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“The Bodyguard” Mansion – aka The Beverly House Compound

Mar 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Movie Locations


After the sad passing of singer Whitney Houston last month, I mentioned to fellow stalker Mike, from MovieShotsLA, that we should try to track down the mansion where one of Whitney’s most legendary characters, pop star Rachel Marron, lived in 1992’s The Bodyguard. For some very odd reason, I thought that the place had yet to be found, but Mike told me that way back in 2007 he had come across an article on fave website The Real Estalker about “The Beverly House Compound”, the most expensive home then for sale in the United States.  In the comments section of the post, someone had reported that the very same mansion had been used as Rachel’s residence in The Bodyguard.  How I had not previously come across that information in all my years of stalking is absolutely beyond me, especially considering that the location is one that I have long been itching to stalk.  Well, believe you me, once Mike gave me the address, I dragged the Grim Cheaper right on out to Beverly Hills to see the place for myself.

P1030956 P1030957

P1030958 P1030961

The Beverly House Compound has a vast and storied Hollywood history.  It was originally designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann, the very same architect who also designed the Hoover Dam, the Los Angeles Times Building, Scripps College, and the Athenaeum at the California Institute of Technology, a very popular filming location that I have yet to blog about.  The Compound was commissioned by banker Milton Gerz in 1927 and cost over $1 million to construct – and we’re talking 1920’s money!  In 1947, William Randolph Hearst and his mistress Marion Davies purchased the lavish three-story, 27-room estate, which sat on over 7 acres of land, for $120,000.  Hearst died at the residence in 1951, as did Davies in 1961.  Legend has it that John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier spent part of their 1953 honeymoon at the property and supposedly the mansion was also used as the West Coast headquarters for the Kennedy Presidential Campaign in 1960.

ScreenShot4240 ScreenShot4241

In 2007, financier Leonard Ross, who purchased The Compound in 1976, put it up for sale for a whopping $165 million, making it the most expensive home on the market in the entire country at the time.  In 2010, the estate, minus three acres of land, was re-listed at the reduced price of $95 million.  According to several articles, the lavish property, which has been expanded over the years, currently boasts four separate houses, a cottage, an apartment, 72,000 square feet of living space, 29 bedrooms, a two-story library, two movie projection rooms, a living room with a 22-foot arched ceiling, two tennis courts, a tennis pavilion, staff accommodations, a 50-foot entry hall, an 82-foot cascading waterfall, a disco, and three separate pools.  You can check out some fabulous interior photographs of the mansion on the This and That and More of the Same blog here.

ScreenShot4131 ScreenShot4132

ScreenShot4133 ScreenShot4134

In The Bodyguard, the exterior of The Beverly House Compound stood in for the exterior of the palatial home where Rachel Marron lived.

ScreenShot4136 ScreenShot4137

ScreenShot4139 ScreenShot4138

All of the interiors of Rachel’s estate were filmed at the nearby Greystone Mansion, though.  You can see photographs of the room that was used as Rachel’s fake bedroom here and here.

ScreenShot4212 ScreenShot4213

ScreenShot4215 ScreenShot4216

And you can see a photograph of the Greystone Mansion kitchen here

ScreenShot4129 ScreenShot4130

And for the gate to Rachel’s home a third location was used!  The gate actually belongs to the mansion located at 10231 Charing Cross Road in Beverly Hills, which just so happens to be the very same residence where Jeffrey Lebowski (David Huddleston) lived in The Big Lebowski.


A current Google Street View image of that gate is pictured above.  And while it looks considerably different today than it did in The Bodyguard, you can see that the basic positioning remains the same.

The Bodyguard Gates ScreenShot4218

I tracked down the location of Rachel’s gate thanks to an address number of “10224” that was visible in the background of the scene in which Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) first arrived at Rachel’s mansion.


That gate also looks considerably different today, but, as you can see above, much like was the case with Rachel’s gate, the basic positioning remains the same.

ScreenShot4153 ScreenShot4154

ScreenShot4155 ScreenShot4156

The Beverly House Compound has been the site of constant filming over the years.  In The Godfather, it was used as the mansion where movie producer Jack Woltz (John Marley) lived.  Yes, that mansion.

ScreenShot4157 ScreenShot4159

ScreenShot4163 ScreenShot4162

According to The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations website, only the exterior of The Compound was used in the filming, though.  All of the interior scenes – including the infamous horse head scene – were shot at an estate located at 95 Middleneck Road on Long Island.

