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Curious about where your favorite TV show or movie was filmed?  Challenge Lindsay to find it!


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  1. Markhis says:

    Hey guys I really love this site and refer to it quite often and appreciate the leg work you do to track down movie/TV locations.So,I was wondering could you locate the house(s) in the 1992 comedy There Goes The Neighborhood with Jeff Daniels.I always thought the neighborhood location where it takes place was beautiful.Thanks.

  2. Can you figure out where they filmed a scene in Terminator 2 where John Connor called his Foster parents from a payphone (remember those‽) and the terminator figured out it was the T-1000. There was also a liquor store there where these 2 bodybuilders tried to rescue John Connor.

  3. Kent says:

    This is a tough one. The internet has failed me so I’m turning to a pro. Can you find where the “Ping Island” rescue scenes were filmed in The Life Aquatic? Years ago I thought I read the “Hotel Citroen” scenes were filmed at a real resort that had been destroyed by a storm. Maybe I made that up but I swear I read it. You can probably relate to this, the harder it is to find this information the more obsessed I have become! Thanks.

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