1982 ScreenShot1984

It was also where Satan (aka Gabriel Byrne) found and killed Thomas Aquinas (aka Derrick O’Connor).

ScreenShot1969 ScreenShot1970

ScreenShot1973 ScreenShot1974

In 1985’s To Live and Die in LA, the hospital, which in a nod to its history was called Santa Fe Hospital, was where prisoner Carl Cody (aka John Turturro) pretended to have a sick relative in order to escape from Secret Service Agent Richard Chance (aka William Peterson).

ScreenShot1961 ScreenShot1960

ScreenShot1962 ScreenShot1963

The 2007 Duran Duran “Falling Down” music video, in which a Britney Spears’ inspired starlet is forced into rehab, was shot at Linda Vista Community Hospital.

Duran Duran “Falling Down” Music Video–Filmed at Linda Vista Hospital

You can watch that video by clicking above.

ScreenShot1964 ScreenShot1965

ScreenShot1966 ScreenShot1967

And the 2005 video for the Garbage song “Bleed Like Me” was also filmed at Linda Vista.

Garbage “Bleed Like Me” Music Video–Filmed at Linda Vista Hospital

You can watch that video by clicking above.

Linda Vista Hospital also supposedly appeared in The Cell, but I scanned through the flick earlier today and could not find it anywhere.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Linda Vista Hospital is located at 601 South St. Louis Street in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles.  You can visit the hospital’s official website here.  You can check out the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project’s Facebook page here and you can find out more about their upcoming events and tours here.



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  1. Glen says:

    In Aug of 2011, Stu Con 2 was held there. Here’s the Video link for it.
    While there I did some ghost huning of my own with some friends. Here’s the link for that..

    • Glen says:

      oops, I almost forgot. The owners contacted me to do a doc. film of Linda Vista. So look out for the DVD/Blu Ray coming out this October or so. Any questions? Contact me on my fb page.
      Glen Barnhart or Wolf Moon Pictures

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow just the photos were creeping me out, I can’t imagine how eerie it would’ve felt to be there! Super neat, I’ll be watching for this in tv/movies now.

  3. love this! Damn, I wish you called me! I would have loved to see this!

  4. Tony says:

    Great write up. Lots of wonderfull photos and details. Nice job. I’d love to get in there just to check out the (fake) morgue.

  5. Mike says:

    I grew up walking distance from there and YES there has been some incidents there back in the 80’s and early 90’s, can’t comment as a scout, you’d have to be from there, grow up in those surroundings to know what went on. It may not be haunted but it comes pretty damn close from all the (activity) that has happened there.

    Mike Flores
    Born and raised in East LA

  6. Lindsay, you really do a great job at research and screen captures! I’ve scouted there many times and we filmed there on “Reign Over Me” (the Adam Sandler 9/11 drama), so I’ve been to every corner of that place at all hours. It’s not haunted. I happened to catch one of those ghost shows that filmed there and everything they freaked out about was stuff left behind by film crews. There’s no true ghost evidence. But it definitely is a beautifully decrepit old building! 🙂

  7. Malinda says:

    Was Father of the Bride 2 filmed in this hospital? The hallway seems familiar when Steve Martin runs between the rooms.

  8. LAVONNA says:

    WOW this was an excellent stalk! I love when you get to go in to the buildings!

  9. Dave says:

    My son’s favorite episode of Ghost Adventures was shot there. Man, that place is creepy 🙂

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