ScreenShot4140 ScreenShot4141

ScreenShot4144 ScreenShot4145

In the Season 1 episode of The Colbys titled “The Turning Point”, the residence stood in for the supposed Rome mansion where Francesca “Frankie”Colby (Katharine Ross) vacationed with Lord Roger Langdon (David Hedison).

ScreenShot4146 ScreenShot4150

ScreenShot4151 ScreenShot4152

Ironically enough, though, in the following episode, which was titled “Thursday’s Child”, Greystone Mansion stood in for that same Rome mansion.

ScreenShot4164 ScreenShot4166

ScreenShot4167 ScreenShot4169

In the 1979 movie The Jerk, the grounds of The Compound were used as the backyard of the home where Navin (Steve Martin) lived after he became rich.

ScreenShot4165 ScreenShot4171

As you can see above, though, the front of Navin’s home was a different location entirely.

ScreenShot4173 ScreenShot4174

ScreenShot4175 ScreenShot4179

In 1985’s Fletch, The Compound was where Alan Stanwyk (Tim Matheson) lived.

ScreenShot4176 ScreenShot4177

ScreenShot4178 ScreenShot4180

The real life interior of the property was also used in the filming.

ScreenShot4184 ScreenShot4186

ScreenShot4188 ScreenShot4193

In 1985’s Into the Night, the mansion was where Jack Caper (Richard Farnsworth) lived.

ScreenShot4189 ScreenShot4190

ScreenShot4191 ScreenShot4192

The real life interior of The Compound was used in the filming of that movie, as well.

ScreenShot4194 ScreenShot4196

ScreenShot4197 ScreenShot4198

Way back in 1966, The Compound was used as the home of Mrs. Sampson (Lauren Bacall) in the thriller Harper.

ScreenShot4200 ScreenShot4210

ScreenShot4203 ScreenShot4202

At that time, the backyard and pool area of the property looked considerably different than they do today.

ScreenShot4223 ScreenShot4235

ScreenShot4226 ScreenShot4227

In the Season 3 episode of Charlie’s Angels titled “Rosemary, for Remembrance”, the mansion was where Jake Garfield (Ramon Bieri) lived.

ScreenShot4228 ScreenShot4231

ScreenShot4233 ScreenShot4234


The real life interior of the mansion was also used in the filming of that episode.

Big THANK YOU to Mike, from MovieShotsLA, for telling me about this location!  Smile

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Beverly House Compound, aka Rachel Marron’s mansion from The Bodyguard, is located at 1011 North Beverly Drive in Beverly HillsGreystone Mansion, which was used as the interior of Rachel’s home, is located at 905 Loma Vista Drive in Beverly Hills.  The gate to Rachel’s mansion, which looks considerably different today, is located at 10231 Charing Cross Road in Beverly Hills.



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  1. dd says:

    I had recorded an old episode of “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” called “Death Scene” (last Tuesday early AM on the Me-TV Network) . I knew the location they used in this episode (for the family mansion) looked familiar and it finally dawned on me that it looked like the Beverly House mansion (as, in the past year or so, I saw the “Charlie’s Angels” episode titled “Rosemary, for Remembrance”). So I went online in search of some photos of the Beverly House so I could compare them with scenes from the Hitchcock episode still sitting on my DVR – and came across your website. Yes, it sure looks like the Beverly Mansion was used for this particular Hitchcock episode. If you can find it, this episode is worth viewing as the story plot is pretty good and the Beverly House looks wonderful and very dramatic shot in black & white. Enjoying your website – thanks!

  2. Katherine says:

    Before Kevin Costner became a big movie star, he lived on my street in Pasadena. My neighbors were close with his family and I believe they said they watched filming of the scene where Farmer chases the car over at Huntington Gardens.

  3. Gilles From France says:

    I’ve put the infos on IMDB about “Into the night”, “Charlie’s angels” and “The Colbys”. I’ve felt ashamed because I haven’t realized it was Greystone Mansion in the second episode of “the Colbys”!!
    The Beverly House was also used in an early episode of “Columbo”.

  4. John (Bay Area) says:

    I loved “The Jerk” when it came out. That Charing Cross Road address where the gate was located sounded familiar and when I looked at the map, I remembered that is the same road where the Playboy Mansion is located. Its the one across the road (south side) at the tight bend. You can see a trampoline in the back yard.

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