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Leo’s Apartment Building from “Relativity”

May 19th, 2014 | By | Category: TV Locations

Leo's Apartment Relativity (8 of 8)

During my recent Relativity location-finding fest, I also managed to track down the apartment building where Leo Roth (David Conrad) lived with his quirky roommate, Doug (Adam Goldberg) – who was actually my favorite character – on the show.  I really could kick myself over this one, though, because I began searching for the property while watching the third episode of the series, which was titled “First Impressions”, and did not have many clues to help with the hunt.  Had I waited until the fifth episode, “Moving,” in which Leo’s address was literally spelled out, it would have been a much quicker find.  Instead, I spent a ridiculous amount of time scanning the background of “First Impressions,” looking for readable signage on storefronts near Leo’s place and then Googling to see if said businesses were still in existence.  Thankfully, after numerous searches, I finally found one that was.

In “First Impressions,” a sign reading “Asia Auto Center” was visible across the street from Leo’s apartment.  An internet search led me to a listing for an Asia Auto Center at 3700 West Pico Boulevard in Arlington Heights.  Sure enough, when I looked at the address via Google Street View, there was Leo’s building right across the street.


In reality, Leo’s building is located at 1310 4th Avenue, just south of West Pico Boulevard.  So when I watched the “Moving” episode a few nights after finding the place and heard it mentioned several times that Leo lived near “Pico and 4th Avenue,” I had a major face-palm moment.  D’oh!

Leo's Apartment Relativity (7 of 8)

Leo's Apartment Relativity (6 of 8)

Pictured below are a few of the many neighborhood signs that I had tried to read and do Google searches for.  As you can see, it was not the easiest of tasks.


Leo's Apartment Relativity (2 of 8)

It is said several times on the series that Leo’s neighborhood is a bit sketchy and I can attest to that fact being true in real life, as well.  Just as I pulled into a parking space near the building, a man hopped over the fence of the business across the street, opened the dumpster located there and began throwing its contents onto the sidewalk.  Yeah, I pretty much could not wait to get out of there, hence the limited number of photographs I have for this post.


Leo's Apartment Relativity (3 of 8)

The full exterior of Leo’s building is never actually shown on Relativity – at least not in any of the episodes I have re-watched up until this point.  Typically, tight shots of the doorway and balcony are all that appear onscreen.



Thanks to that doorway, with its ornate casing, and balcony, with its wrought-iron detailing, the building has a very New Orleansy-feel.

Leo's Apartment Relativity (4 of 8)

The structure still looks very much the same today as it did when Relativity was filmed 18 years ago.  As you can see below, not even the address plate has been altered since 1996!  Love it!


Leo's Apartment Relativity (5 of 8)

The Arlington Heights building was only used for exterior filming on the series.  The ramshackle interior of Leo and Doug’s loft existed only on a studio soundstage.



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Leo's Apartment Relativity (1 of 8)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Leo’s apartment from Relativity is located at 1310 4th Avenue in Los Angeles’ Arlington Heights neighborhood.



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  1. Suzanne says:

    Thanks. I am reliving all of the “Relativity” episodes on ( 20 years and the series is absolutely timeless!!! I just don’t understand why it is not available elsewhere.

  2. ed says:

    Very cool to see that someone remembers this show. I watched it back in the 90s, and like you I feel like I’m the only one who remembers it. I was excited when I found it available on Dailymotion, and I just finished watching the whole thing again last night. Then I found this site, searching around to see if anyone else is talking about it at all (mostly no), wondering what anyone else thinks happened after the inconclusive finale. I guess since it got cancelled I’m free to make up my own ending.

    Funny thing, for some reason I distinctly remember one little moment from the show, where Adam Goldberg’s character makes fun of the Mazda Miata, saying it is a “chick car” and when you buy one they give you a giant bottle of perfume. And I didn’t see that scene at all in the 17 episodes I watched on Dailymotion. Am I crazy? Maybe it was some other show? Don’t know why I remember that particular thing anyway, but I tend to think of it whenever I see a Miata.

    (BTW, in your tags it says “Alan Goldberg” instead of “Adam.”)

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