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The “You, Me and Dupree” House – Revisited

Feb 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Movie Locations


Today’s location is one that I have actually already once blogged about – way back in April of 2008 – but because it was a fairly short write-up and because I somehow missed one very pertinent detail when reporting on the place, I decided that it was most-definitely worthy of a re-post.  The location?  The adorable Craftsman-style bungalow where newlyweds Carl (Matt Dillon) and Molly (Kate Hudson) lived in the 2006 romantic comedy You, Me and Dupree.  Fellow stalker Mike, from MovieShotsLA, took me by the property and pointed out the detail that I had inadvertently missed while the two of us were out doing some stalking in the West Adams district a couple of weeks ago and, let me tell you, I just about fell over from shock.  I could hardly believe my eyes when he pointed it out!  What is this detail, you ask?

ScreenShot3682 ScreenShot3685

ScreenShot3673 ScreenShot3686

As you can see in the screen captures pictured above, in You, Me and Dupree Carl and Molly’s residence appears to be two stories tall.

P1020807 P1020809

P1020811 P1020812

In reality, though, and as you can see above, the home, which was built in 1923, is a ONE-story dwelling!  How I missed that fact the first time around is absolutely beyond me, especially being that I usually consider myself to be quite an observant little stalker.  I must have been in the midst of a severe blonde moment when I originally stalked the property!  I am not sure if a fake second level was built on top of the bungalow during the filming or if one was digitally added during post-production, but, either way, I was absolutely gobsmacked (LOVE that word!) when Mike pointed out the discrepancy!

P1020806 P1020808

According to Zillow, in real life the 1,726-square-foot house boasts 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, but Property Shark tracks the place at 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, so someone seems to have gotten their wires crossed with the measurements at some point.

ScreenShot3669 ScreenShot3674

ScreenShot3684 ScreenShot3670

Being that Carl and Molly’s living room was dominated by a set of stairs that led up to the home’s fake second level, the real life interior of the property was, obviously, not used in the filming.  The inside of their house was, in actuality, just a set that was built on a soundstage at Universal Studios Hollywood.  According to fave website Hooked on Houses, of the set, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said in the movie’s DVD commentary, “We tried to make Carl and Molly’s world sort of warm and accessible and you’ll see that in the choice of their house.  It’s an older home, modest in scale, and the neighborhood feels like it’s been there awhile.”

ScreenShot3676 ScreenShot3680

ScreenShot3677 ScreenShot3681

Also according to Hooked on Houses, the scene pictured above, in which Carl watches Dupree (Owen Wilson) play baseball with some neighborhood kids, was actually filmed from inside of the real life home, because the directors wanted to “capture the look you can only get through old glass.”  It has been said that “God is in the details” and it is the little details like this that I absolutely LOVE hearing about.

ScreenShot3692 ScreenShot3693

ScreenShot3690 ScreenShot3691

According to IMDB’s You, Me and Dupree trivia page, the set used for the interior of Molly and Carl’s house was the same one used for the residence of Hope (Mel Harris) and Michael Steadman (Ken Olin) on the 1980s television series thirtysomething. But, as you can see above, while slightly similar, the two are most definitely not one in the same.

Big THANK YOU to Mike, from MovieShotsLA, for pointing out the discrepancy in the number of stories of the You, Me and Dupree house.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The You, Me and Dupree house is located at 2406 Gramercy Park in the West Adams District of Los Angeles.


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