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Curious about where your favorite TV show or movie was filmed?  Challenge Lindsay to find it!


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  1. Ashley Cunningham says:

    Hi Lindsay! I am in love with your website! I am taking a trip to LA in July with my sis and already have so many locations on my list thanks to your site :) .
    I have mystery I would like for you to solve if you could. On the tv show The Fosters there is a house they used in the fist like 4 or 5 eps of the second half of the season and also for a short web series they did on ABC Family’s website. One of the characters had to stay there, with a group called “Girls United” (that is also what the web series was called).
    The house looks VERY similar to the house from House Bunny that you stalked, so I am guessing it may be in the same area. I have been trying to find it on Google Maps, but no such luck yet.
    I thought it may be time to bring in a professional stalker haha. I appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!!! :)

    • Lisa Discenna says:

      Hi Ashley!
      Funny you ask this question because I live in Long Beach and I believe that house you’re referring to is around the block from me. It is 2330 First Street, in Long Beach.

      • Lindsay says:

        I think the house on First Street is the main house used on the show. I just looked at at the “Girls United” web series and wow, that house is amazing. I’ll see if I can track it down.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Lindsay! Your site is amazing! For a long time I’ve been curious about filming locations for Jim Carrey’s classic movie Once Bitten. Could you create a post with pictures showing some of the main locations used in the film? (e.g. the outdoor clown burger stand, high school, mansion).

  3. Lori says:

    Do you know where the rehearsal studio for Dancing With The Stars is located? Thanks!

  4. Allyson says:

    Hi Lindsay! I was wondering, could you find out the filming location of ” The way you make me feel” by Michael Jackson? I definately think it was not filmed in a studio. Thanks! PS: I love your website :)

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks! Glad you like my site. :) I’ve always thought that video was filmed on a set. I’ll have to do some research to see. Will let you know if I manage to dig anything up.
      Happy Stalking :) ,

  5. Vicky says:

    Hi I was watching the remake of Mildred pierce the one with Kate winslet I was wondering if they filmed in Pasadena ? The homes look like they could of filmed here in califronia ?

  6. Lisa says:

    Looking for where they filmed Robert Pattinson and Mia W. for Maps To The Stars. They used a park or canyon area for a empty lot with a cement slab which they were filmed laying on.

  7. Escott says:

    Hi Lindsay, I love your site! I used to work in the film biz and one night I was driving home late from the studio, and when I came to Santa Monica Blvd and Western, all of the street signs and stores signs had been covered with some sort of alien or foreign language signs. They were doing night shooting and I was not able to stop and ask what they were shooting. This would have been the early 1980s. I’ve never figured out what the movie was. Any ideas?

  8. Jamie says:

    Hi Lindsay! Im new to your site and I love it! I would like to challenge you to find the house that Elvis once lived in in Hombly Hills. I read in an interview that when Priscilla contacted Lisa Marie to let her know that Michael Jackson had died, Priscilla also mentioned that the Hombly Hills house he died in was catty corner to the house Elvis had when Lisa was a child. Lisa mentioned this as a strange similarity ,among many, between MJ and her famous father. I’d love to see Elvis house in Hombly Hills. Did i mention i am a crazy Elvis fan that devours any and all Elvis info?!! I have been to Graceland 20+ times! Thank you for an info you can provide!

  9. Jill says:

    So, for some reason, I have gotten sucked into the world known as “Melissa and Joey” on ABC Family. The exterior of the house is driving me crazy! I feel as though I’ve seen it before…and quite possibly on your AWESOME page! I know the show is filmed before a live studio audience, and who knows, the house is probably on the ABC lot. I just need to know where else it has been used!

    Thanks! Love this site!

  10. Andrea says:

    Hi Lindsay! Super fan of yours :) I have a “challenge” – but really, I might be the only person who even cares to know this so no worries if this doesn’t fall onto your list of priorities! I’m taking a shot since I know you were a big fan of the Hills – I’ve been indulging myself in the reruns of the E! show “Pretty Wild” over the last few snow days we’ve had, I’m curious to know where their first house in the show was located (where Alexis Neiers was arrested) in Westlake Village, and then where they moved closer to Hollywood. I did some junior varsity stalking and found basically the summary of the arrest report that says she was arrested at her home on West View Court either in or next to Westlake Village but I cannot find ANY trace of even a street with that name! And then a few episodes into the series, they move closer to “the city”.

    Yours in stalking! xo


    • Lindsay says:

      OK I found the first house – 5460 Westview Court in Westlake Village. I’ll try to track down the Hollywood house. Glad you like my site. :)

      • Andrea says:

        YOU are ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing! I’m re-watching the series (for research purposed only….really….) and they keep showing b-roll shots of signs for Lake Hollywood Boulevard and Lake Hollywood Estates, which I Google Earthed and it definitely looks like that could be the neighborhood (the one scene where they lost the dog, it showed them going up and down stairs in a canyon-like area and also showed shots of a lake, and I tried really really hard to make out the house addresses stenciled on the curb in the background and I thought I saw 2600-something or 2700-something. #stalkerintraining :)

        THANK YOU!

  11. Do you know anything about Hubbell & Katie’s beach cottage in The Way We Were? Was it a real house? Still standing, now demolished or just a movie set?

  12. Arne says:

    Great web site, Lindsay! Fascinating! I just spent the last two hours researching the locations of the “homes” of the Munsters, the Cleavers and the Clampetts. Here is the preface to my challenge: In a 1955 episode of I Love Lucy called “The Tour”, Lucy and Ethel take a bus tour and break into a home referred to as Richard Widmark’s, although it was actually a home that Lucy and Desi Arnaz had just purchased. My challenge is, how much of the tour bus route can you retrace? It would be fun to drive the route the next time I’m in L.A. Here are two links to descriptions of the episode:
    Thanks, and best wishes for the holidays.

  13. Alex says:

    Hi Lindsay- Have you been to the house from Roseanne?

  14. Steve Oatway says:

    Who was the local legendary Bandleader, now in his mid 90s who helped Michael Buble get his start?
    (I know where you see and hear an old film of that man playing with my father back in 1936)

  15. The Location Scout says:

    I have a challenge for you. Any idea where to find the burger / hot dog stand where Courtney Cox worked in Masters Of The Universe, or if it’s even still standing? It was also briefly featured in Smokey And The Bandit. I’d be willing to bet other films have used the location as well.

    Some screenshots for you:
    Smokey & The Bandit:
    Masters Of The Universe:

  16. fatri says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    I’m trying to fimd the charles in charge house from the late 80′s. Also im looking for the house from growing pains..I just visited Chicago and stalked the married with children house and family matters. It was awesome, the houses look identical. Also, I live in NY any ideas you can pass along would be awesome.


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