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Curious about where your favorite TV show or movie was filmed?  Challenge Lindsay to find it!


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  1. Anna says:

    Hey! You should do the Brady bunch house. I saw that you did the houses the lived in before they got married but the Brady house would be cooler. Also the drake and josh house haha

  2. sandro says:

    hey lindsay :)

    i got bored yesterday and somehow i started to think where exactly is location of torettos work shop in “the fast and the furious” – 2001 ? i’ve done some research but unfortunately with no results … i can send you a screen capture of scene but you can also see it about 38 : 10… thanks a lot :)

  3. Monique says:

    Hey Lindsay! Can you find the next event that David Boreanaz or Emily Deschanel will be at?

  4. Paul says:

    Hi, Lindsay. Sent you a little challenge by email (with fuller details). Looking for the exact location of FRED’s on Rodeo Drive, as it appeared briefly in Pretty Woman. Thanks !

  5. Cami says:

    can you please find any place from Austin Mahone; such as where he lives.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi! Can you find the location of the Even Steven’s house?!

  7. Ricardo says:

    Hello. I love your webpage. Can you tell me whats the name of the restaurant where Al Pacino dance tango in the movie “Scent of a Woman”? and whats the street where he drives the ferrari before the police stops him?? THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  8. Jeff says:

    Here’s one for ya… In the Modern Family episode “Diamond In The Rough” , Clare and Cam go to an empty lot and build a baseball field for Luke and Mannys Little League playoff game. Wondering where that empty lot is, and did they leave the field , or tear it down after filming.

  9. Grace says:

    Can you find the exterior of the bar that Nick works at on the show “New Girl”?

  10. Lexy says:

    Do you know any filming locations for the Jen Aniston movie rockstar? Also, if you have an idea on where any of the friends cast lives, that would be great. I’m going to La next month and I’d love to pass by their houses. Thank you!

  11. hektor says:

    Can u give me info on jason whalers grandparents house.. we’re he take lauren in a classic car.House is amazing I think is season 2 laguna beach

  12. Mark Tracy says:

    Just wondering if you know where “The Explosive Generation” high school was located? 1961 starring William Shatner. The rest of the movie was filmed at Santa Monica beach and in the Pacific Palisades, so I’m assuming the mid-Fifties-era high school setting was in LA….

  13. Maria says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    I was wondering if you know the location of Jim’s house in The Office, the one where he had the party at in Season 2.

  14. Carl says:

    Hi, Lindsay! I’m very new to this website and i see that you’ve found lots of filming locations and i think thats very awesome its like detective work and stuff. Anyways i was was hoping if you could find the filming locations of the movie “The Moth Diaries” i’ll post a link below of the locations, but on the bottom part of the pics are the only places i’ve been able to find, since some shots were filmed at that location i think the other scenes were shot at other places too. I also heard that the film was filmed around Oka, Québec, Canada and Montréal, Québec, Canada anyways here’s the link and thank you for you time!

  15. Charles says:

    Hi, Lindsay! Since you were so awesome in finding the “Punky Brewster” locations I challenged you with, I was wondering if you could help me with something harder. You see, my partner, Justin, and I are going to be in New York City in a couple of weeks and I would love to find the location that was the apartment in “Kate & Allie.” It’s a favorite television show of ours and it would mean a great deal if we were able to visit it. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi! Do you have a screen capture of the apartment that you can send me? If so I can try to find it. :)

      • Charles says:

        Sorry about the delay in response seeing as how you were so quick to respond, but we did manage to find the location due to a tip from another reader. The location was spectacular! I would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Not only did we hit up the “Kate & Allie” residence, but they also happened to be in the same neighborhood as the well-visited “Friends” apartment as well as Carrie’ Bradshaw’s apartment from “Sex and the City”! Other NYC finds included the townhouse from “Cruel Intentions,” the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which featured so prominently in “Gossip Girl,” locations from “Rosemary’s Baby,” and Studio 54. You had also sparked a similar, previous adventure of ours where we photographed the locations utilized by John Hughes in “Sixteen Candles,” “Breakfast Club,” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Thanks again, Lindsay!

  16. Alex Eve says:


    Love your site! Wondering if you know where Jared Leto lives? I’m pretty sure it’s in the Hollywood hills but not sure where exactly. I’ve seen some YouTube videos of him walking home from chateau marmont so I believe it’s on the same road as the hotel. Would love it if you could find out!


  17. John (Bay Area) says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    I was going to challenge you with a recent Mad Men location but after a little Googling, I found it myself and decided to share: In the episode titled “The Strategy”, the closing scene shows Don, Peggy, and Pete sitting in a brightly colored Burger Chef location after they land them as an account. I was really interested in knowing if this was a real location or not. Not only is it a real location currently called Jim’s Burgers, it used to be an actual Burger Chef along Route 66 in Rialto. Here is LAist’s write up:

  18. Chloe says:

    Hi Lindsay!!
    First of all, many compliments for your beautiful site!! And please, pardon me for my bad English, it’s not my first language.
    Here is my question : do you know where the Eminem music video “Space Bound” was exactly filmed in Los Angeles?
    Thank you :)

    • Lindsay says:

      Thank you! Glad to hear that you like my blog. :) The hotel in the video is the Sierra Pelona Motel in Santa Clarita. I think the diner may have been fake, but I’m not positive. I’ll see if I can figure anything else out.

  19. Brant says:

    Hey Lindsay :)
    Long time reader, just wondering if you knew the location of Mary Fisher’s (Meryl Streep) Pink Mansion 1989′s She-Devil a fav film of mine :) along with the Castle like building that was the nursing home Roseanne’s character Ruth worked it !
    Keep up the fun :)

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